Posted on Nov 02, 2017
The Rotary Club of Newton is proud to be supporting the Thanksgiving “Pie in the Sky” program to support Community Servings. With each pie you buy (or sell to a client, associate, friend or family member) you are helping to end hunger for the critically ill and housebound in Massachusetts. And a little goes a long way! Each pie you buy or sell allows one person in need to eat for a whole week.
Make this our best year yet and help Community Servings sell 25,000 pies for their 25th anniversary. 
  Click this link to: Buy Now by November 14th.
Have questions?  Click HERE to email Marie!
Happy Thanksgiving, from all of us at the Rotary Club of Newton!
PS: You can also sign up to be a pie seller!  You can promote your own link on your social media and other sources to your sphere and they'll track how many pies you've sold.  The link is below. to choose Rotary Club of Newton as the team you get assigned to.