On April 8th, about 30 folks of all ages and athletic ability got together for a few hours of fun Pickleball at the Boys and Girls Club in Newton, where three courts were set up in the gym.  Organized by Newton President-Elect Liz Tavares, with the help of Rotarian, and Executive Director of the Newton Boys & Girls Club, Dave Sellers, the players donated $25 to the Newton Rotary Foundation and got to participate either as a beginner, or an intermediate+ player.  The bonus is that since the facility was given to Rotary at no cost, all of the proceeds will go to The Second Step, a community of survivors, advocates, and volunteers who foster the safety, stability, and well-being of those who have experienced domestic violence.   

The  popularity of pickleball is certainly growing, and lots of newcomers were eager to learn the rules and strategies from the more experienced players who showed up.  Liz even provided water and snacks, along with Rotary literature and "heirloom" Rotary pens.  We've noticed a number of non-profit organizations in the area have begun to use pickleball events for fundraising. Hopefully, we can do it again.