Opioid addiction is one of the most critical issues facing our city, and our nation, today. On behalf of Mayor Setti Warren, Rep. Kay Khan and Deborah Youngblood, Commissioner of Health and Human Services, I urge you to attend an event to raise awareness of opioid addiction. The event is titled, "No Regrets: Newton and the Opioid Epidemic", being held at Newton North High School on Thursday, October 6th from 7 to 9PM.
The event will feature "If Only", a short film produced by James Wahlberg along with an interactive panel discussion. Special guests include District Attorney Marian Ryan and Executive Producer James Wahlberg.
The event is for teens and adults, so please encourage the teens in your life to attend this important event with you.
The event is sponsored by Newton PATH ("Prevention, Awareness, Treatment & Hope") and more information can be found at www.newtonma.gov/NewtonPath .