Posted on Aug 15, 2017
Last week several members of the Rotary Club of Newton helped the local organization "Food To Your Table" do their thing!  Each week Food To Your Table collects donated food from the Cold Springs Park Farmer's Market and delivers it to our neighbors in need in Newton.  Rotary was delighted to lend a hand!  If you'd like more information about Food To Your Table, please contact Amy or Joan at
Susanne McInerney (Mass Estate Team) and Lena Chouljian (First Commons Bank) help display food.
Susanne & Lena get some encouragement from Newton Rotary President Sue Peghiny
Newton Rotary Past President Paul Sullivan (American Red Cross), Lena Choujlian (First Commons Bank), Susan Peghiny (Clock & Watch Shop) and Susanne McInerney (Mass Estate Team) enjoying working together to support Food To Your Table.