On Tuesday, October 11th members of the Rotary Club of Newton helped "Food To Your Table" collect donated vegetables and fruits from the farmers at the Farmer's Market at Cold Springs Park, and then take it to Newton residents who have limited access to farm fresh food.  
Food To Your Table is a local, grass-roots organization started by Newton resident Joan Balaban (and friends).  They wanted to give under-served residents a chance to eat fresh, healthy food.  Each week they collect the food and then set up "mini farmer's markets" where residents can select fresh items, at no charge.  They even hand out recipes for foods that residents might not be familiar with and or know how to prepare.  The organization works with a different group of volunteers each week to collect, sort and deliver the food. 
The Rotary Club of Newton had a lot of fun, met many new friends and even learned the name of quite a few new vegetables!  Thanks to Food To Your Table for giving us this opportunity to serve our community.
Pictured L-R: Ron Faccenda, Marie Presti, Chris Chu, Cindy Laughrea and Susanne McInerney, with fruits & vegetables generously donated by the farmers at the Cold Springs Farmer's Market.
Club members separate donations into two groups for delivery to the two selected donation sites.
Ron Faccenda and Marie Presti show off their Food To Your Table tee-shirts
Susanne McInernery, Cindy Laughrea, Marie Presti from Rotary Newton and Joan Baladan from Food To Your Table
The whole crew and one of our mini farmer's markets
Beautiful AND delicious!