Members Picnic is ON Today at 12:30 2020-07-02 04:00:00Z 0

DIstrict Installation July 9th: Hosted by Newton Rotarian Michael Woo

You are invited to join District Governors Pam and Diana for an evening of celebration, and be part of history in the making. Come join us in our first ever and hopefully our last Online Celebration, as we move forward from our experiences with “Rotary Connects the World” into our new year, as we take action to create lasting change by “Rotary Opening Opportunities”. Invite your family to celebrate and support our Rotarians and leaders of District 7910.
Newton Rotarian Michael Woo will be hosting this event!
The One-hour agenda will consist of District Leaders presentations, DGs Changeover, 2020-2021, AGs and Presidents recognition, a few surprises, and Lots of FUN!!!
DIstrict Installation July 9th: Hosted by Newton Rotarian Michael Woo 2020-06-30 04:00:00Z 0

Register NOW for the free Rotary International Convention!


We’re only days away from the first Rotary Virtual Convention! This message includes information you need to know to experience it all, 20-26 June and beyond.

For the best convention experience, use a desktop or laptop computer and the Google Chrome browser. If you don’t already have Chrome, you can download it free. We also suggest that you make sure there are no other heavy uses of your internet connection, such as movie streaming or game playing, when you connect. A download speed of at least 3 Mbps is recommended. (You can test your connection speed for free.)


General sessions, 20 and 21 June. To take part in the general sessions, go to the home page of Click on the button under the General Sessions block, which will say JOIN beginning 19 June. You’ll automatically be directed to a preview page where you can check your connection. Starting 20 June, at 08:00 Chicago time (UTC-5), when you select JOIN you’ll be taken to the current session, and it will play in your browser’s default language. These sessions will also be available to view later.

Walking Challenge, 20-26 June. To participate, register and download the app.

House of Friendship, 20-26 June. Click on the link provided on the activities page beginning 20 June.

Featured Breakouts, 22-26 June. Go to the Featured Breakouts page to see the schedule. To join a session between 22-26 June, click the link next to the session title. These sessions will also be available to view later.

July Breakouts. Sign up for these sessions on the July Breakouts page. See the details about each session by hovering to the right of the session number and clicking the arrows icon to expand the description. In the description, follow the link to register. Check back often for updates.


We’ll send a reminder email the day before the event, so be sure to check your inbox. Until then, you can read the FAQs to make sure you’re ready for the convention.

Don’t forget to invite a friend and share your experience on social media by using #Rotary20. See you there!

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The Marathon is Cancelled - But the Auction is LIVE!

Today, the BAA and the City of Boston canceled the 2020 Boston marathon.    

This was the right call, as the virus will likely still be present in hot spots around the world in September. The marathon would draw runners and spectators from everywhere for a long weekend very conducive to super-spreading, and this would be happening just as we are hopefully getting the kids back to school. 

Although they canceled the marathon, our goal of raising funds to support the Newton Rotary Scholarships remains on track.  This week we are launching our online auction at to put us over the finish line. It features over $2500 in goods and services donated by generous local businesses and individuals, including food and drinkhealth & wellness, and home improvement services.

If you are a whiskey drinker, the Old Elk Gift Pack is for you. There is a collection of antique postcards, and several rare books, including the History of the Emblem of the Codfish. Have a stack of old National Geographics in your attic? Get 125 years on DVD ROM. Have a precious antique clock that needs some TLC, get it some love at the Clock and Watch Shop.   

Our friends at Marathon Sports have generously donated two $120 gift cards. Get a new pair of shoes for your 2021 marathon preparations or just to get out for more walking. Use them to cross-train with a 3-month family membership at the West Suburban YMCA once it reopens. After all that exercise, treat yourself to some good food at The Local or Dunn Gaherin's. Get back outdoors with some photography coaching (remotely or socially distanced) or a lineup of a  full semi-professional photo shoot at the event of your choice.   

Funds raised beyond the scholarship target will support Newton Rotary's Covid-19 efforts and get the Rotary off to a good start for next year's scholarships.  

The online auction is simple — browse for the items you like and bid in $5 increments. The bids made are just like comments on a blog. You can bid using as many fun fake names you want, but you must privately include your email address on the form so we can contact you if you win. The auction is scheduled to close promptly at 1:00:00 PM on Tuesday, June 9th. 

If you are the winning bidder, you will just donate on the fundraising page for the amount of your bid, and we will arrange to get you your prize. Send questions to  If you have an item to add, there is still time — drop me a note, and we'll get it posted.

 The auction is an excellent opportunity to pick up some cool stuff while supporting the Rotary. Whether you win or not, every $5 bid immediately increases the funds raised on the live tracker.   We've already reached $550 in the 1st few days of the auction. 

Together we've already raised $5434 toward the $6000 needed for the six scholarships now being awarded to high school seniors. Along the way these funds also allowed Rotary to provide immediate Covid-19 relief while donations for that effort were coming in.  

Thank you for your support!

The Marathon is Cancelled - But the Auction is LIVE! 2020-05-28 04:00:00Z 0

Tuesday Club Online Meetings

We are now holding weekly virtual Club meetings at noon on Tuesdays
Please join us!  Please click HERE to email Sue Peghiny and she will send you the Zoom link.
Tuesday Club Online Meetings 2020-03-30 04:00:00Z 0

Volunteers Needed for Post 440 Food Pantry on Friday, March 20th

The regular monthly Post 440 Food Pantry is scheduled for this Friday, 3/20. Instead of the usual format, 20 volunteers will get together and prepackage the food for recipients. Volunteers will not come into contact with the general public; smart hygiene, good sense, and social distancing will be the rules of the morning. Volunteers will be asked to meet at the Post at 7:00 am; it'll likely take 2 hours.
Keeping in mind that the most vulnerable amongst us truly need assistance today!
If you can help, let Susan Paley know ASAP by clicking HERE! Not sure how many more volunteers can be accommodated / are needed but 20 is the max.
Thank you so very much. Stay healthy and socially distant.
Volunteers Needed for Post 440 Food Pantry on Friday, March 20th!  2020-03-16 04:00:00Z 0

Newton Rotary Meetings Cancelled Until Further Notice

The Board of Directors met on Thursday and there were several discussions and decisions related to the current coronavirus situation that I want to communicate to everyone.
  1. There will be no regular meeting next week, Wednesday, March 18th. We were considering cancelling and then got word from Brae Burn that they will not host us next week, and that they will let us know when we can resume.
  1. The BOD will be meeting again next week, most likely in a video conference call.  We will be discussing on a week by week basis how to proceed with the work of the Club and when and how to resume meetings.  Several options came up, including video conferencing or even meeting outdoors if the weather allows.  Let us know if you have ideas!  If you would like to participate in any of these BOD meetings, please let Sue Peghiny know and she will include you in the meeting invitation.
  1. Susan Paley canceled the Village Bank’s sponsorship of Saturday’s volunteer effort with Cradles to Crayons. We are doing the same, canceling this as a Club service event. Note that individuals may still contact Cradles to Crayons to volunteer on their own.
  1. We will need to cancel Speakers and Students of the Month for at least the next two meetings.
  1. Our expectation is that the Boston Marathon will be postponed, probably to September. The Marathon related auction will likely be postponed as well until a firm date is set for the Marathon. This is based on the assessment that the auction will not be very effective given that people will have other things on their minds that have higher priorities.
  1. We decided to defer all further funding requests until we better understand the consequences of the coronavirus. We did vote to approve $1000 to the Uganda flood relief project requested last week by Rabbi Abramson.
These are difficult times. We are not certain how this will all play out, and when we can return to some semblance of what we consider normal. While it may not be in the best interests of our members’ health to gather for meetings, I and the Board agree that the rolls played by the Club and its members in the community should not stop.
We also agree that we need some way to communicate with each other and maintain our sense of Club in the absence of our normal meetings. We will be addressing this at the BOD meeting next week and welcome your input.
There will undoubtedly be more (and new) needs that will become apparent in the community, like seniors who cannot get out to shop, families with children confined to their homes, and families that do not have the luxury of hoarding necessities or even buying food. Please keep your ear to the ground to help us discover these needs, and how you might be willing to lend a hand if needed.
Please stay healthy. Let me know if you have ideas on how our Club can help our community, or if you see needs that may be falling through the cracks where we might be able to help. We will keep our website up to date with new developments.
Newton Rotary Meetings Cancelled Until Further Notice 2020-03-13 04:00:00Z 0
This week's meeting is on Wednesday, March 18th at Braeburn! 2020-02-16 05:00:00Z 0

This Week's Meeting is at the Boys & Girls Club!

We're taking a field trip this week to the John M. Barry Boys & Girls Club for our weekly meeting, 675 Watertown Street, Newton.  We are NOT meeting at Brae Burn Country Club.  
Wait - there's more! This will be a Million Dollar Meal (MDM).  For this meeting we ask that you bring your own lunch and drink. We will donate the meeting fees that would otherwise be used to pay for our food to help in disaster relief, whether local, national, or international.  
If you are expecting guests please make sure you provide a lunch for them or ask them to bring their own.
We'll be recognizing a Student of the Month.  Plus, our Speaker is Lynn Thomas of Thomas Consulting.  Lynn will speak about why social emotional learning is so important for businesses. She writes:

Is your employee turnover higher than you want? Is it especially high for Millennials? 51% of the reasons why employees leave any company is because of the relationship they have with their boss.

Where do any of us learn our social and emotional skills? They are not taught in the educational system. The fact that over 50% of employees leave because of the relationship with their boss, indicates that few of us are very good at utilizing our social and emotional skills to inspire and create engaging work environments. Increasing your Managers’ SEL will increase employee retention and engagement across the board.

A recent study indicates that 85% of Managers do not have the management skills they need prior to becoming a Manager. People are usually hired for their technical skills, but usually fall short of expectations because of their people skills. (SEL) Thus, their success is limited.

See you at the club!
This Week's Meeting is at the Boys & Girls Club! 2020-02-04 05:00:00Z 0
Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration 2020-01-16 05:00:00Z 0

Lots of Fun at the Rotary Holiday Party!

What's one of the best kept secrets of Rotary? We have a LOT of fun. Last night's Holiday Party was no exception. Great food and drink, interesting conversation and a cut-throat Yankee Swap (evidently Marie Presti can 'feel' the energy of the gifts, lol). A BIG thank you to Dick & Lee Hardaway for hosting, Cindy Holle Laughrea for organizing and Jack Prior for the great photos. And to EVERYONE for bringing an amazing selection of food and swap gifts.
Lots of Fun at the Rotary Holiday Party! 2020-01-15 05:00:00Z 0

Next Meeting: Wednesday, January 15

We're now on our WINTER SCHEDULE, so we'll be meeting the first & third WEDNESDAY of each month. 
We generally switch to the Summer schedule in April or May, depending on when Braeburn opens for the season.  
Our next meeting is WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 15th
Next Meeting: Wednesday, January 15 2019-11-29 05:00:00Z 0

Another Successful & Fun Thanksgiving Football Luncheon!

The Rotary Clubs, Football leaders, Cheer leaders and City & Town leaders from Newton and Brookline came together today for another fun Thanksgiving Football Luncheon!  This was our 35th year of celebrating a football rivalry as well as young leaders, community pride and holiday spirit.
Good luck Coach Coppola & Principal Dr. Turner and Newton North High School Football Team & Cheer Team on Thursday for the big game! Great seeing everyone at the 35th Annual Newton & Brookline - Rotary Thanksgiving Football Luncheon today. Thank you, Mayor Fuller and Superintendent of Schools Dr. David Fleishman for attending! Thank you Ron Faccenda for the warm welcome today! Thanks again to Jack Prior for his motivational talk.
The Bo Winniker Duo provided delightful music throughout the luncheon.  
Of course, thank you to all our wonderful Partner Sponsors!  We were proud to show the banner as everyone entered and waited in line for lunch!
Another Successful & Fun Thanksgiving Football Luncheon! 2019-11-26 05:00:00Z 0

Thanksgiving Football Luncheon ThisTuesday!

This year marks the 35th anniversary of the Brookline & Newton Thanksgiving Football Luncheon. The event brings together Rotarian's and their friends and family who share in the value of tradition and service to the community.

We'll share a traditional Thanksgiving meal and then celebrate the friendly football rivalry between Newton & Brookine in preparation for THE BIG GAME on Thanksgiving day!

Please pre-register by visiting! If you don't know your login info or don't have any, no worries - just register as a guest and follow instructions. No payment is needed to register.

Be sure to buy your pies to support Community Servings! Click HERE for info on how to do that! (There will also be small selection of pies for sale at the Luncheon).
Thanksgiving Football Luncheon ThisTuesday! 2019-11-21 05:00:00Z 0

No Meeting This Week!

Remember - No Meeting This Week!
We hope to see you at the Thanksgiving Football Luncheon
Tuesday, November 26th. Click HERE to register or for more details.
Be sure to order your pies, to benefit Community Servings. 
See below for details, or click HERE.
No Meeting This Week! 2019-11-18 05:00:00Z 0

It's Pie Time Again!  

It's pie time again! Buy a pie and help Community Servings prepare and deliver delicious medically-tailored meals to 2000 home-bound individuals and families in 20 Massachusetts communities each year. For $30 a pie, they are able to feed a client for a week. As you sit down to Thanksgiving dinner, please remember that a sick neighbor is also eating today, thanks to you. Click HERE to order!
It's Pie Time Again!   2019-11-01 04:00:00Z 0

DG Pam Anastasi Visits Newton Rotary

Thanks to DG Pam for visiting our club this week.  It was especially nice to have her there to award our District 7910 Gold Membership Award and Silver Public Image Award for last year to Past President Susan Paley!  AND she was there when we unveiled our brand new Rotary Partnership Pop-Up Banner!  Thank you to ALL our partners for your generous support!
DG Pam addressing the club
Presenting the awards to PP Susan Paley (Ron approves)
DG Pam Anastasi, Immediate Past President Susan Paley & President Ron Faccenda
DG Pam Anastasi Visits Newton Rotary 2019-10-16 04:00:00Z 0
Newton Rotarians at Historic Newton's "Hayfest"! 2019-10-08 04:00:00Z 0

Michael Woo Inducted as our Newest Member!

We are delighted to welcome Michael Woo as the newest member of the Rotary Club of Newton!
Michael was the president of the Amesbury Interact Club for 3 years, and is currently a freshman at Lasell University.  He worked closely with the Amesbury Rotary Club to build a stronger connection between Rotary and youth in Amesbury through service, attended RYLA as a RYLA-lan and as a Senior Facilitator, and helped plan last year's District Conference with the Ipswich Club.  He was on the North American Team of Initiative Interchange, which is a coalition of Interact Clubs globally that support universal education for those in need through fundraisers and awareness projects.  He is also a Paul Harris Fellow.  The current president of the Amesbury Club gave an extremely enthusiastic reference for Michael as a member of our club – she had nothing but wonderful things to say about his commitment to Rotary and his character.
He reached out to our club in June to see how he could contribute to our community and our club.  Because of his youth and student status, the Board of Directors decided to welcome Michael into our club as an Honorary Member so that he could enjoy the benefits of being a Rotarian, and yet still have the opportunity and space to be a young man starting his college career.
Welcome Michael!
Michael Woo Inducted as our Newest Member! 2019-09-26 04:00:00Z 0

Next Meeting: Tuesday, September 17th

Join us on September 17th at noon at the Braeburn Country Club as we induct Judy Bakabulini and Michael Woo into our club!  
We'll also hear from Julie Leven, Founder and Artistic Director, Shelter Music Boston.  Julie founded Shelter Music Boston in 2010 to create a social service organization able to provide an immediate positive impact with classical music performances in environments of great need.  Julie was named a Boston Neighborhood Fellow in April 2014, 2013 Social Innovation Forum Classical Music Innovator and is a 2012 graduate of the BU School of Management Institute for Nonprofit Management and Leadership. She is a member of the Handel + Haydn Society Orchestra and the Boston Pops Esplanade Orchestra.  When not playing concerts or dreaming up new projects for SMB, she is passionate about organic farming and an avid Argentine tango dancer.
We'll also talk about producing a Dog Festival in the spring as a community event and fundraiser.  So bring your ideas and enthusiasm for this fun event!   Woof, woof!
Next Meeting: Tuesday, September 17th 2019-09-08 04:00:00Z 0

This Week's Meeting is on WEDNESDAY!

Posted on Sep 01, 2019
Because of the Monday holiday, our meeting this week is on:
Wednesday, September 4th at noon at Braeburn Country Club.
Hope to see you there!
This Week's Meeting is on WEDNESDAY! 2019-09-01 04:00:00Z 0

Newton Rotary & The Village Bank Scoop for Kids!

Posted on Aug 19, 2019
Volunteers from the Rotary Club of Newton joined with friends from The Village Bank to scoop Cabots ice cream for the kids who took part in the City’s Summer Reading Program this year. A fun magic show followed the treats, and each child took home a free book, courtesy of the Club and the bank!
 Rotarians & Village Bank Volunteers working together
Newton Rotary & The Village Bank Scoop for Kids! 2019-08-19 04:00:00Z 0

Our Newest Members!

On Tuesday we were delighted to induct our first new members of this Rotary Year - Matt Ntege and Julliet Nassuuna! They are both from Uganda originally, engaged to be married, and work in the health care field. Welcome!
Our Newest Members! 2019-08-08 04:00:00Z 0

Paul Harris Awards & Installation Celebration!

On Thursday, June 27th the club awarded a Community Paul Harris Award to Lt. Bruce Apotheker, a Paul Harris x2 to Rotarian Andy Willinger, and a special EndPolioNow recognition to Rotarian Dick Hardaway.  And THEN we celebrated our president and board from last year, and welcomed our new president and 2019-2020 Board.
The Celebrate the International Part of Rotary Pot Luck Dinner was delicious too!  Thanks to everyone to participated and attended - it was a lovely, warm, and inspiring evening.
Club President Susan Paley awards Lt. Bruce Apotheker with a Community Paul Harris Award.
Lt. Bruce Apotheker receives his Community Paul Harris pin from 
Assistant Governor and Newton Past President Susan Peghiny.
Dick Hardaway receives a special recognition for his support of 
Andy Willinger receives his Paul Harris x2 from PE Ron Faccenda
Ron Faccenda is installed at the 2019-2020 Club President by AG and wife
Sue Peghiny.
Immediate Past President Susan Paley "Crowns" new Club
President Ron Faccenda
Paul Harris Awards & Installation Celebration! 2019-06-27 04:00:00Z 0

Rotary Sponsoring Newton Summer Reading Program

We’re thrilled to once again be sponsoring the Newton Free Library Summer Reading program, along with our friends at The Village Bank!
Librarian Deena Zuckerman was on hand to greet Andy Willinger and Susan Paley, as we dropped off our donation in the Children’s Room.
Join us on June 18th from 5:30-7:00 at Newton City Hall’s War Memorial as we kick off the Summer Reading program with entertainment, crafts, snacks, and more!! We love encouraging young readers, so do join in the fun with us!
Rotary Sponsoring Newton Summer Reading Program 2019-05-01 04:00:00Z 0

Addiction Prevention Seminar May 22nd

Presented by the Rotary Drug Addiction Task Force
Plan to participate in the first in a series of important and timely seminars planned to fight opioid abuse in our community. Become a part of our comprehensive approach to educating, advocating and provide information about access to services. Help us create opportunities for continued involvement as a unified voice to prevent opioid addiction in our community.
WHEN:   May 22, 2019 - 5:45pm – 9:00 pm
Addiction Prevention Seminar May 22nd 2019-04-28 04:00:00Z 0
Newton Serves 2019-04-28 04:00:00Z 0

Eat, Meet & Party on May 3rd!

We’re doing “The District Conference” a little differently this year.  Eat, Meet & Party is all about celebrating our club & individual accomplishments, recognizing some folks who have gone above and beyond the call for our district, and meeting & enjoying the company of Rotarians across our district (and some from a few other districts too, if you’re so inclined). 
Every single member in the district is welcome and encouraged to attend! Have you registered yet? 
Eat, Meet & Party on May 3rd! 2019-04-17 04:00:00Z 0
Crayons to Cradles Volunteering kathryn ellis 2019-04-08 04:00:00Z 0

Fun at the Spelling Bee!

Posted on Mar 28, 2019
Seven of our member, Susan Paley (The Village Bank), Maureen Grannan (Newton at Home), Marie Presti (The Presti Group), Paul Sullivan (American Red Cross), Cindy Laughrea (The 2nd Step), Sue Peghiny (Clock & Watch Shop), and Rae Mintz (Order in the House) had a blast on March 26th helping out at the Newton Community Pride Spelling Bee!
Susan read the spelling word to the contestants, Marie and Maureen were the judges, and Paul, Cindy, Sue and Rae greeted, organized, and generally corralled the 1st and 2nd graders who participated.
Susan Paley reading the words
Fun at the Spelling Bee! 2019-03-28 04:00:00Z 0

RYLA Needs Volunters!

Newton Rotary is delighted to be sending FIVE students to the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) weekend this year!
But to make the event successful, they need volunteers to help out.  Go for a couple of hour, or go for the entire weekend.  Accommodations can be provided by RYLA, or our member Tatjana owns a house in Fitchburg and has offered it to members.
To learn more about voluneering, or to sign up RYLA click HERE.
RYLA Needs Volunters! 2019-03-20 04:00:00Z 0

Rotary Helps Out at MLK Event

Even the frigid temperature could not dampen the spirit of our community as members of the Rotary Club of Newton joined in our City’s celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s legacy. In addition to collecting toiletries to be donated to Newton’s three Food Pantries, Rotarians helped usher, and took part in the event’s first-ever “Next Steps” Resource Fair, introducing attendees to different ways of serving and volunteering. Thanks to all who made this happen!


Rotary Helps Out at MLK Event 2019-02-14 05:00:00Z 0

Valentines Dinner at the Second Step

Despite a nasty little snowstorm, some of our members cooked a delicious Valentines Dinner for at The Second Step, a community of survivors, advocates, and volunteers who foster the safety, stability, and well-being of those who have experienced domestic violence.  Click HERE to learn more about The Second Step. Thanks to David Park, Cindy Laughrea, Jean Pillard and Alex Magay for preparing and serving ham, chicken, scalloped potatoes, yummy green beans and a "heavenly chocolate cake".
Valentines Dinner at the Second Step 2019-02-12 05:00:00Z 0
Rotary 5th District Conference Kathryn Ellis 2019-02-04 05:00:00Z 0
Meatball Battle Kathryn Ellis 2019-02-04 05:00:00Z 0

Bring PJ's, Teddy Bears, Coloring Books & Crayons to our Next Meeting!

Posted on Jan 25, 2019
Pajamas: Our friends at Cradles to Crayons have notified us that they are in need of new winter pajamas, sizes 2T - adult medium. Please bring donations of new PJs to our next meeting, on Wednesday, February 6th at noon, at the Scandinavian Living Center (bring your lunch with you!).  Keep an eye out for information on when we'll volunteer at Cradles to Crayons.  Want to donate by can't make the meeting?  Click HERE to email Dave Park to make other arrangements.
Teddy Bears, Small Coloring Books and Crayons: Some of our Rotarian friends are traveling to Columbia next month, and part of this service trip is visiting pediatric hospitals.  If you have new or gently used teddy bears, and/or new coloring books & small boxes of crayons, please bring them to the February 6th meeting.  Can't make it, but want to donate?  Click HERE to email Sue Peghiny to make other arrangements.
Eyeglasses: Don't forget that at every meeting Rae will collect used eyeglasses to donate!
Thank you for your continuing generosity!
Bring PJ's, Teddy Bears, Coloring Books & Crayons to our Next Meeting! 2019-01-25 05:00:00Z 0
Rotary Club of Newton Volunteers at the Greater Boston Foodbank 2019-01-16 05:00:00Z 0

Volunteer at the Greater Boston Food Bank on Saturday, January 12th


On Saturday, January 12th (yes, it's right around the corner!), we will be helping out at the Greater Boston Food Bank, sorting and packaging grocery items.

We'll gather at 11:00am at Braeburn to carpool into Boston, and then share pizza before our assigned shift from 1:00 - 3:30.

We have invited the Rotary Club of Boston to help, as well. For logistical details, please click HERE to contact Rae Mintz.

Since this project is taking place NEXT Saturday, please reach out to Rae ASAP to let her know that you are interested in helping!

Volunteer at the Greater Boston Food Bank on Saturday, January 12th 2019-01-06 05:00:00Z 0

Rotary Holiday lunch - Pet supply donations for Animal Rescue League


A group of local Pet Sitters are conducting a Food/Supplies Holiday Drive for the homeless animals at the Boston Animal Rescue League's shelter.

Most needed is FOOD (canned or dry,) doggie treats, coats & sweaters of all sizes, doggie beds & pee pee pads!! Used items are welcome (except the pee pee pads!)

Can't make the meeting but want to donate? Contact Susan Faccenda Peghiny.

Rotary Holiday lunch - Pet supply donations for Animal Rescue League Kathryn Ellis 2018-12-19 05:00:00Z 0

Congressman Kennedy Community Service Fair

It was a great opportunity to get together with many of our other service partners from Newton, Massachusetts as we celebrated service and shared thoughts and ideas with our service colleagues at Newton City Hall on Saturday December 8th.  Many thanks to the Rotarian's for their time and effort at the event!  
Congressman Kennedy Community Service Fair 2018-12-10 05:00:00Z 0

Jean Pillard Inducted as Newton Rotary Member

We are delighted to welcome Jean Pillard as Newton's newest member.  Jean a resident of Westwood and has a business in Newton.  Jean was Chief of Mission to the UK for his native country Haiti.  He looks forward to serving the community.
Jean Pillard Inducted as Newton Rotary Member Kathryn Ellis 2018-12-05 05:00:00Z 0
Annual Thanksgiving Football Luncheon a Big Success! 2018-11-21 05:00:00Z 0
Harriet Nakamanyisa Inducted As Member 2018-11-06 05:00:00Z 0
Pies One Sale NOW To Help Community Servings 2018-11-04 04:00:00Z 0
34th Annual Thanksgiving Football Luncheon! 2018-10-31 04:00:00Z 0
Holiday Gift Drive! 2018-10-31 04:00:00Z 0
SOX Drive for Vets! 2018-10-27 04:00:00Z 0
It's a Purple Pinky Day Dance Party! 2018-10-08 04:00:00Z 0
International Service Project Opportunities 2018-10-02 04:00:00Z 0
Alex Magay Inducted as a Member! 2018-09-18 04:00:00Z 0

Kathryn Ellis Inducted as a Member!

We were delighted to welcome Kathryn Ellis into the fellowship of Rotary at our meeting on Tuesday, September 5th!
Kathryn is the Director of Economic Development for the City of Newton, and we look forward to getting to knew her and to work together on projects that make our city and even better place to live!
President Susan Paley inducts Kathryn
Kathryn spoke about her desire to be involved in the city and Rotary , and get to know people who makes things happen in Newton!
President Susan Paley and our newest Rotarian, Kathryn Ellis!
Kathryn Ellis Inducted as a Member! 2018-09-04 04:00:00Z 0

Longtime Rotarian Tony Bibbo Passes Away

BIBBO, Anthony J. "Tony" Age 84, a longtime resident of Wellesley, passed away peacefully on August 29 with his loving family by his side. He was the beloved husband of the late Barbara F. Bilbo. "Tony" was born at Newton Wellesley Hospital on July 26, 1934, a son of the late Joseph Bibbo and Donata Bibbo of Newton. He lived in Newton until 1965 when he moved his family to Wellesley. 
Longtime Rotarian Tony Bibbo Passes Away 2018-09-02 04:00:00Z 0

Ice Cream, Books, and Newton Rotary!

What do you get when you mix a roomful of book-loving kids, a library, a magician, and a group of Newton Rotarians with ice cream and a great Summer Discovery reading program? A fun filled evening! 
Ice Cream, Books, and Newton Rotary! 2018-08-23 04:00:00Z 0

Newton Rotary Wins Best Club and Other Awards

The Rotary Club of Newton was awarded the Gold Best Club Award for the 2017-2018 Rotary year.  Over 100 Rotarians from across Massachusetts gathered to celebrate individual and club accomplishments at the “District 7910 Big Reveal” on Thursday, July 19th at the Sheraton Hotel & Conference Center in Framingham.  Newton is part of Rotary International District 7910, which spans Massachusetts from Brookline to the Brookfields.
Newton Rotary Wins Best Club and Other Awards 2018-07-22 04:00:00Z 0
Installation & Paul Harris Event a Great Success! 2018-07-10 04:00:00Z 0

Installation & Paul Harris Dinner a Great Success!

What a night we had on Tuesday! Dave Sellers was outstanding as our Master of Ceremonies during an amazing evening of Paul Harris Recognitions, Thank you’s, dinner and the Installation of Susan Goorvich Paley as President, and of our 2018-2019 Board of Directors.

The event was attended by over 50 Rotarians, family members and community members. The Scandinavian Cultural Center hosted the evening in the Nordic Hall.

Mayor Ruthanne Fuller kicked it off by announcing that July 10, 2018 was “Rotary Club of Newton Day” in the City of Newton. An incredible honor!

With the help of Jim Means we remembered Bert Martinson, who passed last September. We THINK he was the oldest living Rotarian.

With help from DG Steven Sager and AG Lilia Weisfeldt, we recognized 4 Paul Harris Fellows from the club (Andrew Willinger, Dick Bowen, Jeff Tucker, and Maureen Grannan,), one Major Donor (Dick Hardaway), awarded Joe De Vito from The Village Bank a "Community Service Paul Harris" and awarded our beloved Anthony J. Bibbo a "Lifetime Achievement Paul Harris". (To learn about Paul Harris visit

Sharon Stout, filling in for Representative Kay Khan who was held up at the State House doing the people's business, awarded Tony and Joe citations from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts recognizing their outstanding contributions to the City of Newton.

THEN we enjoyed a delicious potluck dinner We asked everyone to "bring something that reflects your cultural heritage, or the one you WISH you belonged to". The variety of food was incredible! Middle eastern, Indian, Greek, Italian, Balkan, and even some Fig Newtons (brought by the Mayor!). It was a real reflection of Rotary “International”.

After dinner our outgoing President Susan Faccenda Peghiny thanked the outgoing board for their service, and presented some thank you gifts. Special recognition went to Harriet Christina Chu and Anna Culmone who will not return to the board next year. In appreciation of her dedication to "Service Above Self", Rae Mintz was awarded the "Spirit of Service" pin. She also granted "Presidential Pardons" for an array of member faux pas during the year. Incoming President Susan Goorvich Paley and the a Board of Directors surprised Sue Peghiny with her very first Paul Harris Award as a thank you for her service as president this past year.

District Governor Steven Sager then installed Susan Paley as the 95th President of the Rotary Club of Newton. Sharon Stout returned to the podium to award a citation to Susan Paley from the Commonwealth as well. Maureen Grannan and Sue Peghiny surprised Susan Paley with a lovely tiara, acknowledging that this was more of a coronation than an installation.

After that bit of fun, Steve installed the 2018-2019 Board of Directors:Andrew WillingerCindy Holle LaughreaDevender GuhaniaRae Mintz, Jack Fucci, Maureen Grannan, David ParkDavid SellersPaul Sullivan, and Susan Faccenda Peghiny.

Finally, Susan Paley closed the night with lovely comments about her hopes and dreams for the club in the coming year. 

As Susan said, we’re off to a GREAT start!


Installation & Paul Harris Dinner a Great Success! 2018-07-10 04:00:00Z 0

Awards Night - July 19th!!

Join Rotarians from across the district for "The Big Reveal"!!
Who will be the "Rotarian of the Year" for District 7910?  What club will win "Club of the Year" (gold, silver and bronze)?  And many more recognitions of Rotarians and clubs who have made a difference during our 2017-2018 year.
Will Newton win something?  Odds are pretty good - so make sure YOU'RE there!  Click here to register!  Members and guests welcome!
Awards Night - July 19th!! 2018-07-01 04:00:00Z 0

Rotary Kicks Off the Summer Discovery Reading Program!

We kicked off the Newton Free Library's Summer Discovery Reading Program at Newton City Hall earlier tonight, sponsored by the Rotary Club of Newton and The Village Bank. Rotarians assisted with distributing snacks, helping children make personalized book marks, and singing and dancing to the rocking music! Incoming president Susan Goorvich Paley joined Mayor Ruthanne Fuller and children’s librarian Amanda Bushnell Bressler in welcoming the crowd and encouraging them discover new worlds through reading this summer. Thanks to Rotarians Harriet Christina ChuDavid SellersRae MintzPaul Daigle and Susan Goorvich Paley for helping out!
Jim Means & Dave Sellers Killing it at Arts & Crafts
It's what we do...
Chris Chu getting creative!
L-R: Chris Chu, Dave Sellers, Susan Paley, Jim Means, Mayor Ruthanne Fuller, Paul Daigle, Rae Mintz
Incoming president Susan Paley with Amanda Bressler, Children's Librarian
Rotary Kicks Off the Summer Discovery Reading Program! 2018-06-20 04:00:00Z 0

BIG Changes Coming to Newton Rotary on July 1!

Posted on Jun 12, 2018
Meeting Schedule - Two Meetings a Month!
Starting July 1, 2018 the Rotary Club of Newton will begin holding regular meetings twice a month instead of every week.  Other activities will be on offer during the “off” weeks, so watch your email and our calendar!
            Two Full Club Meetings: First and third weeks of the month.  Tuesdays*, April through November, switching to Wednesdays, December – March.  *When there is a Monday holiday we will meet on Wednesday that week instead of Tuesday.
            At Least One Service Project Per Month: Each month a volunteer/service opportunity will be offered. While all efforts will be made to schedule service projects during non-meeting weeks, we are often restricted by the needs and schedules of those nonprofits that we seek to assist.  All members are eligible and encouraged to participate.  Unless there is an age restriction at the location of our project, family and friends are welcome too!  Service is the heart of Rotary, so please do your share (and then do a little more!).
            One Flex Week: This week could be used for almost any purpose.  Committees could get together to focus on their area of responsibility.  The Board may meet this week.  Or maybe something fun will be on offer!
            Rotary 5th Week: When there is a 5th week in a month let’s get together - just to get together!  Keep an eye out for an invitation to meet somewhere for drinks, dinner, pizza, a movie or something more!  Fellowship is one of the most important benefits of membership in Rotary.
Membership Plans - Now We Have THREE!
Starting July 1, 2018 our club will be offer THREE types of memberships!
Individual:   $20/month dues plus $21 per meeting. Our traditional membership.
Family:  $35/month dues plus $21 per meeting. 
 -Includes 2 adults living at the same residence.
-Both partners are full voting members. 
-Either partner can attend the meeting. 
-If both partners attend, they pay a $21 guest fee.
Corporate:  $40/month plus $21 per meeting. 
-Includes up to 4 individuals who are employed by the same organization.
-Only 1 person on the corporate membership is a full, voting member.   
-Any of the 4 members can attend any meeting. 
-If more than one attends, they pay a $21 guest fee.
-Individual contractors/associates in an office are not allowed to use this membership. 
There's never been a better, easier or less expensive time to join The Rotary Club of Newton!  Email us at for information on how to join!
BIG Changes Coming to Newton Rotary on July 1! 2018-06-12 04:00:00Z 0

Rotary Addiction Prevention Seminar - May 29th


WHEN: TUESDAY, MAY 29, from 6PM to 8PM.

LOCATION: The Price Center, 27 Christina Street, Newton MA.

This event has been developed for all Rotary Clubs and their local partnering stakeholders interested in preventing addiction.  The purpose of this event is to learn about this Rotary-driven and championed community-based model and replicate it in your own club communities.   

This model has been developed to raise awareness about what works to prevent addiction and join efforts to engage in evidence-based strategies to address and reduce it at the local level.

This is the first of what will be many community-based seminars hosted and made available through Rotary.  Come and learn about how easy and effective the Rotary Addiction Prevention Seminars can be to help your neighbors and friends learn about, identify and act to prevent addiction.  This is a model that any and all Rotary Clubs can implement in their own communities to effectively begin to address addiction at the local level.

Objectives of the Seminar:

1) Learn about some of the driving forces of addiction

2) Collaborate with local leading community stakeholders and professionals on preventing addiction

3) Replicate this model in your own community to raise awareness and initiate change that will effectively  work to reduce rates of addiction

Rotary Clubs are encouraged to register 1 - 3 club members with 1 - 3 community stakeholders interested to partner with their club on addiction prevention activities in their community. 

Click HERE to Register!

Refreshments will be served.  Please note that The Price Center does not allow smoking on the property.  

If you would like to serve on the Rotary Addiction Prevention Task Force, please click HERE to email Paul Sullivan.  Rotary membership not required. 

Thank you to Justin Sallaway for offering to host the 1st Rotary Addiction Prevention Seminar at the The Price Center, 27 Christina Street, Newton MA.

Rotary Addiction Prevention Seminar - May 29th 2018-05-09 04:00:00Z 0
Newton Has Talent Tickets On Sale NOW! 2018-04-15 04:00:00Z 0

Maureen Grannan Recognized as a "Rotary Service Hero"

Posted on Mar 26, 2018
The Rotary Club of Newton is honored to announce that our own Maureen Grannan was recognized as a "Rotary Service Hero". 
On Monday, March 26th over 250 Rotarians, friends and families gathered to celebrate the 21 Honorees, some of whom are Rotarians and some are community members doing outstanding service work.  Each Service Hero was awarded a Rotary "Paul Harris Award", the organizations highest honor for club and community work. 
Maureen was nominated by Newton Rotary President Susan Peghiny for her work with Newton At Home where she recruits and organizes volunteers to provide simple, yet crucial services to elders in our community (such as transportation to medical appointments, yard work, computer literacy assistance, changing lightbulbs, taking out the trash, installing/removing air conditioners, etc.).   
She has been a member of the Rotary Club of Newton in January 2014 after visiting as a guest speaker.  She has served as the Secretary of our club for 3 years, runs our “Student of the Month” recognition program, is involved in our Rotary Youth Leadership Awards program (RYLA), and serves on the board of our independent foundation (the Newton Rotary Foundation). 
District 7910 Foundation Chair Sanjay Deshpande presents the awards to Maureen
Ron Faccenda, Susan Peghiny, Maureen, her husband Chuck Doll, and Marei Presti attended, along with Andy Willinger, Jack Fucci, Dave Sellers and Susan Paley (not pictured).
The District 7910 "Service Hero's" for 2018
Maureen Grannan Recognized as a "Rotary Service Hero" 2018-03-26 04:00:00Z 0

Newton and Watertown Rotarians Help Out at More Than Words

Posted on Mar 24, 2018
On Saturday, March 24th members of the Rotary Club of Newton and the Rotary Club of Watertown joined to help out at More Than Words in Waltham.   We had a lot of fun sorting and categorizing donated books (and remembering some of the great books we've read ourselves).  In all, we processed 1158 books in just under 2 hours and got to meet and work with some of the amazing young people in the program.
More Than Words is a nonprofit social enterprise that empowers youth who are in the foster care system, court involved, homeless, or out of school to take charge of their lives by taking charge of a business.
Watch our calendar along the left side of this page to see when our NEXT service project is being held, and join in!
Marie Presti and Devender Guhania from Newton Rotary scan books
Rae Mintz from Newton Rotary scans books.
Susan Peghiny, Devender Guhania & Ron Faccenda worked with Anna Glover from Watertown Rotary to sort and process books.
Our Rotarians with some of the staff from More Than Words
Newton and Watertown Rotarians Help Out at More Than Words 2018-03-24 04:00:00Z 0

Rotary Make's a Special Valentine's Dinner for The Second Step

Posted on Feb 13, 2018
We had a great time today making a special Valentine's Dinner for our friends at The Second Step.
Thanks to everyone who helped make it happen, especially Marie Presti (for the delicious sauce and meatballs!), Chris Chu AIA (yummy pasta), David Park (outstanding salads and breads), Dave Sellers (plates, utensils and Sous Chef extrordinaire), Sara Pollock Demedeiros (delicious desserts) and Cindy Holle LaughreaRae Mintz and Susan Goorvich Paley for pulling it all together. Do good, feel great, join Rotary Club of Newton!
Dave Sellers setting up the buffet line
David Park prepping the salads (there were THREE choices!)
Marie and Dave working together on salads
Marie made meatballs AND the sauce from scratch!
Sue chopped SO much garlic....
Enjoying the fruits of our labors
And then came the dishes...
Rotary Make's a Special Valentine's Dinner for The Second Step 2018-02-13 05:00:00Z 0

Newton Rotary Cooks Valentine's Dinner for The Second Step

Posted on Feb 13, 2018
We had a great time today making a special Valentine's Dinner for our friends at The Second Step. Thanks to everyone who helped make it happen, especially Marie Presti (for the delicious sauce and meatballs!), Chris Chu AIA (yummy pasta), David Park (outstanding salads and breads), Dave Sellers (plates, utensils and Sous Chef extrordinaire), Sara Pollock Demedeiros (delicious desserts) and Cindy Holle LaughreaRae Mintz and Susan Goorvich Paley for pulling it all together. Do good, feel great, join Rotary Club of Newton!
Newton Rotary Cooks Valentine's Dinner for The Second Step 2018-02-13 05:00:00Z 0
Newton & Boston #7 Rotary Clubs Work Together at Greater Boston Food Bank 2018-01-27 05:00:00Z 0

Rotary & The Village Bank Honor December "Student of the Month"

The Rotary Club of Newton and The Village Bank were honored to recognize Sadie Winton (center) as December's 'Student of the Month".  The award for the this recognition is a full scholarship to the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards event in June (  Congratulations Sadie!
L-R: Kyra Slawski (Newton North), Jeff Tucker (Village Bank), Michael Winton, Lily Winton, Sadie Winton, June Ferestien, Susan Paley (Village Bank) and Susan Peghiny (Newton Rotary).
Rotary & The Village Bank Honor December "Student of the Month" 2018-01-10 05:00:00Z 0

50th Annual Martin Luther King Celebration, Monday January 15th

Monday, January 15, 2018
9:30 - 11:30am
First Baptist Church in Newton
848 Beacon Street, Newton MA  02459
This community celebration of the legacy of Dr. King will feature selections from The Monologue Project, voices of Newton’s students of color, as well as the music of the Treble Singers, Troubadours, and Newton Norths Jubilee Singers.
Members of the Rotary Club of Newton will be collecting donations of toiletries for Newton’s Food Pantries, so please be sure to bring a donation with you.
50th Annual Martin Luther King Celebration, Monday January 15th 2018-01-09 05:00:00Z 0

It's Holiday Lottery Calendar Time!!

Posted on Nov 29, 2017
Help Newton Rotary continue supporting individuals and organizations
in our community by buying our Holiday Lottery Calendar!
For only $10, each lottery calendar gets the chance to win $100 on every weekday in January, $150 on each Sunday in January and $500 on January 31st.  AND - if you win you name goes BACK in the basket so you can win again (it happens!). 
But the best part is your donation will help Rotary do things like implement an addiction education program, help develop our young leaders, recognize and support people in the community who are doing service, donate books to the library and much more.
To get your Holiday Lottery Calendars simply contact your favorite Newton Rotarian or click HERE to email Sue who will send some out to you.  Thanks!
It's Holiday Lottery Calendar Time!! 2017-11-29 05:00:00Z 0

33rd Annual Newton-Brookline Football Luncheon a Big Success

Posted on Nov 22, 2017
The Newton and Brookline Rotary Clubs hosted the 33rd Annual Thanksgiving Football Luncheon at Braeburn on Tuesday, November 21, 2017.   It was chock full of music, food, fellowship and recognition of the young leaders in our communities.
Brookline Rotarians Bo Winiker & Jamie Saltman welcomed us with jazz (with a short assist by Newton Rotarian Chris Chu).
The Lovetones  lead the group in God Bless America.
Braeburn provided a delicious Thanksgiving meal.
Attendees brought donations for food pantries in Newton and Brookline.
The Reverend Howard Haywood (a Paul Harris Fellow) provided the Invocation.
The event was slightly different this year: coaches and students spoke about their experiences (in place of a keynote speaker):
Newton North Cheer Captains Naimid Abelenda, Kenison Winton & Morgan Britt-Webb with their coach Brianna Hogan.
Brookline Cheer Captains Amara Obiora and Eva Ernest with their coaches Meghan Cells & Erin Blette
Newton North Football Captains Noah Neville, Nathan Harvey, Ryan McLaughlin, Thomas Byrne & Will Hodgson with Coach Michael Coppola
Brookline High Football Coach Keith Thomas with Captains Joseph Clark, Liam Downey, Taigue Stephenson, Henry Terry & Eric Tinsley
District Governor Karin Gaffney spoke about "What is Rotary?"
Newton Mayor Setti Warren gave a brief farewell address.
A good time was had by all:
33rd Annual Newton-Brookline Football Luncheon a Big Success 2017-11-22 05:00:00Z 0

Bring More To the Table with Pie in the Sky!

Posted on Nov 02, 2017
The Rotary Club of Newton is proud to be supporting the Thanksgiving “Pie in the Sky” program to support Community Servings. With each pie you buy (or sell to a client, associate, friend or family member) you are helping to end hunger for the critically ill and housebound in Massachusetts. And a little goes a long way! Each pie you buy or sell allows one person in need to eat for a whole week.
Make this our best year yet and help Community Servings sell 25,000 pies for their 25th anniversary. 
  Click this link to: Buy Now by November 14th.
Have questions?  Click HERE to email Marie!
Happy Thanksgiving, from all of us at the Rotary Club of Newton!
PS: You can also sign up to be a pie seller!  You can promote your own link on your social media and other sources to your sphere and they'll track how many pies you've sold.  The link is below. to choose Rotary Club of Newton as the team you get assigned to.
Bring More To the Table with Pie in the Sky! 2017-11-02 04:00:00Z 0

October Student of the Month Honored

Posted on Oct 31, 2017
We were delighted to honor our first Student of the Month for the 2017-2018 Year: Lucy Jrolf from Newton Country Day.  Lucy spoke about a trip to Peru that made her look differently at the food she eats (and doesn't eat) and how it impacts out environment.  Congratulations Lucy!
L-R: Anna Matveychuk (RYLA Chair), Maureen Grannan (SOM Chair), Lucy Jrolf and Susan Peghiny (President)
October Student of the Month Honored Susan Peghiny 2017-10-31 04:00:00Z 0

Volunteer Opportunity!

Newton at Home (who's director is a Rotarian) needs help providing leaf raking to it's members on November 10, 11, 18, & 19 from 10-12 and 1-3 each day, and is looking for volunteers to help out! 
Can you, your family and/or your colleagues spare a couple of hours to help some of your elder neighbors?
Volunteers will need to bring their own rakes and gloves.  The folks you'll be helping will provide leaf bags and snacks.  
To register please CLICK HERE to email Newton At Home Director Maureen Grannan.  Please specify which date and time you'd like to volunteer for.
Newton at Home is a non-profit organization that assists Newton residents over 60 to live independently and safely in their homes.  This is a wonderful community service in which several Rotarians participated last year.
Volunteer Opportunity! 2017-10-25 04:00:00Z 0
Join Rotary As We Help Honor Tony Bibbo! 2017-10-19 04:00:00Z 0

Dr. Tatjana Kobb Becomes Rotary Member

Posted on Oct 17, 2017
On Tuesday, October 17, 2017 the Rotary Club of Newton was honored to welcome into membership Dr. Tatjana Kobb.
Tatjana is the founder of Boston Sustainability Advising, an international sustainable development and social responsibility consultancy specialized in improving organizational performance.  Her volunteer experience is extensive and international, and  includes work at Physicians for Social Responsibility, as a mentor for Women in Research, advising companies on how to reach the UN Global Sustainable Development Goals, and as a coordinator with IPPNW and organization that facilitates student exchange programs with clinical and social service experience,  and more.
We are delighted to welcome Tatjana into the fellowship of Rotary!
Dr. Tatjana Kobb Becomes Rotary Member 2017-10-17 04:00:00Z 0

A Great Day at Harvest Fair!

Posted on Oct 15, 2017
We had another great day at Newton's Harvest Fair today! Met lots of people, sold a ton of popcorn and maybe saw some future Hall of Famers at the speed pitch!
Thanks so much to The Presti Group for donating all the popcorn supplies, speed pitch and prizes and the West Suburban YMCA for loaning the netting!
A Great Day at Harvest Fair! 2017-10-15 04:00:00Z 0

Rotary Returns to the Centre Street Food Pantry

Posted on Sep 27, 2017
Members of the Rotary Club of Newton were happy to return to the Centre Street Food pantry to help stock it's shelves.  The group also donated low salt soup.  We were especially delighted that member Trevor Williams brought his so.
Front: Rae Mintz and Susan Peghiny.  Rear: Cindy Laughrea (The Second Step) , Trevor Williams and his son (West Suburban YMCA), David Park, Susan Paley (The Village Bank), and Jim Means (BioMentor).
The Williams men working hard.
Cindy Laughrea displaying the wares. 
Rotary being goofy with Centre Street Food Pantry member Natalie.
Rotary Returns to the Centre Street Food Pantry 2017-09-27 04:00:00Z 0

Rotary at the Newtonville Jazz Festival & Village Day

We had a lot of fun meeting people and listening to great music at the Newtonville Jazz Festival and Village Day!  Lots of folks took a guess on how many pieces of candy were in the jar.  The winning number was 154, and the candy and iTunes Card went to Megan!  The highest guess?  2004 pieces.  Be sure to visit us at Harvest Fair!
Rotary at the Newtonville Jazz Festival & Village Day 2017-09-26 04:00:00Z 0

Cards4aCause Fundraiser

A young woman who has been working with The Second Step for almost two years is having a fundraiser to help buy gift cards for the homeless.  Her organization is Cards4aCause.
The Second Step is a recipient of the gifts cards. She has been providing The Second Step with $300 a month in cards to help their families. If you can please come and meet her at her first big fundraiser they would all be would be grateful.  A former Second Step resident will be a guest speaker.
Details below:
Necessity and Dignity Event to benefit the Homeless
Thursday, September 28, 2017 at 7:30 p.m.
Mt Auburn Health Club
57 Coolidge Ave
Watertown, MA 02472
United States
Click HERE to Register
Cards4aCause Fundraiser 2017-09-20 04:00:00Z 0

Rotary Helps "Food To Your Table"

Posted on Aug 15, 2017
Last week several members of the Rotary Club of Newton helped the local organization "Food To Your Table" do their thing!  Each week Food To Your Table collects donated food from the Cold Springs Park Farmer's Market and delivers it to our neighbors in need in Newton.  Rotary was delighted to lend a hand!  If you'd like more information about Food To Your Table, please contact Amy or Joan at
Susanne McInerney (Mass Estate Team) and Lena Chouljian (First Commons Bank) help display food.
Susanne & Lena get some encouragement from Newton Rotary President Sue Peghiny
Newton Rotary Past President Paul Sullivan (American Red Cross), Lena Choujlian (First Commons Bank), Susan Peghiny (Clock & Watch Shop) and Susanne McInerney (Mass Estate Team) enjoying working together to support Food To Your Table.
Rotary Helps "Food To Your Table" 2017-08-15 04:00:00Z 0

Travel to Ghana and Help Eradicate Polio


Here is your opportunity to have a hands-on role in eradicating Polio:

Join Rotary on an upcoming trip to Accra, Ghana, West Africa in October 2017 to participate in a polio immunization exercise, attend the 12th Annual West Africa Project Fair, and engage in a hands-on work project. Attached is detailed trip information. Please feel free to share this information with the Rotarians in your club as soon as possible as we have a limited amount of space and expect this trip to be filled in the next week or two.

Trip Dates: October 03 – 12, 2017
Travel to: Accra, Ghana, West Africa
Per Person Price: $1,689, double occupancy

Program includes: Hotel accommodations, transfers, most meals, polio immunization exercise, hands-on community service field work, West Africa Project Fair registration, special Rotary and fellowship events, sightseeing, etc.

In October 2017, North American Rotarians will travel to Accra, Ghana for a life changing experience. Have you ever heard a Rotarian speak about their personal experience participating in a polio eradication exercise, a cleft lip/cleft palate mission, or work on a humanitarian grant? These trips have a profound effect upon the individual. For those of you who have gone on one of these trips you know, and for those of you who have yet to enjoy this experience, you should.

The experiences you have stay with you forever. You get up early in the morning, travel with local Rotarians to a village, health clinic or impoverished neighborhood, and for the next few hours, you change. Small children come up to you to say thank you. Mothers and fathers smile at you knowing that you are giving their child a chance for a better life. You meet with the leaders in the village to learn of their needs and their hopes. It is hot; it is dusty; it makes you uncomfortable; it is exquisite.

The West Africa Project Fair is endorsed by the Rotary in Africa Committee (ROTA), who is trying to generate greater connectivity between the African and North American Rotarians to generate greater support of the projects of Africa. Your involvement, or your club’s involvement, in this Fair would not only provide an opportunity for project support, it would also help your members to grow and to understand the benefits of being a Rotarian. Involvement in Rotary gives the ordinary Rotarian extraordinary opportunities to do things that they could never do anywhere else. This trip is just such an experience.

Even if you are unable to join us this year, please feel free to announce this program in your club over the next month, get it on websites, and get it in newsletters. Encourage your members to participate – help Rotary Make a Difference.

Contact info: Jolene R. Bortz,
Rotary Club of Oakland-Uptown Past President


Travel to Ghana and Help Eradicate Polio 2017-08-06 04:00:00Z 0

Newton Rotary Helps out at Cradles to Crayons

On July 13th members of the Rotary Club of Newton helped out at the  Cradles to Crayons warehouse in Brighton.  Cradles to Crayons provides homeless and low-income children living in the Boston area with the essentials they require to thrive - to feel safe, warm, ready to learn, and valued. 
We helped over 200 kids, and had a great time doing it.  C2C is a GREAT organization for multi-club projects since they can handle large groups of people at one time.
Newton Rotary Helps out at Cradles to Crayons 2017-07-26 04:00:00Z 0
Rotary: People of Action 2017-07-12 04:00:00Z 0
Rotary: People of Action 2017-07-12 04:00:00Z 0

Five Newton Students Attend the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards Weekend!

The Rotary Club of Newton was delighted to be able to send five Newton "rising sophomores" to the District 7910 "Rotary Youth Leadership Awards" the weekend of June 23-25 at Fitchburg State University.
The five students were Ingrid Farrell (Newton Country Day), Rachel Gamburg (Newton South), Stephanie Hogan (Mt. Alvernia), Achille Ricca (Newton North), and Ethan Weiss (Newton South).
The students spent 3 days working together to develop leadership, collaboration, cooperation, teamwork, and conflict resolution skills through a variety of team activities.  They also helped package 20,000 emergency meals in just over 1/2 hour, made a lot of friends and had a ton of fun!  We look forward to hearing about their experiences on August 1st and August 22 at our club meetings.
A special thanks to The Village Bank for co-sponoring our 2017 RYLA students!
Achille won "Mr. Congeniality"
Five Newton Students Attend the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards Weekend! 2017-07-06 04:00:00Z 0

Newton Rotary Community Grants Awards Luncheon

The Rotary Club of Newton was DELIGHTED to award over $12,000 in Community Grants to local service organizations and deeply honored to have so many recipients attend the luncheon.
Pictured left to right are: Dave Sellers & Thomas Leavitt (John M. Barry Boys & Girls Club), Debra Bergman & Justin Sallaway (The Price Center), Rosie Carey (West Suburban YMCA), Tim McHale (The Boston Minstels), Jeanne Strickland (Newton Community Development Foundation), Maureen Grannan (Newton At Home), Jack Fucci (West Suburban YMCA), Cindy Laughrea (The Second Step), Marylou Seitz (Newton Community Development Foundation), Deborah Maini (The Second Step), and Susan Peghiny (Rotary Club of Newton).
Newton Rotary Community Grants Awards Luncheon 2017-06-27 04:00:00Z 0

Installations and Inductions, Oh My!

Posted on Jun 20, 2017
The Rotary Club of Newton held it's annual Installation Dinner on Tuesday, June 20th at the home of incoming president Susan Peghiny.  It was a lovely evening filled with good food and better fellowship.
We were delighted to induct Jodi Goodman into membership that evening, and incoming District Governor Karin Gaffney was on hand to do the honors (with an assist by Susan and her dog Lou):
We also thanked outgoing president Paul Sullivan, and recognized the past presidents in attendance (l-r): Justin Salaway, incoming president Susan Peghiny, Marie Presti, Paul Sullivan (with plaque), Indira Desai, Dick Bowen and Paul Kerrissey:
Karin then installed Susan as the 92nd president of The Rotary Club of Newton (with Lou ensuring she did it correctly):
Finally, the incoming Board of Directors "Passed the Gavel" in a symbolic handing over of power to the new president.  Pictured r-l are: DG Karin Gaffney, Andy Willinger (Treasurer), Chris Chu (Director),  Rae Mintz (Director), Jodi Goodman (Sargent-at-Arms), Susan Paley (Director), Maureen Grannan (Director), outgoing president Paul Sullivan and incoming president Susan Peghiny.  Paul looks pretty happy, doesn't he?
New president Susan Peghiny and District Governor Karin Gaffney:
Installations and Inductions, Oh My! 2017-06-20 04:00:00Z 0
Members Enjoy Tall Ship Sail 2017-06-20 04:00:00Z 0

Newton Rotary Awards Three Vocational Education Scholarships

The Rotary Club of Newton was delighted to award 3 scholarships today to students in various vocational education programs at Newton North High School.
Melvin Nguyen received the "William Rockwell Memorial Award". Melvin is in the culinary arts program, and he is shown below with his teachers (l-r) Lisa McKinney, Heather Irber and Lisa Marzilli as well as Newton Rotary President Paul Sullivan.
Stephanie Ehtier was awarded the "President's Award" and is in the drafting program. She is pictured with (l-r) Newton Rotary President Paul Sullivan and NNHS Drafting Teacher Andrea Shurtleff.
Our "Bell & Flag Award" was given to Alison Kinsella who was unfortunately not able to attend today. Alison is in the graphic communications program, and her teacher Tom Donnellan was delighted to accept the award for Alison.
The Rotary Club of Newton wishes all our scholarship recipients the best of luck in their future endeavors!
Newton Rotary Awards Three Vocational Education Scholarships 2017-06-13 04:00:00Z 0

Congratulations to the Newton Has Talent 2017 Winners!

After an extremely enjoyable and entertaining evening, the Rotary Club of Newton is happy to announce the winners of Newton Has Talent 2017, and the charities for which they were playing.  Each charity will receive a matching grant from the Newton Rotary Foundation:
First Place for $1000: Tema Siegel
Competing for Minding Your Mind (Mental Health Programs for Youth),
2nd Place for $750: FJ: Fionn O'Connor & Jay Park
Competing for Liberty in North Korea (Working with Korean People to Accelerate Change),
3rd Place for $250: Free Shipping
Competing for Planned Parenthood (Supporting the Idea that Women Should Have the Information & Care They Need to Live Strong, Healthy Lives),
Honorable Mention: Kaylee Federmann
Congratulations to the Newton Has Talent 2017 Winners! 2017-05-14 04:00:00Z 0
Newton Has Talent - Don't Miss It! 2017-04-10 04:00:00Z 0
ENTER NOW FOR NEWTON HAS TALENT! 2017-03-24 04:00:00Z 0
Connect for Good is THIS Tuesday! 2017-03-21 04:00:00Z 0
Club Members Meet Incoming RI President Ian Riseley 2017-03-09 05:00:00Z 0
Support the Newton Food Pantry and Have a Few Laughs! 2017-03-07 05:00:00Z 0

Rotary Newton Hosts District Opioid Prevention Task Force


Please join us for a working meeting to exchange ideas on how Rotary Clubs in Massachusetts can lead or participate in projects that deal with the opioid addiction problem in the Commonwealth. 

Representatives from all clubs and districts are welcome.

WHERE: West Suburban YMCA, 276 Church Street, Newton, MA  02458

WHEN: Monday, March 6th, 7:30 - 9:00pm

COST: Free - just bring ideas.


- See more at:

Please join us for a working meeting to exchange ideas on how Rotary Clubs in Massachusetts can lead or participate in projects that deal with the opioid addiction problem in the Commonwealth. 

Representatives from all clubs and districts are welcome.

WHERE: West Suburban YMCA, 276 Church Street, Newton, MA  02458

WHEN: Monday, March 6th, 7:30 - 9:00pm

COST: Free - just bring ideas.


Rotary Newton Hosts District Opioid Prevention Task Force 2017-02-16 05:00:00Z 0

Multi-District Conference Coming Up - Be Sure to Register!

Be sure to register for this year's MULTI-District Conference!
Price Increase March 1st
"A La Carte" Pricing Available
Visit to Register
Participating Districts:
District 7910 (us)
District 7890 (Western Mass & Northern Connecticut)
District 7950 (RI, Southeastern Mass, Cape Cod & The Islands)
District 7980 (Southern Connecticut
Paul Harris Luncheon on Friday ~RI President John Germ is Friday Night's Keynote Speaker
Cocktails with Mr. Germ and a Special Rotary "Waterfire" on Friday Night
Rotary Means Business Networking Saturday Afternoon
Interact & RYLA Program on Saturday
Laura Templeton is Saturday Night's Keynote Speaker
and more!
Multi-District Conference Coming Up - Be Sure to Register! 2017-02-11 05:00:00Z 0

January "Student of the Month" Honored


Congratulations to our January "Student of the Month" Ethan Weiss! Ethan is a sophomore at Newton South High School and was recognized by Rotary Club of Newton and the The Village Bank for his outstanding community service.

This recognition includes a scholarship for Ethan to attend the Rotary Youth Leadership Award Weekend (RYLA) in June. The award was presented by Maureen Grannan.

Congratulations Ethan!

Pictured: Maureen Grannan (SOM Coordinator) and Ethan Weiss

January "Student of the Month" Honored Susan Peghiny 2017-01-25 05:00:00Z 0

Rotary Participates in 49th Annual MLK Celebration

Members of the Rotary Club of Newton were on hand at the 49th Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration on Monday.  They collected toiletries for local food pantries, greeted attendees, schmoozed, and generally enjoyed this moving and important event.
Members collected toiletries.  L-R: Chris Chu, unknown, Rae Mintz, Andy Willinger, Cindy Laughrea, Dave Sellers, Maureen Grannan (toiletries project leader), Dick Bowen, Susan Paley, Tom Kerry, Ron Faccenda, Susanne McInernerny and Tony Bibbo.
Tonny Bibbo with Mayor Setti Warren
Tony Bibbo thinks about joining The Lovetones!
The event was very heavily attended.
Choirs from the local schools also performed.
Rotary Participates in 49th Annual MLK Celebration 2017-01-18 00:00:00Z 0
49th Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Celebration Tony Bibbo 2017-01-07 00:00:00Z 0

Get Rotary January Lottery Tix at the YMCA Saturday Morning!

Heading over to the West Suburban YMCA Saturday morning?

Want to help the Rotary Club of Newton do good in your community?

These two things align because our president Paul Sullivan will be selling our January Lottery Raffle tickets from 9am-12pm in the lobby of the Y.

For $10 you will be entered to win $100 for every remaining weekday in January, $150 for every Sunday and $500 on January 31st. AND if you win, your name goes BACK in the basket so you can win again (it happened twice last year!).

We sell 1000 tickets at most - MUCH better odds than the state lottery.

The best part? Every penny of your donation goes to the community service projects of the Rotary Club of Newton.

So bring cash, a check, credit card or even remember your Paypal password and you'll be in on this.

Can't make it to the Y? Email us at and we'll get as many tickets to you as you want.

Thanks and good luck!

Get Rotary January Lottery Tix at the YMCA Saturday Morning! 2017-01-06 00:00:00Z 0

Holiday Lottery Tickets Still Available!

There's still time to buy a Rotary "Holiday Lottery Calendar!

For just $10 you are entered to win $100 EVERY weekday, $150 EVERY Saturday and the grand prize of $500 on January 31st.

Every dollar raised supports our community service projects and grants.

Get your ticket from any Newton Rotarian, or CLICK HERE to email us and we'll handle the details.



Holiday Lottery Tickets Still Available! 2016-12-07 00:00:00Z 0

Newton At Home Selling Cookbooks - Get Yours Soon!

Looking for a new meal to serve during your upcoming holiday celebrations? Our friends over at Newton at Home are selling their cookbook filled with delicious recipes such as braised chicken and apricots (pictured below)Pumpkin Pecan Bread, Noodle Pudding with Ricotta Cheese and Blueberry Soup and more!
In total, 93 recipes are included. All recipes were contributed by volunteers, members, staff and friends. All proceeds benefit the good work of Newton at Home.
To purchase a cookbook, visit the Newton at Home office at 206 Waltham St., Newton (click HERE for contact and other information).  Each book is $15 for members and volunteers and $20 for non-members.
Newton At Home Selling Cookbooks - Get Yours Soon! 2016-11-30 00:00:00Z 0

Rotary Newton Welcomes New Honorary Member

The Rotary Club of Newton was delighted to recognize and welcome Ron Faccenda as an Honorary Member of the club.  Ron has been an active supporter of the club for almost 4 years, participating is numerous service projects, playing a crucial role in Newton Has Talent, facilitating club planning meetings and much more.  Welcome, Ron!
Pictured l-r: Ron Faccenda, President-Elect Susan Peghiny and President Paul Sullivan
Rotary Newton Welcomes New Honorary Member 2016-10-25 00:00:00Z 0

Rotary Newton Helps "Food To Your Table"

On Tuesday, October 11th members of the Rotary Club of Newton helped "Food To Your Table" collect donated vegetables and fruits from the farmers at the Farmer's Market at Cold Springs Park, and then take it to Newton residents who have limited access to farm fresh food.  
Food To Your Table is a local, grass-roots organization started by Newton resident Joan Balaban (and friends).  They wanted to give under-served residents a chance to eat fresh, healthy food.  Each week they collect the food and then set up "mini farmer's markets" where residents can select fresh items, at no charge.  They even hand out recipes for foods that residents might not be familiar with and or know how to prepare.  The organization works with a different group of volunteers each week to collect, sort and deliver the food. 
The Rotary Club of Newton had a lot of fun, met many new friends and even learned the name of quite a few new vegetables!  Thanks to Food To Your Table for giving us this opportunity to serve our community.
Pictured L-R: Ron Faccenda, Marie Presti, Chris Chu, Cindy Laughrea and Susanne McInerney, with fruits & vegetables generously donated by the farmers at the Cold Springs Farmer's Market.
Club members separate donations into two groups for delivery to the two selected donation sites.
Ron Faccenda and Marie Presti show off their Food To Your Table tee-shirts
Susanne McInernery, Cindy Laughrea, Marie Presti from Rotary Newton and Joan Baladan from Food To Your Table
The whole crew and one of our mini farmer's markets
Beautiful AND delicious!
Rotary Newton Helps "Food To Your Table" 2016-10-12 00:00:00Z 0

Rotary Newton Co-Sponsors Meeting with Governor Baker on Opioids

Posted by Paul Sullivan
On Tuesday, September 27, Governor Charlie Baker met with over 200 Rotarians from across Massachusetts. The purpose of the meeting was for the Governor to enlist the support of all Massachusetts Rotary Clubs to get involved with two key issues: Homelessness and the Opioid abuse epidemic in our state.  The Rotary Club of Newton was one of five clubs that sponsored the meeting, and was prominently featured at the event.
Most of the discussion involved the opioid issue, which is claiming between 4 and 5 lives in our state every day. The Governor discussed his four phase plan: communication, prevention, treatment and recovery. Of those four phases, he is relying on Rotary to take a lead role in communication. He sees a great opportunity for the 120+ Rotary clubs in Massachusetts to develop plans on a local and statewide level to communicate the proper use of opioids, the danger signs of addiction, protection and safety of prescription pain medications, how to properly discard unused medication and how to seek emergency help for an overdose victim.
Rotary clubs from across the state are ahead of the curve on this issue.  Many Rotarians shared stories about how opioid abuse has affected their own lives. The Governor was impressed with the level of knowledge and involvement from Rotarians on the issue, and their willingness to get deeply involved ito eradicate the disease of addiction. Many Rotarians stated that they see opioid abuse and heroin addiction as "Rotary's next polio".
Past District Governor Jim Fusco presented the Governor with a Rotary pin, designating him an "Honorary Rotarian".  Jim also gave the Governor a directory of Massachusetts Rotary Clubs and their members. The meeting was held at the Doubletree Hotel in Bedford, MA and the room was filled to capacity. Many thanks to John Peterson of the Bedford MA Rotary Club for putting this meeting together, which took over a year of planning and communicating with the Governor's office.
Pictured L-R: Past District Governor Jim Fusco, Acton-Boxborough Rotary member Gino Frattalone and Governor Baker
Rotary Newton Co-Sponsors Meeting with Governor Baker on Opioids Paul Sullivan 2016-10-10 00:00:00Z 0

Educate Students  About Your Profession

The Rotary Club of Newton is working with the Rotary Club of Southington, Connecticut on a multi-state, multi-district project to get Rotarians and other professionals into the schools to talk about what you do and how you got there.
The project would involve speaking to students at a local high school. This could be at a career day function/panel discussion or meeting with groups or individual students at a school. Specifically, Rotarians could address the educational and personal steps that they took to achieve the current job. They could perhaps be introduced by Interact students, if there is a chapter at the school.

To participate in this project, please contact an interested school by copying and pasting the URL into your browser’s address bar to find a school near you. You and the liaison at the school would agree on a mutually convenient date and time of the visit.
For more information, click here to email the coordinator.
Educate Students  About Your Profession 2016-10-06 00:00:00Z 0
Brookline Rotary Hosting Networking Event 2016-09-23 00:00:00Z 0

This Week's Meeting Moved to Wednesday, September 21

This week's meeting of the Rotary Club of Newton has been moved to Wednesday, September 21st at noon at Brae Burn.  Unfortunately, Braeburn has an event during our regular time that turned out to be much larger than they thought, and asked us to move the meeting.
This Week's Meeting Moved to Wednesday, September 21 2016-09-12 00:00:00Z 0

Rotary Newton Inducts Newest Member!

The Rotary Club of Newton was honored to welcome Anna Matveychuk as it's newest member on Wednesday, September 7th.  Her induction ceremony was held at the Braeburn Country Club.
Anna is from Newton, and currently lives in Watertown.  She works for 4 Buyer's Real Estate.  We're looking forward to working with and getting to know Anna.  Welcome!
Membership Chair Susan Peghiny (left) pinning the Rotary Emblem on Anna Metveychuk
Rotary Newton Inducts Newest Member! 2016-09-09 00:00:00Z 0

Rotary Newton Helps The Second Step Fill Backpacks

The Rotary Club of Newton recently helped our friends at The Second Step fill some backpacks which were distributed to kids in their program. 
Pictured L-R: Susan Peghiny (Clock & Watch Shop), Cindy Laughrea (2nd Step), Susanne McInerney (REMax Leading Edge) and Kerry Lavin (Scandinavian Cultural Center)
Rotary Newton Helps The Second Step Fill Backpacks 2016-09-09 00:00:00Z 0

Area Rotary and Rotaract Clubs Get Together

The Boston #7 Rotary Club hosted a wonderful roof-top networking event last month at Fisher College.  Attendees included members of the Rotary Club of Newton, the Downtown Boston Rotary Club and the Boston Rotaract Club.  It was a lovely evening overlooking the Charles River and a wonderful chance to meet other Rotarians in our area.  Thanks Boston #7!
Area Rotary and Rotaract Clubs Get Together 2016-09-09 00:00:00Z 0

103 Year Old Rotarian Bert Martinson Has Visitors

Posted on Aug 31, 2016
Some members of the Rotary Club of Newton visited our oldest member, Bert Martinson, for dinner this week.  Bert is 103 (he'll be 104 in November) and has been a Rotarian since 1940!  Thanks to Jim Means for arranging the occasion.
L-R: Bill Lowry, Debbie Bowen, Linda Means, Dick Bowen, Bert Martinson, his girlfriend Ellie Shuman, and Helen Lowry. Not pictured (and taking the photo) is Chris Chu.
Bert and Ellie
103 Year Old Rotarian Bert Martinson Has Visitors 2016-09-01 00:00:00Z 0

"No Regrets: Newton and the Opioid Epidemic"

Opioid addiction is one of the most critical issues facing our city, and our nation, today. On behalf of Mayor Setti Warren, Rep. Kay Khan and Deborah Youngblood, Commissioner of Health and Human Services, I urge you to attend an event to raise awareness of opioid addiction. The event is titled, "No Regrets: Newton and the Opioid Epidemic", being held at Newton North High School on Thursday, October 6th from 7 to 9PM.
The event will feature "If Only", a short film produced by James Wahlberg along with an interactive panel discussion. Special guests include District Attorney Marian Ryan and Executive Producer James Wahlberg.
The event is for teens and adults, so please encourage the teens in your life to attend this important event with you.
The event is sponsored by Newton PATH ("Prevention, Awareness, Treatment & Hope") and more information can be found at .
"No Regrets: Newton and the Opioid Epidemic" 2016-08-28 00:00:00Z 0

District Governors Pat & Skip Doyle Visit Rotary Newton

The Rotary Club of Newton was delighted to welcome Co-Governors Pat & Skip Doyle and Assistant Governor Karen Whetmore to today's meeting.  We're looking forward to a productive and successful year under their leadership!
Seated: Tony Bibbo, Ellen O'Brien,Pat Doyle, Skip Doyle, Chris Chu
Standing: Rae Mintz, Paul Kerrissey, Susan Peghiny, Justin Salaway, Indira Desai, Paul Sullivan, Dick Bowen, Assistant DG Karen Whetmore (from Needham Rotary), Bill Lowry, Andy Willinger, and Cindy Laughrea.
District Governors Pat & Skip Doyle Visit Rotary Newton 2016-08-09 00:00:00Z 0

Rotary Newton Welcomes Ellen O'Brien as a Member!

The Rotary Club of Newton was delighted to induct Ellen O'Brien as our newest member at the meeting on Tuesday, July 26th.
Ellen is a Business Development specialist at Horner Millwork in Southborough, MA and lives in West Newton.  She was sponsored by Chris Chu. 
Welcome, Ellen!
Rotary Newton Welcomes Ellen O'Brien as a Member! 2016-07-29 00:00:00Z 0
Newton & Downtown Boston Rotarians Meet to Network and Paint! 2016-07-07 00:00:00Z 0

Rotary Newton Awards 2016 Community Grants

The Rotary Club of Newton was happy to honor our 2016 Community Grant Recipients this afternoon. Congratulations to the West Suburban YMCA, Barry L Price Rehabilitation Center, John M Barry Boys & Girls Club of Newton, and Newton at Home!
Pictured L-R: Piper Morris & Dave Sellers (Boys & Girls Club), Maureen Grannan (Newton At Home), Paul Sullivan (Rotary President-Elect), Deborah Bergman (The Barry Price Center), Indira Desai (Rotary President), Rosie Carey, Trevor Williams and Jack Fucci (West Suburban YMCA).
Rotary Newton Awards 2016 Community Grants 2016-06-29 00:00:00Z 0

Rotary Newton Awards 2016 Career/Tech Ed Scholarships

Posted by Susan Peghiny on Jun 13, 2016
Congratulations to our 2016 Career/Tech Scholarships, and to Diana Robbins who is retiring as the director of the Career/Tech Department for the Newton Public Schools. Best of luck to you all as you move to a new chapter in your lives!
Indira Desai, Mikayla Sarchioni-McGlashing (Bell & Flag Award), Mikayla Sarchioni-McGlashing (William Rockwell Memorial Award), and Henry Groves (President's Award).
Indira Desai (president of the Rotary Club of Newton) , Diana Robbins(retiring director of the Career/Tech Program),award recipients and their parents.
Paul Wagner (automotive teacher at NNHS), Indira Desai and Henry Groves(recipient of the President's Award)
Tom Donnellan (director of the graphic design program at NNHS), JacklynMehrez (recipient of the William Rockwell Memorial Scholarship), and Indira Desai.

Heather Irber, Lisa Marzilli, Lisa McKinney (culinary arts teachers at NNHS), Mikayla Sarchioni-McGlashing (recipient of the Bell & Flag Award) and Indira Desai.

Diana Robbins (retiring director of the Career/Tech Ed Program), Susan Paley (Rotary member) and Indira Desai (president).
Rotary Newton Awards 2016 Career/Tech Ed Scholarships Susan Peghiny 2016-06-14 00:00:00Z 0
Blood Drive at the Scandinavian Living Center 2016-05-27 00:00:00Z 0

Newton Has Talent: Another Great Night of Music, Humor & Fundraising!

Newton Has Talent 2016 was another great event for the Rotary Club of Newton!  Congratulations to our winners and all the contestants who shared their time and talent with the community.  Thank you to our judges Barbara Brousal, Mark Churchill, Jim Petosa and Laura Vecchione; our hosts at the Leventhall-Sidman JCC, our volunteers and ESPECIALLY our sponsors!  
First Place winners Hari Narayanan & Inesh Vytheswaran with honorable mention winner Sriram Narayanan (front).
Second Place Winner Claire McFarland
Third Place Winners The Dominoes
All contestants on stage awaiting results, along with Tom Keery and MC Jimmy Tingle.
Our WONDERFUL "Front of House" Volunteers!
Some photos of our transformation of the JCC into Rotary Land!

Newton Has Talent: Another Great Night of Music, Humor & Fundraising! 2016-05-23 00:00:00Z 0

Jimmy Tingle to Host Newton Has Talent - Top 10 Acts Announced!

Hosted by Jimmy Tingle
Top 10 Acts Announced - Tickets Available Now!

The preliminary public voting is over and the Top 10 acts have been
chosen to perform at the live, final competition on

Saturday, May 21st at 7:30pm
JCC, 333 Nahanton Street, Newton Centre

Along with our official judges, each audience member will vote on who should win the $1000 first, $500 second and $250 third place.

Get your tickets at today!
Jimmy Tingle to Host Newton Has Talent - Top 10 Acts Announced! 2016-05-09 00:00:00Z 0
100 Years of the Rotary Foundation 2016-05-02 00:00:00Z 0
The Rotary Foundation 2016-05-02 00:00:00Z 0

Welcome to our newest members!

On April 12th we were delighted to induct TWO new members from the West Suburban YMCA!  Cara Daly is the Membership Director at the Y and Trevor Williams is the Operations Director.  They were sponsored by YMCA Director Jack Fucci.
Pictured left to right: Jack Fucci, Trevor Williams, Indira Desai, Cara Daly and Susan Peghiny.
Welcome to our newest members! 2016-04-18 00:00:00Z 0
Newton Has Talent, Saturday May 21st at the JCC! 2016-04-15 00:00:00Z 0

Dictionaries for 3rd Graders Are Ready to Roll!

Dictionaries for Newton's 3rd graders were labeled in record speed this afternoon, and we had a great time too!

Thanks to Dave Sellers and the Boy's & Girl's Club for the space and the pizza! We start distributing in a couple of weeks. Pictured are Dave, Rae Mintz, Maureen Grannan, Sue Peghiny, Ron Faccenda and Jack & Paul Sullivan.

Dictionaries for 3rd Graders Are Ready to Roll! 2016-04-14 00:00:00Z 0
Jimmy Tingle will MC Newton Has Talent 2016! Susan Peghiny 2016-04-05 00:00:00Z 0

Newton Has Talent: A New Date, a New Venue and New Opportunities!

Newton Has Talent has announced it's 2016 date, venue and new opportunities to participate!
The show will be held on Saturday evening, May 21, 2016 at 7:30 pm at the Jewish Community Center, 333 Nahanton Street, Newton Center.
This year, those who WORK in Newton may also audition along with anyone who lives or goes to school here! 
For audition information and rules, tickets or sponsorship opportunities be sure to visit!
Newton Has Talent: A New Date, a New Venue and New Opportunities! Susan Peghiny 2016-03-02 00:00:00Z 0

Student of the Month

Claudia Durbin is our Student of the Month for February.  She is a junior at Newton Country Day.  
Left to right:  Michael Durbin-father, Claudia Durbin, Julie Durbin-mother, Anne Therialt-counselor.
Student of the Month 2016-02-24 00:00:00Z 0

Paul Harris Recipients Honored

Posted by Susan Peghiny

The Rotary Club of Newton was honored to award Mrs. Audrey Cooper, the Reverend Howard Haywoood, and brothers Veer and Shiv Sawhney Paul Harris Awards this evening.

Mrs. Cooper and Rev. Haywood were recognized for their outstanding community service, and Veer and Shiv were recognized in honor of a gift made to Rotary International by their grandfather Manjit Sawhney, who is a past Governor of District 3010 in Delhi, India.

Paul Harris Recipients Honored Susan Peghiny 2016-02-18 00:00:00Z 0

Newton Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration

Posted on Jan 16, 2016

Newton Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration - Support the Newton Food Pantry

In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. please join us in a community-wide initiative to support our families in need by donating toiletry items.

Items Include:  Soaps, Tooth Brushes, Tooth Paste, Shaving Supplies, Personal Deodorants, Powders, Creams, Toilet Tissues, etc.
"Life's most persistent and urgent question is - What are we doing for others?" -MLK
Newton Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration 2016-01-17 00:00:00Z 0

Cindy Laughrea Inducted As A Member!

Posted on Jan 05, 2016
Cindy Laughrea, the Community Engagement Coordinator for The Second Step, was inducted into The Rotary Club of Newton on Wednesday, January 6th. 
The Second Step fosters the safety, stability, and well-being of survivors of domestic violence. Their residential and community-based programs build on the strengths, needs, and values of the individuals and families they serve. In partnership with survivors and in collaboration with the community, they lay a foundation for a future free from abuse and full of possibility.  Yearly, they provide life-changing, comprehensive services to more than 300 adults and 500 children, and provide transitional housing in two homes for up to 30 families.
We're delighted to welcome Cindy into the Rotary family!
Indira Desai, president; Cindy Laughrea and Susan Peghiny, membership
Cindy Laughrea Inducted As A Member! 2016-01-06 00:00:00Z 0

Kyle Farrell Inducted As A Member

On Wednesday, December 2nd the Rotary Club of Newton was delighted to induct Kyle Farrell as a member!  Kyle is a former Rotarian and the son of a Rotarian.  He is the eCommerce Manager at The Village Bank.  Pictured left to right are Indira Desai, President; Kyle Farrell, Jeff Tucker, Treasurer (and Kyle's sponsor) and Susan Peghiny, Membership Chair.
Kyle Farrell Inducted As A Member 2015-12-29 00:00:00Z 0
A Special Invitation from Mayor Setti Warren 2015-12-12 00:00:00Z 0
Holiday Lottery Raffle Fundraiser Going On NOW! 2015-12-11 00:00:00Z 0

Rotary Newton Welcomes TWO New Members!

We are delighted to welcome into membership Joseph Nkuruziza and Rae Mintz.
Both are returning Rotarians, and we're delighted that they chose the Rotary Club of Newton to renew their relationship with Rotary.  Joseph comes to us from the Rotary Club of Kigali in Rwanda, and Rae comes from the Rotary Club of West Roxbury & Roslindale.  Please welcome them back into the Rotary family!
President Indira Desai giving Joseph his Rotary pin.
Indira Desai, President; Susan Peghiny,                        
membership and Rae Mintz
Rae giving her classification speech.
Rotary Newton Welcomes TWO New Members! 2015-11-30 00:00:00Z 0

Another Great Football Luncheon!

Posted on Nov 23, 2015
A special thanks to our sponsor: First Commons Bank!
Our keynote speaker Miceal Chamberlain
More photos available for viewing in the Football Luncheon Album - just click the link on the left!
Another Great Football Luncheon! 2015-11-24 00:00:00Z 0

31st Annual Thanksgiving Football Luncheon Tuesday, November 24th

The Rotary Clubs of Brookline & Newton will be holding their 31st Annual Thanksgiving Football Luncheon on Tuesday, November 24th at noon at the Braeburn Country Club.
Our speaker this year is Mićeal Chamberlain, former marketing professional for the New England Patriots.  Mr. Chamberlain is the designer of the famous Patriots logo.
Don't miss this community event celebrating competition, sportsmanship, service and collaboration.
31st Annual Thanksgiving Football Luncheon Tuesday, November 24th 2015-11-23 00:00:00Z 0

Service Project A Success!

Thanks to everyone who took time off from work to help with some yard work for our friends at The Second Step!
Shown right to left: Paul Romano (The GW Group), Andy Willinger (RCG Consulting), Chris Chu (Architect), Ron Faccenda (RAF Technical Consulting), Cindy Laughrea (The 2nd Step), Joseph Nkurunziza (Mass. College of Pharmacy), Marie Presti (Realty Executives), Arti Mahon (Metro Credit Union) and Susan Peghiny (Clock & Watch Shop).
Service Project A Success! 2015-11-22 00:00:00Z 0

Service Project Thursday, Nov. 19 - Sign Up Now!

Posted by Marie Presti

Our First Newton Rotary Service Project of 2015 was rain delayed to this Thursday (tomorrow!).

Please sign up and also feel free to ask your friends, family, and work colleagues too! This project is to help the Second Step organization do a property yard cleanup at one of their homes.  Even if you are unable to help with the physical labor, we need folks to provide support for the effort.

When: November 19th from 9:30am-12:30
Location: Newton MA (we will email those who sign up with the actual property address next week).
Time slots: 30 minutes each (you can also stay longer!)

Questions: Email!

About: The Second Step fosters the safety, stability, and well-being of survivors of domestic violence. Our residential and community-based programs build on the strengths, needs, and values of the individuals and families we serve. In partnership with survivors and in collaboration with the community, we lay a foundation for a future free from abuse and full of possibility. Yearly, we provide life-changing, comprehensive services to more than 300 adults and 500 children, and provide transitional housing in our two homes for up to 30 families.

The Second Step         

Service Project Thursday, Nov. 19 - Sign Up Now! Marie Presti 2015-11-07 00:00:00Z 0

Newton Firefighters Association Holding a Very Special Fundraiser

Our partner organization The Newton Firefighter's Association is making a special appeal to our community.  Please support their good work by attending and/or donating:

On behalf of the Newton Firefighters Children’s Fund, all the members of the Newton Fire Department, and all the members of the Newton Firefighters Association, we kindly request your assistance as one of our brothers and his family are in need.

Campaign ImageBaby John John Morris, infant son (six months) to John and Colleen Morris, and brother to Madison, has just been recently diagnosed with Neuroblastoma, a form of childhood cancer.  This news has taken quite a toll on FF Morris’s family and our department as a whole.  As we have done in the past, we are doing anything and everything to help one of our own, and we humbly ask for your assistance.

We will be organizing a fundraiser for the Morris family on Friday November 27, 2015 at the American Legion Post 440, here in Newton on California Street.  We are asking for a variety of assistance to include (but not limited to) financial donations, silent auction items, raffle items, and ticket sales for the fundraiser.  100% of proceeds from this event will go directly to the Morris family to help aid them during this fight.  Checks can be made out to Newton Firefighters Children’s Fund (write ‘Mo strong’ in the memo) or you can donate online by connecting to  We also ask that you kindly spread the word about the fundraiser through any and all social media networks, email, telephone, telegraph, or any other method of communication. 

John has always been the first to help others, with a giant heart and a determination to deliver.  On countless occasions, he has stepped up to assist anyone in need, often by organizing events and contacting anyone he can to secure help and assistance.  His steadfast initiative has directly impacted many within our extended family of Firefighters, and we aim to pay it forward to ensure that John and his family receive the same help that he has provided to so many others. 

If you are able to lend any assistance to this cause or would like to buy a ticket to the event, please contact Brian Merrill at or Gus Svartstrom at  We kindly ask that you keep John, Colleen, Madison, and little John. in your prayers during this difficult time.


Newton Firefighter Children’s Fund Committee


Newton Firefighters Association Holding a Very Special Fundraiser 2015-11-03 00:00:00Z 0

Student of the Month Kick Off!

Lily Durban, a junior at Newton Country Day School, was the recipient of the October 2015 "Student of the Month" award. 
She is being presented with the certificate by club president Indira Desai.  In addition to the certificate, Jeff Tucker presented Lily with a savings account, courtesy of The Village Bank.
Student of the Month Kick Off! 2015-10-27 00:00:00Z 0
A GREAT Day at Harvest Fair for Rotary Newton! 2015-10-18 00:00:00Z 0

Rotary Newton at Harvest Fair THIS Sunday, October 18th!

Be sure to join Rotary Newton and the Presti Realty Group at the Newton Harvest Fair THIS Sunday, October 18th from 10am - 4pm in Newton Center. We'll be offering cider and donuts, plus the chance to win prizes at our race car game!

Thanks to the Marie Presti Realty Group, ALL proceeds will be donated to support the community service work of The Rotary Club of Newton.

Meet Leaders - Exchange Ideas - Take Action at the Rotary Club of Newton!

Rotary Newton at Harvest Fair THIS Sunday, October 18th! 2015-10-14 00:00:00Z 0

Italian Night at Rotary Newton!

Great food, fun and fellowship was had at Rotary Newton's "Italian Night"!  Thanks to Chris Chu for hosting and to everyone for contributing to the delicious meal and good time. 
Italian Night at Rotary Newton! 2015-09-24 00:00:00Z 0

Rachel Stettler of The Winsor School is Our Speaker This Week

Posted on Sep 19, 2015

Rachel Friis Stettler is the seventh head of the Winsor School, continuing a strong tradition of visionary women as school leaders. She continues to forge and share a compelling vision for Winsor’s future; “what matters is the kind of women our students will become,” she writes, “and that their futures are open to boundless possibility.”

Her Winsor Leadership

The school’s progress during her tenure reflects her understanding that even the best of schools cannot stand still. She has led Winsor through a comprehensive campus planning process and spurred significant investment in core areas from academic technology to student support to faculty development. Under her leadership, Winsor has also expanded its sights far beyond its campus, creating new exchanges and establishing clear “Principles of Global Responsibility.”

Giving Voice to Community Values

In public addresses and Assembly talks, she articulates her sense that Winsor’s bright, motivated students bring their whole selves to school. Believing firmly in girls’ potential as leaders, she invites students to take active and visible roles in the school community. Her intellectual curiosity, personal warmth and community engagement mirror Winsor’s spirit.

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Service Opportunity on Sunday, Sept. 20th

Posted on Sep 16, 2015
 On Sunday, September 20th at 10:00am the Rotary Clubs of Newton and Stow will be helping to recognize the service and sacrifice of Auburndale native Corporal. Richard Likely.
Cpl. Likely was killed in Vietnam in April 1971 before he had the chance to meet his unborn daughter Val. On Sunday Val Likely will be presented with her father's military medals, a US flag that flew over the Capitol Building in his honor, and a proclamation from the Mayor's office.
The short ceremony will be held on the Richard A. Likely Memorial Bridge, which spans the Mass Pike on Auburn Street in Auburndale (just up the hill from Tom's Pizza, Boca Bella Restaurant and the Knotty Pine). 
Although it is short notice, please try to attend this important event.  Please wear Rotary clothing or and/or pins you have them.
More information about Cpl. Likely is available at The Virtual Wall:
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Be A Gift To The World

RI President K.R. Ravindran chose Be a Gift to the World as his theme for 2015-16. Ravindran urges Rotary members to give the gifts of time, talent, and knowledge to improve lives in communities across the globe. "Through Rotary, we can take these gifts and make a genuine difference in the lives of others and in our world."
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Rotary Newton in the Community - Mayor's Prayer Breakfast

A wonderful article from the Newton Tab about the Mayor's Prayer Breakfast and the awarding of the Rotary Club of Newton scholarships:
A celebration of Newton’s legacy of education, tolerance and eliminating barriers to opportunity took center stage in Chestnut Hill last May.
Well over 500 people gathered May 20 inside the McElroy Commons at Boston College for the annual Mayor’s Community Prayer Breakfast, a tradition started 41 years ago by Ted Mann. From 1972 until he died in office in 1994, Mann was the city’s longest-serving mayor. Known for his candor and hands-on approach to leadership, the event has since been named in his honor.
Mayor Setti Warren presented Mayor Mann Community Service Awards to education and civil rights activists Hubie and Katherine Jones, longtime Newton residents.
“This is one of the rare days in Newton when we come together not around politics or policy, but to recommit to the values of our community… to break down barriers and provide opportunity for all,” Warren said.
The mayor recounted how Mann sought his assistance during a time of racial discord at Newton North when he was a junior in high school.
“I was scared to be sitting in the man’s office,” he said.
Mann asked the teenager who would two decades later succeed him at City Hall to do his best to ease the friction between black and white students.
“We live in a complex world…there is ugliness,” he said. “But there is a playbook in this room, written by people, some who have passed away like Ted Mann. We can espouse these values and do the really hard work to bring people together.”
Award Recipients: Mathena Abramson - METCO - Attending Smith College, Andrew DeNucci - NNHS - Attending MIT and Hyunnew Choi - NSHS - Attending Princeto.  Shown with Rotary Club of Newton member Tony Bibbo.Wicked Local Photo/Ayrika Whitney
School Superintendent David Fleishman presented Newton Rotary Anthony J. Bibbo Scholarships to Mathena Abramson, Hyunnew Choi and Andrew DeNucci. Abramson, a METCO student at Newton North and representative to the School Committee, will attend Smith College in the fall. Choi will attend Princeton University after graduating from Newton South. DeNucci, a captain of the Newton North football and lacrosse teams, will attend MIT.
Attorney General Maura Healey, the morning’s featured speaker, spoke about her priorities since taking office five months ago.
“When I ran to be the people’s lawyer and to run the people’s law firm, it was to fight for everyone in the state,” she said.
Pledging to fight for equal access to education, employment and health care and to pursue criminal justice reform, Healey touted her office’s recently announced Division of Community Engagement, which seeks to “see life through the eyes of others and to meet people where they live.” The new division responded earlier this month to reports of racial tension in Worcester, she said.
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Dictionaries Coming to the 3rd Grade!

During the month of May, members of Rotary Newton will be visiting all the public elementary schools in the city and giving each and every third grader their own dictionary.  
We'll talk with the kids about volunteering locally, regionally and internationally (because that's what Rotarians do) and help students access and love the written word.
Want to learn more about Rotary Newton?  Come to a meeting as our guest (no obligation!) and see how much fun we have helping others, supporting our communities and supporting each other.  All are welcome!  Not a business person?  That's okay - all kinds of folks are Rotarians!
We meet Tuesdays at noon at the Braeburn Country Club.  If you'd like more information, please email Susan at  
Do Good ~ Feel Great ~ Join Rotary!
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Buy Newton Has Talent Tickets Here!

Click here to Eventbrite - Newton Has Talent 2015 
or visit
Sunday, March 29, 2015 at 1:30pm
Newton North High School
427 Walnut Street, Newtonville, MA
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Craft Beer Festival a BIG Success!

Thank to everyone who made the first annual Rotary Newton Craft Beer Festival a big success!  A good time was definitely had by all!
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Beer Festival THIS Sunday, March 1st. Order Tickets Now! Susan Peghiny 2015-02-24 00:00:00Z 0
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Meeting on Wednesday, January 28 is Cancelled! 2015-01-26 00:00:00Z 0

Newton Has Talent is back!

Auditions Accepted Starting February 1st
Public Voting Starts March 1st
See The Show on Sunday, March 29th at 1:30pm at Newton North High School
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Community Rowing Executive Director Bruce Smith is this week's speaker at Rotary Newton!

Bruce Smith
Rowing changes lives. At Community Rowing Inc. (CRI) we are dedicated to fostering a community that is both welcoming and supportive. Under the banner of Rowing for All we make rowing accessible without regard to individual ability, background or experience. We seek to raise the standard of rowing programs through internal excellence and to share our knowledge and expertise with others for the advancement of the sport at all levels. 
Bruce works on daily management and long-term growth opportunities for CRI. As the link between the CRI Board of Directors, the membership and the staff, Bruce manages CRI personnel on the daily basis to implement CRI’s positive vision. Bruce is also highly committed to developing long-term resources and growth opportunities for rowing in Boston.
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47th Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration to be held January 19, 2015

Join Mayor Setti Warren, other honored guests and members of the Newton community for the 47th Annual Rev. Martin Luther King. Jr. Newton Community Celebration. The event provides an opportunity to join together as a caring community in celebration of the richness of our diversity, and the values that we espouse as a partnership in the promotion of understanding, acceptance, and respect among people. 

The event was founded in 1968 by members of the Myrtle Baptist Church as a means of remembering the civil rights leader in the context of a community celebration of his life, and the ideals he strove to achieve. It expanded and moved into larger spaces throughout the city, hosted by different houses of worship each year. 

We hope to see you there!
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Liz Powers from ArtLifting is our Speaker This Week!

Posted by Susan Peghiny on Jan 03, 2015
ArtLifting's mission is to empower homeless, disabled, and other disadvantaged individuals through the celebration and sale of their artwork.  Liz Powers was the first Global Grant Scholar in Rotary District 7930. She has worked with homeless individuals for 8 years and is the co-founder of ArtLifting, an art gallery that features the work of homeless and disabled artists. Her impact has been featured in the Boston Globe, Bloomberg Businessweek (online), ABC local news, and the Huffington Post. To date, I have given 25 speeches at Rotary Clubs in the UK and US.  Visit for more information!
Join us on Wednesday, January 7th at noon to hear Liz and enjoy lunch.  Visitors are always welcome!  Let me know if you'd like more information!
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Liz Powers from ArtLifting is our Speaker This Week!

Posted by Susan Peghiny on Jan 01, 2015

ArtLifting's mission is to empower homeless, disabled, and other disadvantaged individuals through the celebration and sale of their artwork.  Liz Powers was the first Global Grant Scholar in Rotary District 7930. She has worked with homeless individuals for 8 years and is the co-founder of ArtLifting, an art gallery that features the work of homeless and disabled artists. Her impact has been featured in the Boston Globe, Bloomberg Businessweek (online), ABC local news, and the Huffington Post. To date, I have given 25 speeches at Rotary Clubs in the UK and US.  Visit for more information!
Join us on Wednesday, January 7th at noon to hear Liz and enjoy lunch.  Visitors are always welcome!  Let me know if you'd like more information!
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Newton Rotary Club has Canned Food drive for Newton Food Pantry Marie Presti 2014-12-03 00:00:00Z 0

Rotary Newton Moves to Wednesdays Starting December 3rd

Starting this week, the Rotary Club of Newton will begin meeting on Wednesdays, through March. There are several exceptions which are noted in the calendar on the right side of the Home Page.  We'll also announce them here at week or so beforehand.  Please feel free to email if you have questions!
This week's speaker in Marianne Rocco from VideoLinkTV:
Since 1992, VideoLink has provided clients a full suite of video production services. From video strategyconsulting to cost-effective video distribution, we help our clients use video wisely. As your video marketing partner, we uncover new ways to use video communication and help you produce flawless video projects – from live TV and live video webcasts to web video and satellite media tours. Our clients rely on us for seamless execution of their video projects.
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Student of the Month Ansleigh Callan

Posted on Nov 17, 2014
The Rotary Club of Newton was delighted to recognize NNHS student Ainsleigh Callan as the Student of the Month for November!  We also welcomed her mother Rosanne and NNHS repesentatives Michelle Stauss and Amy Harris.
Thank you to the Village Bank for giving Ainsleigh a $50 savings account in honor of her achievement.  
Contratulations Ainsleigh!

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This Week's Speakers: Christine Tibor from the Framingham Adult ESL Program

Posted by Susan Peghiny on Nov 17, 2014

Christine Tibor attended Framingham South High and went to Bridgewater State to become a teacher.  She lived and worked in Venezuela and Germany for several years before returning to Framingham and getting a job as an English as a Second Language teacher for the Framingham Public Schools.

In 1984, while looking for additional part-time employment, Christine became the first teacher at the newly formed Framingham Adult ESL Program. Under her leadership, that single class has grown to 35 classes serving over 700 students in ESL classes, High School Equivalency classes and Citizenship preparation classes.  The waiting list for this popular program is just over 400 students.

The MetroWest ESL Fund was established in 1999 and has been successful in raising over $750,000 to fund six classes at Framingham Adult ESL Plus.  By giving students the opportunity to learn the English language, the local community reaps numerous benefits.  Students become more productive employees and demonstrate increased community involvement. Still, hundreds of students stand in registration lines, only to be turned away.  

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Posted on Nov 05, 2014

Newton North’s “Coach Cap” Peter Capodiluo, who is retiring at the end of this season, will be honored at the Rotary Clubs of Newton & Brookline 30th Annual Football Luncheon on Tuesday, November 25, 2014 at noon at the Braeburn Country Club. Boston Globe sportwriter Dan Shaughnessy will give the keynote address.

The luncheon, which began in 1984 and brings together Thanksgiving football “rivals”, is a time honored tradition attended by coaches, players and educators from both the Newton and Brookline school systems, along with many elected officials and other dignitaries and community leaders. All are welcome to attend!

To help honor Coach Cap, community members are invited attend the luncheon and also to write personal tribute messages which will appear in the luncheon program book. By purchasing a “tribute”, we will include your message in the program book and make a donation to the charity of Coach Cap’s choice.

To purchase luncheon tickets and/or to include your special message to Coach Cap, please visit our Eventbrite page at

Dictionary Thank You Notes!

Posted by Susan Peghiny on Nov 04, 2014
At today's meeting Marie Presti shared some thank you notes we received from some of the 3rd graders who received dictionaries from the club.  Here are few from that wonderful collection!
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Mt. Ida President Barry Brown Was Rotary Newton's Speaker on November 4

Posted by Sue Peghiny on Nov 03, 2014
Barry Brown, President of Mt. Ida College, will speak at The Rotary Club of Newton on Tuesday, November 4, 2014 at the Braeburn Country Club.  Join us for lunch at noon followed by Mr. Brown’s presentation.  All are welcome to attend Rotary, however if you are not a member we ask that you let us know you’re coming by emailing Susan at
Mr. Brown was unanimously chosen to serve as President February 2012. A highly distinguished professor, higher educational administrator, and lawyer. He brings a deep-rooted commitment to excellence in higher education.  Previously, Mr. Brown was Provost and Acting President of Suffolk University. These appointments followed a university teaching career of over 35 years in which he has taught courses in Property Law, Biomedical Law and Public Policy and Professional Responsibility.
A life-long resident of Newton, Massachusetts, Mr. Brown received an A.B. from Harvard College and Ed.M. from Harvard Graduate School of Education and a J.D. from Harvard Law School. He is involved with a variety of professional organizations, including the Massachusetts Pre-paid Legal Services Board, the Board of Directors of the Samaritans, and the Board of Directors of the Newton-Needham Chamber of Commerce.
About Rotary
Rotary brings together a global network of volunteer leaders dedicated to tackling the world’s most pressing humanitarian challenges. Rotary connects 1.2 million members of more than 34,000 Rotary clubs in over 200 countries and geographical areas. Their work impacts lives at both the local and international levels, from helping families in need in their own communities to working toward a polio-free world. For more information, visit
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Dr. Satya Mitra, District Membership Chair, was our Speaker on October 28th!

Posted by Susan Peghiny on Oct 27, 2014

Dr. Satya Mitra will speak at The Rotary Club of Newton Speaker Series on Tuesday, October 28, 2014 at the Braeburn Country Club.  Join us for lunch at noon followed by Dr. Mitra’s presentation.  All are welcome to attend Rotary, however if you are not a member we do ask that you let us know you’re coming by emailing Susan at

Dr. Mitra is the Membership Chair for Rotary Chapter 7910 and former President of the Rotary Club of Worcester.  During his tenure as president, an astounding 80 new members were recruited to the club.  He trains and motivates various professionals to achieve success in their individual practices and will discuss methods of engaging existing members and colleagues and recruiting new ones to Rotary, the workplace and other organizations.

About Rotary

Rotary brings together a global network of volunteer leaders dedicated to tackling the world’s most pressing humanitarian challenges. Rotary connects 1.2 million members of more than 34,000 Rotary clubs in over 200 countries and geographical areas. Their work impacts lives at both the local and international levels, from helping families in need in their own communities to working toward a polio-free world. For more information, visit

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Beth Caruso from the Perkin's School for the Blind Spoke October 21st.

Posted by Susan Peghiny on Oct 20, 2014

Beth Caruso, Director of Outreach Services at Perkin’s School for the Blind, will speak at The Rotary Club of Newton on Tuesday, October 21, 2014 at the Braeburn Country Club.  Join us for lunch at noon followed by Ms. Caruso’s presentation.  All are welcome to attend Rotary, however if you are not a member we do ask that you pre-register.  Please email Susan at

Beth Caruso is the Assistant Director of Community Programs at Perkins School for the Blind.  Community Programs connects the Perkins campus with the community through creative and personalized services.  They offer individuals of all ages, families and professionals opportunities to gain skills, increase self-esteem and experience personal growth through education, assessments, training and support.

Community Programs include Outreach Short Courses for Students, The New England Eye Low Vision Clinic at Perkins, Transition Services, Community Living Services for 6 adults, Educational Partnerships- Itinerant TVI, O&M & Db services and Early Intervention Services.

About Rotary

Rotary brings together a global network of volunteer leaders dedicated to tackling the world’s most pressing humanitarian challenges. Rotary connects 1.2 million members of more than 34,000 Rotary clubs in over 200 countries and geographical areas. Their work impacts lives at both the local and international levels, from helping families in need in their own communities to working toward a polio-free world. For more information, visit

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Our Speaker on October 15th was Jamie Chaloff from Dreamfar High School Marathon

Posted by Susan Peghiny on Oct 14, 2014

ImageBecause of Columbus Day, Rotary Newton will meet on WEDNESDAY, October 15th this week!  

Our speaker is Jamie Chaloff from Dreamfar High School Marathon.

Dreamfar High School Marathon (DHSM) turns the road into the classroom. We challenge high school students to reach their full potential through hard work, perseverance and commitment. DHSM focuses on integrity, realistic goal-setting, teamwork, and the importance of a healthy mind and body. We see the marathon course as a way to strengthen our students’ physical, emotional and mental fortitude, and encourage them to see this as one of many trails they will blaze. 

All are welcome to attend Rotary!  If you're not a member, please contact Susan at to let us know you're coming.



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This Week's Speaker is Kathy Marchi from The Newton Partnership

Posted by Susan Peghiny on Oct 06, 2014

Kathy Marchi from the Newton Partnership will speak at The Rotary Club of Newton Speaker Series on Tuesday, October 7, 2014 at the Braeburn Country Club.  Join us for lunch at noon followed by Ms. Marchi’s presentation.

The Newton Partnership was formed in 2006 under a federal grant as a collaboration of Newton organizations to offer wellness programs for Newton’s youth and their families, plus staff and parent education and much more.  While still grant funded for fitness programs to youth, including a mentoring program for middle and high school students, they have since formed a non-profit organization and absorbed the Newton Child Care Scholarship Fund at the request of the City. Their largest public event is “Touch A Truck” which supports the Scholarship Fund, and was held on September 21st

All are welcome to attend Rotary!  For information and/or reservations, please contact Susan at 

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Robert Steele, author of "The Curse: Big-Time Gambling's Seduction of a Small New England Town" Spoke Sept. 30th

Posted by Susan Peghiny on Sep 29, 2014

Author and former Congressman (2nd District, CT) Robert Steele wrote "The Curse", which is a novel set against the explosion of casino gambling that hit Connecticut during the 1990's, when two Indian tribes built the world's two biggest casino's in the southeastern corner of the state.  WBZ's Dan Rea calls the novel "powerful" and Connecticut author Martin Shapiro describes it as "compelling and epic story of history, money and politics that will make you wonder where America is headed". This book comes at a time when the Northeast is becoming saturated with casinos and casino border wars are intensifying, Connecticut's casino revenue is plummeting and there is growing pressure to legalize internet gambling. 

Not a member?  You're still welcome! Contact Susan at for reservations and information!





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Anita Diamant, World Renowned Author, Spoke Sept. 23rd

Posted by Susan Peghiny on Sep 22, 2014


Anita Diamant’s writing career began in Boston in 1975. As a freelance journalist, she contributed to local magazines and newspapers, including the Boston Phoenix, the Boston Globe, and Boston Magazine, branching out into regional and national media, with articles in New England Monthly, Yankee, Self, Parenting, Parents, McCalls, and Ms.

Diamant’s first book was The New Jewish Wedding. Written in the year following her own wedding, Diamant’s handbook combined a contemporary sensibility, respect for tradition, and a welcoming prose style. She followed the wedding book with five more guidebooks to Jewish life and lifecycle events: The New Jewish Baby BookLiving a Jewish Life: Jewish Traditions, Customs and Values for Today’s FamiliesChoosing a Jewish Life: A Handbook for People Converting to Judaism and for Their Family and FriendsSaying KaddishHow To Comfort the DyingBury the Dead and Mourn as a Jew, and How to be a Jewish Parent.

In 1997, Diamant published her first work of fiction, The Red Tent, inspired by a few lines from Genesis. The book became a word-of-mouth bestseller thanks to reader recommendations, book groups, and support from independent bookstores. In 2001, the independent booksellers alliance honored The Red Tent as its “Booksense Best Fiction” selection. There are editions in more than 25 countries world-wide, including Australia, England, Finland, France, Germany, Holland, Israel, Japan, Korea, Lithuania, Portugal, Spain, and Sweden. 

Three other novels followed: Good Harbor, The Last Days of Dogtown and, Day after Night, which is set in 1945 Palestine and tells the story of four young Jewish survivors of the Holocaust who make their way to the land of Israel.  Her fifth novel, The Boston Girl, will be published in December 2014.

An award-winning journalist and resident of Newton, Diamant's articles have appeared in the Boston Globe Magazine, Real Simple, Parenting Magazine, Hadassah, Reform Judaism, Boston Magazine and Yankee Magazine.

Don't miss the opportunity to hear and meet Ms. Diamant!

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Michael Nix spoke and performed Sept. 16th

Posted by Susan Peghiny on Sep 15, 2014


Michael Nix is a contemporary classical composer, guitarist and performer.  He is also the designer of the seven string Banjar, 

The Banjar combines elements of the classic five string banjo and the classical guitar. The seven high tension nylon strings sound somewhat like a cross between the banjo and a lute or harpsichord. He explains that "I took the name Banjar from the early usage (according to Dena Epstein and Robert Webb) in both Barbados and and Virginia at the time of Thomas Jefferson in the late 1700's. "

Nix has received numerous awards and commissions for his compositions, and has performed throughout the United States and Asia as a soloist.   He lives and teaches in the tranquil Pioneer Valley of Franklin County in Greenfield, Massachusetts. Nix and NixWorks has performed in venues around the world and is highly renowned. He teaches guitar, tenor banjo, 5 string banjo, mandolin for all levels, as well as music theory and composition in both college classes and private lessons.

Don't miss this the opportunity to hear Michael play and learn about the Banjar!


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Paul Derrickson from The PostureWorks was our speaker Sept. 3rd!

Posted by Susan Peghiny on Sep 01, 2014


The PostureWorks improves safety, comfort and dignity for people in wheelchairs.

The PostureWorks develops and delivers highly efficient seating solutions to address the significant physical challenges of stroke, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Huntington’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, spinal cord injury, and ageing.

Our revolutionary product line includes APODs, a new class of orthotic wheelchair cushions, and GEMs, a new class of gel cushions.  All of our products are specifically designed for long term care, hospital, assisted living, and home use; they are simple to use, easy to maintain, and affordable.

The PostureWorks was founded in 2003 by a social entrepreneur and a rehabilitation therapist to address quality of life issues for wheelchair users. It is a rapidly growing national company with corporate offices based in Wellesley, Massachusetts.

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Newton Rotary 4.2.14

Posted by Marie Presti on Apr 01, 2014

Pledge - was led by Bert martinson

Song  was led by Susanne McInerney
Z was inducted as a new member
Many happy dollars for the Newton Has Talent

Nancy Schon created the famous "Make Way for Ducklings" sculpture in the Boston Public Garden (and another one in Moscow) as well as the "Winnie the Pooh" pieces at the Newton Public Library.  She has created over a dozen prominent public sculptures, and is currently writing a book about her experiences with public sculpture.  In addition to her work with public sculpture, Nancy has created a diverse body of smaller sculpture too. 

Nancy prides herself in having work that is totally interactive. Her sculptures are available for people to touch, sit on, hug and interact with every day of the year, day or night. Nancy Schön’s major works include Make Way for Ducklings  which is located in the Boston Public Garden in Boston, Massachusetts and the Tortoise and Hare which is a metaphor for the Boston Marathon and is at the finish line in Copley Square . Nancy married Donald Schön in 1952 and feels their work was very similar. Donald’s writing about “reflection in action” parallels the process of creating a sculpture as the professional reflects on their practice in the midst of practice in order to problem solve. As Nancy creates a work of art, her research is a quest for knowledge and of understanding issues and of learning. “We learn so much from our inquiry but as my husband said, ‘we know more than we can say’ and I would always say back to him that I think our unconscious is brilliant!” Nancy was recently awarded an honorary doctor of law degree from Mount Ida College in honor of her work in public sculpture.

8 foot dragon in Dorchester
Public Arts Sculptor
Sculptor Artist who brings joy to public spaces
We saw a video of the 24 fables
Newton Rotary 4.2.14 Marie Presti 2014-04-02 00:00:00Z 0

Newton Rotary 3.25.14

Posted by Marie Presti on Mar 24, 2014

Bert Martinson led us in the Pledge of allegiance
We had a moment of Silence for the victims of the Malaysian flight
Susanne McInerney led us in God Bless America

Sergeant of Arms was Stella Pang and she introduced our guests:
Speaker was Harold Burnham.
Bill's wife is Helen Lowry
Sue's husband, Ron Peghiny
She gave a joke about a "hooker"... :)
Tom Keery - said another joke (a little risque)
Marc Epstein - car donation program.  nothing in inventory.  take any car working or not working.  boat, train, car of value
Tom Keery - NHT doors at 1:30 this Sunday.  Show starts at 2:00.  Sue talked about a sign up sheet.  Jeff and Mary will bring charge adapters.
Sue Peghiny - donating a book on behalf of speaker.  
RLI last one is happening Sat Apr 26.  Let mary know if you're interested.
Recycling program the Marlborough club is organizing.  TV's will be charged by the pound $.75/lb.  monitors $15/piece. 
Paul Sullivan, grant requests received.  Any more, please send to Paul Sullivan.  Next Student of the month on April 8th from Sacred Heart. 
Indira Desai- 3 weeks in South America, Peru, Chili, 
Jim Means - Boston Bruins clinched playoff spot, last snowfall tomorrow
Dick Bowen - great turnout today
Paul Kerosi - speaker and many things you do
Paul Sullivan - Newton Has Talent
Tom Keery - NHT committee thank you
John Hurney - speaker
Susanne McInerney - NHT
Marie Presti- Watertown Savings Bank
Chris Chu- NHT
Mark Nichols - Tom didn't pay the Ace of Spades
David Sellers - Paul Sullivan and Sue Peghiny for new members working hard
Sue Peghiny - speaker, NHT, 25th year wedding anniversary 
Marc Epstein - Big Apple Circus doing Circus of the Senses, 153 kids bringing to the show (disability children)
Bill Lowry - Will be in Newtown CT watching grandkids in plays and won't be at NHT this Sunday
Scott - speaker and snow gods
Stella Pang - NHT
Peter Mahler NHT committee, 2 weeks in Florida
Alex Taggard - speaker
Dick Hardaway - opposition of snow grinches.  was in VT last weekend with great snow
RAFFLE:  only 6 tickets left!!  083 which was Marc Epstein's ticket.  WRONG CARD!  We live to play another day!
Next week we are back at Braeburn!  
Harold Burnham bears a family name that is virtually synonymous with Essex, the birthplace of approximately 4,000 schooners. He is the 28th Burnham to operate a shipyard in Essex since 1819.

Growing up in a family of shipbuilders and a town where shipbuilding is a tradition handed down over the generations, Harold has learned the standards of the past and traditional techniques. Harold Burnham has carved out a place in history as a master boat designer, shipwright and sailmaker. Like his ancestors before him, Harold has a holistic approach to vessel design, construction and operation which makes him uniquely efficient. In addition to holding a bachelor’s degree in maritime transportation and fisheries from the Massachusetts Maritime Academy, he draws upon extensive experience at sea, and of course, techniques learned in the famous shipyards of Essex.

In 2012 Harold was awarded a National Endowment for the Arts "National Heritage Fellowship", which he sailed to Washington DC aboard his pinky schooner Ardelle to receive (see attached photo). 

- Mass Maritime in 1989, went out to sea for a few years.  Father built boats as a hobby.  Then he started to build wooden boats.  Ship building is a dying art.  Commercial Vessels.  Just about broke when he started to build a boat.  Manchester Essex Rotary sponsored a plank and helped build the boat.  White Oak, White Pine, and Locust types of wood is used.  Showed the launch of the Ardella.
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Newton Rotary 3.18.14

Posted by Marie Presti on Mar 17, 2014

Paul Kerrissey led us in the pledge

Mary Kern gave us an invocation
Chris Chu led us in the song
Sue Peghiny introduced our guests
Chris gave joke
Tom discussed NHT
Chris raffle items
Paul silent auction
Aug 2nd 
Happy bday to Marc
Inducting Oscar and Alex
Newton Rotary in 1923. Ri in 1905 by paul Harris 1.2m 160 countries.
Oscar happy to be here
Tom new inductees $11k
Z daughters 13th birthday
John 2 new members
Justin mother in upstate ny
Bill 2 bill for 2 new members 
Dick hazel
Marie for Oscar and alex and her guest Kay
Paul Tom k father, joe ODonnell 
Maureen end of winter
Tony joe ODonnell for hazel singing. 
Sue for new members Boston flower show
David sellers paul stone
Toms ticket was picked.  
Marcia director marketing Lasalle. 
Meeting adjourned 1:29 
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Newton Rotary 3.11.14

Posted by Marie Presti on Mar 10, 2014

Mary Kern, our president started the meeting at 12:32pm.

Bert Martinson led us in the pledge

Mary gave us an invocation
Susanne led us in "oh beautiful"
Stella Pang: introduced out guests
she gave a joke.
Bill Lowry - card Marc Epstein
birthdays goes to good cheer fund
NHT:  voting ends tomorrow night at midnight.  
3 judges (2 identified and 1 still looking) 
Sue:  book "the anxiety cure for kids" donated to the library.  
Next week meeting at Lasalle Village.  
Thanks to membership for bringing in new members.  
David:  echo membership
susanne:  sister home from hospital
Sue:  arrangements for son Leo's graduation and Grand Canyon 
two dogs are healthy again; two new members
stella:  two new members, basking in sun in Miami next week
Paul K:  bees going through the winter; next week his wife is in England so Rotary will be his best meal of the week.
Paul S: temp is above $50; check for NHT ad
Jim:  got Bert lunch; next week someone else will have to setp up
Peggy:  not able to be there next lunch; not a buffet so Bert is good
Bill:  happy for Paul K bees, rest of us have survived
Dick:  Paul who got dessert
Chris:  two guests soon to be members; bday in Feb but kids gave card 
Paul K:  will auction off sail ride first sat in august on allegra
Mark N:  Armstrong ambulance Bill just passed away.  
Bert:  happy to be back with the "refreshing" temperature.........
Marie pulled the number:  7 clubs.  bummer
Courtney Edge Matros:  Justice Resource Institute in Needham
RI and CT and MA
Foster Care in the Herald:  
usually because of a 51a report (abuse or neglect) domestic violence and 
ADHD, bipolar, oppositional difianct disorder
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Newton Rotary 3.4.14

Posted by Marie Presti on Mar 03, 2014

Mary started the meeting at 12:30pm

Kerry Evans:  Pledge
Mary Kern:  invocation
Marie Presti:  My Country Tis of Thee
Ron Pointe is doing well
Marie Presti:  Discussed having someone be in charge of birthdays.  She is asking on behalf of Rotary to have someone lead the charge of getting birthday cards for each member and then asking them to make a special donation on their birthday.
Paul Kerrissey:  Ed Casavant is retiring.  Paul Sullivan is the new committee chair of the grant committee.  Deadline is end of March.  Make sure you get your grant request in to Paul Sullivan.
Sue Peghiny:  Announced that the speaker was given an award indicating that a book was donated to the Newton library in their name.  The book is "Controversy and Hope".
Happy Dollars:
Scott - welcome ; daughter college application Curry College honors program.  Gets it from her mother's side.  :)
Mark - $2 for guests
Paul - $5 boat show (he owns one) and new set of icons
Paul Kerrissey - $5 boat show and escaped well.  We know Paul K. owns a large sail boat
Bill - $2 Nelson from long ago, CT weekend (oldest Emily 16 was a star in Into the Woods where she played the witch)
Maureen - $2 Kerry and Nelson 
Mary $5 Kerry, Nelson, Marie for doing bdays, Maureen, new member
Jim - not happy with weather; going to Quebec where it is minus 6 degrees!
Jeff - Nelson; BC basketball with daughter
Sue - $3 Nelson, weekend in Sugarhill NH, 3rd judge for NHT (Rebecca Rice)
Susanne - $5 sister is hopefully getting out of hospital, son has investor meeting on his website, speaker 
Chris - Happy to be here
Raffle:  Jeff Tucker wins the right ticket!    Tom almost bought the ticket from Jeff for $40 but said he's never won a bet from a banker.
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Newton Rotary Meeting Tuesday Feb 25, 2014

Posted by Marie Presti on Feb 24, 2014

Mary Kern, our President, started the official meeting at 12:25pm.

Marc Epstein led us in the pledge of allegiance
Mary Kern said a Rotary Invocation
Susanne McInerney led us in God Bless America

Stella Pang announced our guests:

Our speaker was Tim Consedine from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics
Kevin O'Connell from the West Suburban YMCA
Scott Harvey, from Boy Scouts (getting inducted today)
Megan Lydon, our student of the Month, Mount Alvernia High School
Megan Lahey, schools service coordinator
Oscar Moreno, First Commons Bank
Peter Nemos, Rockland Trust
Alex Taggard, Embroid Me
Stefan Sowa, intern of Susanne's who goes to NNHS


NHT:  Tom Keery gave us an update.  They are hard at work getting acts.  Kevin O'Connell announced over 20 acts!  Matty in the Morning is our Emcee.  Stefan Sowa got Matty to say yes!  Great job Stefan!
Paul Sullivan got Wegman's as our spotlight sponsor for $2500!! Great job Paul!

Sue Peghiny:  Weekly thank you to our speaker by having Rotary donate a book on their behalf.  "Dollarocracy"

Marc Epstein: Announced the Car donation program thats been in place for a while. If you have any cars, trucks, etc. that you want to donate, see him.  And they don't have to be running.

Mary Kern:  Board meeting this Friday at noon.  bring your own lunch.  She'll provide water and dessert.  12-1:30

Dave Sellers:  NNHS asked for clarification on how to administer our tech scholarships.  He handed out a description of what the board had agreed on and wanted input from the membership.  Let Dave know of any concerns.

Chris Chu inducted Scott Harvey to the club.  Chris gave us a history of Rotary.  Tom Keery stood up and talked about the meaning of Rotary.   Indira Desai stood up and gave us an understanding of the 4 way test. We didn't pass but got many of them right.  Its good to keep being reminded.

Mary and Tomott

Ed Casavant introduced the Student of the Month.  He is retiring in May.  He introduced Megan Lydon.  She spoke a few words.  She is from Mount Alvernia High School.  

Mary Ed and Megan

Raffle:  Sue Peghiny pulled the winning ticket.  8 cards left.  2 Spades.  

Happy Dollars:

Indira:  She is happy.
Bill:  Its his birthday.  Check for his birthday.  Not a $2 bill like usual.  We sang him happy birthday.  
Peter:  for all the birthdays in his family.
Peggy:  great group
John:  Scott to group
Marc:  Scott, Paul was in ski program for 3 days.
Scott:  for being inducted
Indira:  student of the month
Chris:  $20 for her birthday this week.  We sang her happy birthday also.
Tom:  Stefan getting Matty; Paul Sullivan; Scott new members
Matty, Megan, Scott
Susanne: Amanda for recommending Stefan
Marie:  guests, Alex coming again, Megan
Sue:  guests, new member, over 30 applicants for NHT
Amanda:  Stefan
Stella:  Scott, birthday babies
Carolina:  Stefan, Megan, first boss; sad dollar for Venezuela
Paul:  Megan, guests, note about open bar
Ed:  student of the month

Tim Consedine, US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Boston
Newton in Middlesex use a Location Quotient
last 20 years (long term) and short term (4 years)

High concentration in State:
Fishing Hunting and Trapping (gloucester)
Publishing Industries (software publishing) 
Educational Services (colleges and universities)

In Middlesex County:
computer and electronic product manufacturing
publishing industry
Information Services
Educational Services

2001 recession (8 months March - Nov)
Great Recession.  8M jobs loss in country.  we are nearly obtained peak in 2007.

Boston area has high concentration of high tech, accounting, etc.

State change since July 2009 - June 2013:  professional and business services (13%)  and educational and health services (10%)  construction showing decline. (14%) decrease in nail salon, barber, leisure and hospitality

Growth - management business, business and financial operations, production and moving transportation, professional and related

Computer and mathematical:  

employment projections for next 10 years:  2012 - 2022
top volume:
State and local government
professional and business service (next highest growth)
health care and social assistance (highest growth and highest change for wage)
retail trade
occupational employment
personal care aides
home health aides  300 occupations

Mary and Tim

Mary adjourned at 12:40pm.

Rotary Yours, Marie Presti

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"Matty In The Morning" to be Newton Has Talent's 2014 Master of Ceremonies!

Posted by Susan Peghiny on Feb 22, 2014
NHT Logo 2014

Newton Has Talent is so excited to announce this year's Master of Ceremonies at our live show will be MATT SIEGAL aka "Matty in the Morning" of Kiss108 radio!  




Our current judges are Matthew McArthur, executive director of The Record Company, and internationally renowned classical guitarist Zaira Meneses

Get tickets and more information at!

"Matty In The Morning" to be Newton Has Talent's 2014 Master of Ceremonies! Susan Peghiny 2014-02-23 00:00:00Z 0

Newton Rotary Meeting Tuesday Feb 18 2014

Posted by Marie Presti on Feb 17, 2014
Mary Kern, our President called the meeting to order at 12:29 pm.
Bert Martinson led us in the pledge of allegiance
Mary Kern gave us a rotary Invocation
Susanne McInerney led us in singing America the Beautiful

Sue Peghiny stepped in as Sergeant of Arms and introduced our guests:

Alex Taggard, potential member
Zaira Meneses, celebrity judge for Newton Has Talent and potential member (!), she is a world renowned classical guitarist and lives in Newton
Stefan Sowa, guest of Susanne McInerney and her intern
Michael Alexander, President of Laselle College and our speaker today.
Alex Taggerd, Embroid Me, prospective member

Newton Has Talent Fundraiser:  Tom Keery said Deadline for entries is Feb 20.  We will probably extend the deadline.  People will procrastinate. We have procured a Spotlight sponsor:  Honda Village due to Marie's efforts and a Marquee Sponsor:  Bernardi, due to Sue's efforts
Nixon Insurance $500 due to Tom's efforts
Village Cafe:  $500 due to Marie's efforts
$250 Ad sponsors include:  Just Next Door, Ligris & Associates, Santander
Billboards out on the street.  Thank Paul for coming with Tom and putting the billboards out there.


Sue:  Rotary donated a book to the public library on behalf of Michael Alexander, our speaker.  "I got schooled".
Mary announced we are having a Board meeting Feb 28 at noon at YMCA.
District Conference is May 16-18.  Mary was asking for a show of hands of who would consider going Friday afternoon to the conference in lieu of a meeting.  Only about 4-5 people raised their hand.

Indira:  Our club announced a Paul Harris award given to Ed Casavant.  Ed wasn't able to join us last week so we honored him today.  


We also gave Peggy Lapore her pin since she is a multiple Paul Harris Award is Peggy Lapore.  Peggy again said she hopes all of us will consider becoming Paul Harris fellows and donate our $1K to Rotary International.


There was some discussion at our meeting yesterday about the raffle and what to do if a visitor picks the winning ticket.  Michael Alexander picked it and at one point we thought we'd be having him pull from the deck of cards in order to win.  But he suggested that visitors should just win 50% of the pot without having to start again.  A group of members voted on this at the meeting and for the meeting it was decided that to be the case.  This is particularly important with a Student of the month coming up with guests.  So although it will be discussed at next week's board meeting, for the time being, here is the decision made:

                                  Rotary Club of Newton Weekly Raffle:
                                                   Tickets - 1 for $ 2
                                                                 3 for $ 5

                     1. Should a guest hold the winning ticket - They win half the proceeds collected on the day of the                              drawing. They receive this without having to pick a card from the deck.

                     2. Should a Club Member win - They must pick a card from the deck and should they draw the ACE                            of Spades, they receive 50% of the proceeds to date since the last drawing of the ACE of Spades.

Raffle:  Michael's number was picked and he won 50% of the pot which was $35 (pot was $70).


Happy Dollars:  
Susanne McInerney, son's baby.  It's a girl.
Paul Kerrissey for Z., skied in NH with family.
Tom Keery for being in Barbados was 82 degrees
Ed Casavant was happy to be back
Tony Bibbo was happy that Michael from Lasell was here.  His wife went there.
Mary Kern was happy that her Alma Mata, Syracuse Orangemen were still #1
Jim Means was happy that he is going to Puerto Rico with his family next week
Paul happy for Z is world renowned classical guitarist, Waterville Valley
Marie Presti gave her happy dollar check from her happy birthday last week and gave new dollars for the guests and for snowtubing with her family in Gunstock this past weekend.
Peggy Lapore was happy for Michael from Lasell
Dick Bowen was happy for Michael too
Sue Peghiny was happy that she saw a hawk right out her window,  for the guests, and for going to the Sheraton at Bluegrass festival

Zaira spoke for a few minutes saying how wonderful it was that we were doing this fundraiser with talent.  She is from Mexico and there wasn't a lot of encouragement early on for a women with talent to show it off in Mexico. She thinks having young students with talent is a great way to encourage someone who has something to show it off and try it out.  She will help us to recruit more entries as well as sponsorships.


Michael Alexander, President of Lasell College, gave happy dollars (his wife flying out before snow, book donated for him, hawk, etc.).  He donated his entire winnings back to Rotary.  Thank you Michael!

About Lasell College:  An innovator in education for over 150 years, Lasell College today is a comprehensive coeducational college offering professionally oriented bachelor's and master's degree programs.  Our 50-acre campus is located in suburban Newton, Massachusetts - within eight miles of downtown Boston and at the heart of the Route 128 high-tech corridor.

We are known for helping students make the connection between classroom lessons and the real life through hands-on activities such as internships, practicum, service learning, and meaningful projects.

 Michael Alexander is the ninth presiden tof Lasell, and has had successful corporate careers, first in media and entertainment adn then in technology, deferring an early desire to enter higher education leadership.  His full biography can be seen at



Michael Alexander's talk:  Update on Lasell
Talk about issue in the news.  Obama talks about young people needing a college education.  Cost of attending college is a barrier.

1) Family Income has been falling for last 17 years.  Shrinkage in the middle class.
2) 80% go to public institutions.  Cut college budgets more than average cut overall.  6% of budget from state of NH.  used to be a lot higher.  Recruit more foreign students and out of state students.  net cost between public and private has been shrinking.  Actual average net cost can come down for private schools.  Private has more low income students now.  More students going to private than public.  MA is only state doing that.

We are labor intensive industry.  60% are salaries/labor.  They go up higher than 2-3%.  What can you do?
1) collaborate with other institutions.  partnerships.  Just built a collaborative police force for Mount Ida, Lasell, and Lasell Village.  Share athletic with Brandeis.  Indoor track and boat house.
2) Figure out how to take advantage of using online media.  Mooks, change way teach in classroom.  Instead of lecturing, watch lectures at home.

Most students want the traditional teaching method. Connected learning.  Practice field of study.  such as Fashion...  If History major, interpret and present in groups more so.
undergraduate 17-23 year olds.  80% live on campus.  grown 40% since he's been there.
4 grad degree.  400 students.  1. management 2.  communication  3. sport management  4.  education

submitting paperwork to get approved for two new graduate programs:  an MBA and a criminal justice degree.
online or hybrid models being explored.
Lasell Village still an integral part of the college.

Loans:  default rates are low.  $180M profit.  Elizabeth Warren is asking questions.  Lower rate to fed fund rates? why should government be making money from student loans?

debt?  too much?  economic value is huge.  bachelors degree is worth over $1M per person.  student should pay some portion.  problem is if you borrow more than that.  $40K for engineer is ok.  $40K for a teacher is not great.  Stafford are approved and controlled by college.

scholarships?  $123M of aid (grants) from Lasell.  Avg grant was $15-$16K.  97% get some kind of financial aid.

meeting adjourned at 1:40 pm.

Rotary Yours,

Marie Presti

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Newton Rotary Meeting Tuesday Feb 11, 2014

Posted by Marie Presti on Feb 10, 2014

Paul Harris Night!

Thank you to Indira Desai and Paul Kerrissey who helped organize this night.  Thank you to Paul Sullivan and Peter Mahler for their help in educating us about Paul Harris and how we can contribute to Rotary International.  Thank you to Mary Kern for leading us in this fun, social, and meaningful meeting with great friends.  Congratulations to Dick Hardaway and Peggy Lapore for being recognized as Paul Harris Fellows.












A special thank you to David Sellers and Paul Sullivan for singing a duo "Happy Birthday" to Marie Presti.

Rotary Yours,

Marie Presti

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Newton Rotary Meeting Tuesday Feb 4 2014

Posted by Marie Presti on Feb 03, 2014

Our President, Mary Kern, started the meeting at 12:30 pm.

Burt Martinson led us in the Pledge of Allegiance
Mary Kern gave us the invocation
Marie Presti led us singing My Country Tis of Thee

Sue Peghiny filled in as sergeant of arms and introduced our guests:
Today's visitors were Glenn Rosengard from the Boston Club and Scott Harvey from the Boy Scouts of America, who submitted his application to join today!  Also, our speaker, Dr. Zaleznik is the Commissioner of Health and Human Services for the City of Newton.  She is also an Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and a Senior Physician at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center where she performs consultations and teaches part-time in the Division of Infectious Diseases. Dr. Zaleznik received her BA magna cum laude from Yale University in 1971, was a special student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology from 1972-1973, and graduated from Harvard Medical School in 1977. She completed training in internal medicine at Beth Israel Hospital in Boston and fellowship training in Infectious Diseases at Brigham and Women's Hospital. She joined the Harvard faculty in 1983.   She has published 37 articles and textbook chapters as well as 25 topic reviews for UpToDate. She is a member of the Infectious Diseases Society of America, the Massachusetts Infectious Diseases Society, and the American Society for Microbiology and holds one patent.

Paul Kerrissey:  NO MEETING on Tuesday 12-1:30 in lieu of this Paul Harris celebration.  Instead, we're celebrating our Paul Harris members at Vecchia Roma with 6PM cocktails and 6:30 for meals.  Anyone needs a ride, let Paul know.  And he is getting a ride from Sue so maybe Sue can pick up others too.

Tom Keery:  Newton Has Talent update:  4 acts already on board.  Questions are coming in about the submission process.  
Sponsorships:  looking for ads for ad book.  We have Village bank and Susanne McInerney but need more ad book submissions!
Jim Means is going to ask Nixon Insurance.
Sue has done a bunch of social media.  Share her posts on your own facebook page.

Sue:  As a thank you to Dori for speaking, Rotary has donated a book to library called "Surviving Girlhood".

Raffle:  Dick Hardaway. Didn't pull right card!  Sorry Dick!

Indira:  happy
Tony:  4 grants this morning
Paul: Glen, 2 days temp came up bees came out.
Sue:  Dori, Seattle Seahawks
Scott: Boy Scout, happy
Mary:  scott, lost first chicken last week but another one who was hanging is going to make it,Syracuse
Mark:  prepets
John:  northeastern beat harvard
Peggy:  visiting rotarians and for speaker
Chris:  just because,
Bill:  $2 (haven't run out yet), Glen, northeastern alumnus but if bc wins its good too
Glen:  great to be back to oriignal club.  at least 9 members from back then.oldest daughters bday
Bert:  Bu and u North Carolina
Tom:  daughter back from South Africa, 85th bday with mother, sad to be missing meeting
Marie:  Glen, Scott, Dori, and Mary because of the Y's support of the WIN chamber health fair last week
Jim:  Sorry to miss meeting since he'll be in Italy.  (can we come with you in your luggage?)

Dori's talk:  she has lived in Newton since 1985.  3 yrs as chair of Newton school committee, 2 yrs as vice chair, one employee who has folks working for school and city together (all nurses work for her). 
Health and Human Services Department:  what does it do?
moved to veterans wing of city hall.
7 divisions:
1) environmental health, inspects restaurants 400, swimming pools, licenses for septic systems, demolition permits, answers housing complaints (tenants/landlords).  4 inspectors
2) school health division:  school nurses
3) public health and education:  blood pressure clinics, flu immunizations,employees and residents education, prevention and wellness
4) emergency preparedness - planning drills
5) adult medical result core - volunteer in an emergency
 jr. medical result core - Mary's daughter interned last year helped set up the jr core.  works on grants
6) human services - one community social worker, 2 more at senior center, outsource other clinical work
10% of students receive free/reduced lunch.  3 food banks.
alcohol licensing, board (1 dem, 1 rep, 1 ind)  20 licenses available for restaurants.  fewer for retail (wegmans).  
7) weights and measures; price scanning

3 initiatives:
1) 5 year grant from FDA, voluntarily comply to standards to improve food safety.  launching a grading system for restaurants.  Agreed to have grade not posted initially so business has ability to get a higher grade before making it public.  hoping rate of food born illnesses goes down.

2) Wellness.  1- first model city for Wellcoin. 2-pneumonia vaccine, shingles vaccine in march (60+) have immunized over 100 people

3) Youth Services - began 1.5 years ago.  Promote programs, summer internship for high school, youth summit (next one is 3/26).  

The mission of the Department of Health and Human Services is to protect, promote and sustain the health, harmony, and well-being of all Newton residents, in a culturally-sensitive, customer-friendly manner. 

Mary adjourned at 1:30 pm.

Submitted by Marie Presti.

Mary and Dori

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Newton Rotary Meeting Tuesday Jan 28 2014

Posted by Marie Presti on Jan 27, 2014
Mary Kern, our president started the meeting at 12:30 pm.
Marc Epstein led us in the Pledge of allegiance
Paul Kerrissey gave us a nice invocation (to help Mary out)
Marie Presti led the singing of My Country Tis of Thee


Rebecca Lubens is the Executive Director of Understanding Our Differences. She provides overall leadership and management of the organization, directing the organization’s staff, fundraising, communications, and execution of its mission, working closely with the Board of Directors.

Jenni Acosta is the Program Director of Understanding Our Differences.  She recruits, coordinates and trains parent and community volunteers and ensures the successful implementation of the 7 program units of Understanding Our Differences program in the 15 Newton Public elementary schools.

Understanding Our Differences is an organization working in partnership with the Newton Public Schools to provide a unique, creative disability awareness program for elementary school children in grades 3-5.  The program promotes inclusion, understanding and acceptance of people with disabilities and chronic medical conditions at our schools and in our community. The program is implemented by parent and community volunteers and covers 7 units: Blindness/Low Vision, Deafness/Hard of Hearing, Learning Disabilities, Chronic Medical Conditions, Physical Disabilities, Intellectual Disabilities, and Autism Spectrum Disorder. Understanding Our Differences was founded in Newton in 1978 by parents of children with disabilities. They were dedicated to increasing information and understanding about disabilities, and reducing bullying and name-calling.

Jeff Tucker:  Death By Chocolate update:  We had the event on Sunday.  It was a fun day.  Numbers are down from last year unfortunately.  Door brought in more $ this year due to the increase in ticket price of $25.  $17K will be split between the two clubs (Waltham and Newton Rotary).

Sue Peghiny:  Newton Has Talent update:  We have posters.  Put them up.

Rotary donated a book to the Newton Library on behalf of the speakers.  The book is The Fog of Paranoia.

Martin Luther King Jr. video.  Speak to Tony bibbo if you want a link.

Mary received thank you notes:
1) Maria Parioa - $300 to go to Italy with her class (through the Boys and Girls club grants)
2) Village Bank - VB city of Newton holiday gift drive.
3) John M. Barry Boys and Girls club - $300 for Maria.

On Feb 11th we will not have a normal day meeting but will be meeting at Vecchia Roma at 6 pm instead of day meeting.  It is a Paul Harris celebration.

Rebecca pulled ticket 768 and it is Jim Means' ticket!  10 spades.  Too bad.  Jim has been in Rotary for 30 years and has never won.  A few of us truly were hoping that he would win.

Paul is looking for a motion for a slate for next year:  President:  Mark Nicolas, Elect - Indira Srg Sue, Treasuer-Jeff, Sec-Chris, Ex Mary Kern.
Board of Directors:  David Sellers, 2, Paul Sullivan, Marie Presti, Jim Means - 2 yr, Tony Bibbo, Mary Kern.  It was motioned and seconded.

Sue - DBC
Marie - DBC, the committee, my son, my parents
David - DBC
Tony - DBC, Boston most expensive city to run anything.
Paul K - sunlight without cold, friendship with Peggy.
Peggy - for taking her places, DBC
Dick - DBC, thanks for Martin Luther King event and those who helped
Bill Lowrey - DBC, son's triplets loved it.  2 out of 3 won prizes,
Paul S. - DBC, daughter Shannon elected to NH 40 under 40 business leaders.  She is exec director of community relations.
Carolina - sad for missing so many weeks.  Happy to be back.

Marc Epstein bought the Death by Chocolate Cake that Icing on the cake always raffles off.  Its in the freezer waiting for a party.

Speakers:  Rebecca and Jenni from Understanding our Differences started their talk.

Disability awareness educational program.  grades 3-5.  updated by teams of educators, medical professionals, and people with disabilities
all 15 elementary schools and area schools

Promote inclusive friendly schools and communities.  High proportion of kids with disabilities are bullied.  They have kids with disabilities speak sometimes from the school itself.

in 1975 children with disabilities would now be included in public school classrooms.  It became law. Understanding handicaps were the first name back in1978.  Parents were passionate about bringing this to Newton.  They believed that trained parent volunteers should present to the kids.  Parents were learning as well as the parents.    There were 5 original units (blindness, deafness, intellectual disabilities,hysical disabilities and epilepsy).  its now 10 units.

it is a 501c3 organization.  They're in the schools and have been but are granted by Newton schools for part of it.  Board of Directors, Advisory Board, Medical Advisors, Staff, Volunteers. 350 parent volunteers trained each year.  over 2900 students taught each year.  almost 30K student participants over 30+ years.

3rd grade:  blindness, deafness
4th grade:  learning disabilities, chronic medical condition
5th grade:  autism, intellectual disabilities,

starts with a slide show and/or video.  Hands on activities like learning to write their name in brail.  and then a guest speaker.

Rely on volunteers.  School Coordinator, run a grade or a school.  Unit volunteers presents hands on activities.  Citywide volunteers who are community members.  Provide curriculum, training, and support to all volunteers. Online training too.

They bring disability themed events to the community.  Author who wrote a book.  Sometimes geared at children.  "Wonder" was one book.  "out of my mind" was another.  "Far from the Tree" written by andrew solomon also had an event.   Connection with school librarians.  Gala May 4 2-4pm honoring LInda Hiller, who has MS and has done a lot of volunteering.  Dick and rick Hoyt last year of running the marathon.

How long is the program?  2 hour program per unit times 10 units.

Mary adjourned at 1:30 pm.

Submitted by Marie Presti.

Mary with Rebecca and Jenni

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Newton Rotary Meeting Tuesday Jan 21 2014

Posted by Marie Presti on Jan 20, 2014
President Mary Kern is back!  She started the formal meeting at 12:30 pm.
Peggy Lapore led us in the pledge of allegiance
Mary led us in a nice invocation
Susanne McInerney led us singing God Bless America

Stella introduced our guests:
guest speaker today is Mike Iacono, Blue Hill Observatory
Steven Sowa, friend of Susanne's
Ron Faccenda, Sue's husband
Jim Peghiny, Sue's dad

Jeff Tucker:  The Death by Chocolate fundraiser is this weekend!  This represents 60-70% of the income we need for the year.  Waltham has more committee members but Newton usually outperforms with volunteers day of, our lottery basket, and our auction items. So it is a good even mix of efforts from both clubs.  So please help out as much as you can.

Tom Keery:  Newton Has Talent:  Our group met last week.  Sue Peghiny has put together a nice sponsorship form to start sending out to prospective Newton businesses.  Working on website etc.

Chris Chu:  Some missing photos from our newer members on club runner.  Please see Chris to get updated.  Also, Mary and Tom still don't have pictures for some reason so lets work on getting clubrunner up to date.

Raffle:  pot is about $1000.  Mary got ticket pulled.  King of Hearts.  Yea! (I'm mean too bad... ) :)

Indira:  Happy for Mary to be back
Susanne:  Stephen interning from NNHS
Marc:  Daughter gave birth to a grandson named Aiden.
Chris:  MTK event was nice event. Dick and Tony.
Maureen:  Happy Mary is back.
Paul K. Daughter Jasmine is pregnant.
David:  Girls and Boys Club comedian club
Paul Sullivan:  was in American Girl with his grandkids.
Sue:  for her three guests, her last tuition payment
Tom:  anything that is broken, watch, clock, marriage.  Missing DBC this Sunday.
Marie:  Sue's guests are our guests.  Also, son has stomach virus today but its his day to be with his father tonight.  Thank God.

Speaker Mike Iacono:  He has volunteered at Blue Hills for the past 27 years part time.  He does different research for work during the week. Longest continuing record 129 years.  Blue Hill is on Canton/Milton line off route 128.  WGBH was named after Great Blue Hill.
Founded by Rotch on Feb 1, 1885
in 1989 labeled a national historic site
6K acre park.  Observatory is part of the park and was conserved.
Rotch went to MIT.  Bought the land on the hill.  Later professor of Meteorology.  Traveled abroad and brought back many tools to the observatory.
 He would hang the right flag for the weather.  Just like the John Hancock.
He had many Mercury Barometers were used back then.
Atmospheric Sounding.  Two kites fly above the hill and back down.
Up to 13,500 feet by 1904.
Rebuilt the tower in 1908.  Mixed 800 tons of concrete and cost $5K back then.
Great New England Hurricane of 1938
121 mph wind speed gusts of 186 mph
Lost one wind instrument.
Weather Radar experiments began in the 1950's.  1954 Worcester tornado, category 5.  Damage was observed in 1954.  Found damage on the hill.
He took a picture of a Sun Pillar, Feb 7, 2009

They're unique because of the Number of parameters that they measure, length they've been measuring, and continuing to use traditional instruments to ensure long term consistency.

Ombroscope - measures time of rain - dates back to 1940.

They track annual mean temperature.  10 and 30 year running means.  He showed us a plot of extreme temps too.  recent decades more high temperatures.  Thaw time of pond is 2 weeks shorter than a decade ago.

Most difficult things to measure is snowfall because no one lives on the hill.
most was 12 feet in 1990's.

Amount of bright sunshine.  use an instrument called Campbell-stokes.  looks like a magnifying glass.  Original instrument was missing one day.  Story came out that high schoolers took it.  FBI got involved and they found the kids and they brought it back quickly.  Most sunshine was in the 60's.

Wind speed is decreasing.  he explained possibly why and a study to explain why.

Mary adjourned at 1:30 pm.

Submitted by Marie Presti.

Mike with Mary

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Newton Rotary Meeting Tuesday Jan 14 2014

Posted by Marie Presti on Jan 13, 2014
Given Mary Kern was sick, Mark Nichols, President Elect led the meeting today.
Paul Kerrissey lead us in the pledge of allegiance.
I missed a few others of us with regards to the invocation and the song.  Sorry.

Jeff Tucker:  Death by Chocolate, need auction items, restaurant gift certificates, etc.  If you know of a restaurant who still wants to be presented at event, have them see Jeff asap. This year at the Post 440 on California St.  Marketing is starting now and stressing location change.
Will need volunteers.  Let Jeff know if you can help.  Go to  now have 11 vendors.  like to see 13-15 vendors.
Jan 26 from 12-4.

Tom Keery:  Newton Has Talent update:  We have secured a premier sponsor... The Village Bank!!
Marie is helping in sponsors (Paul Squared is on sponsorship committee)

Mark gave a funny joke.  Tom gave rebuttal joke.  Then he introduced our guests:
Rachael Portnoy from Newton South High School is our Newton Rotary Student of the Month!  She was there with Jim Medeiros,  her guidance counselor from Newton South High School, her parents (Deborah and Jay), her brother Noah, and her grandparents (Shirley and Marvin).
Rachael and her grandparents

This is Rachael Portnoy with her grandparents, Shirley and Marvin.

Sarah Perry, Executive Director of Second Step

Jeff Tucker's raffle ticket was picked. King clubs was picked.  Too bad Jeff... :)

Bill Lowry, Village Bank, Rachael, Patriots
Stella, Rachael, speaker - Sarah
Sue:  son Leo, turned 22, took him rock climbing on Sunday, last semester
Sarah:  Rachael, for Rotarians, 3 children one who had bar mitzvah, went , survivors by 2nd step who inspire her every day.
Rachael's dad:  Rachael, Mr. Mideros her counselor, for family
Indira:  $5 because she is a survivor of domestic violence
Tony:  thank you to Marie,Susanne, Dick, and Indira who are volunteering at the Martin Luther King Day, kids will be singing
Stella introduced Jim Mideros, the counselor.  Rachael's guidance counselor.  She has been doing a lot of community service for 4 years.  Many do it to fulfill an obligation but Rachael does it because she has a heart of gold and its a genuine commitment to community service.  Honor roll every term at Newton South High School.

Rachael Portnoy spoke to the group: Thanked everyone for recognizing her.  She is involved in Festival singers, Peer tutor a freshman in Spanish, started charity called Friends in Needs (school supplies coats and mittens).  Congrats Rachael!

David, announced that the board voted and granted a 16 year old (a past boys and girls club member) with a $300 of Girls and Boys Club funds to help her go to Italy with her class.  This is part of the Boys and Girls Club grants that they'll receive this year.

Sarah Perry, Second Step has been around for 21 years.
250 children and over 100 adults each year.  Victims of domestic violence.   2 houses that are transitional houses.  up to 30 families per year.  5 babies just born in last 3 weeks.

She has been a Director since June, 2013.  Still a rookie, Bus and Public Administration.  Worked at McKenzie & Co for many years.  Corp world and entrepreneurial.  Missions of non profit is her heart.  She works with all level of abuse.  not just physical.  but control and domination.  Usually domestic violence with intimate relationships.  Not emergency shelter.  Up to 2 years.   Services include, healthcare, case management, help for children, job training, find permanent housing, support services & group.  Effects 1 in 4 families.  Its societal.  Providing awareness, prevention.
How do you get your referrals?  usually from emergency shelters.  over 1 year long.

Referrals to community programs come from all over.  63 organizations in the state focused on domestic violence.  Cases these days are much more complex than in the past.  Partner with Riverside and other partner organizations.  Families First with Parenting classes.  $2M agency
60% used to come from government agencies (city, govt).  Now its about 45%, 55% from private sources (individuals, organizations, etc.)
Teen Dating Violence is a big issue.  The mom of the Wayland girl who was murdered by her boyfriend has been helping the organization.  What is a healthy relationship?
Elder abuse is another trend.  Poor health,  dementia, etc. contribute to the elders getting abused and it happens sometimes.
One grant is from office of Violence... able to look at outcomes and see that the people moved (better credit, income, permanent housing).
Staff?  20 full time staff.  most work in the houses and children's programs.
Earned Income. Used to work at Share our strength (generates all of its revenue from its own sources).
Its the only homeless shelter in Newton.

Is domestic violence increasing?  there is more awareness.  Police are more aware and will act now where as they wouldn't act in the past.  US has a smaller percent vs. other countries.  Homicides have gone down.  Resources are just not enough.

Mark adjoined at 1:30PM.

Sarah Perry from Second Step

President Elec, Mark Nichols, with Sarah Perry Executive Director of Second Step.

Racheal Student of the month

President Elect Mark Nichols, with Rachael Portnoy, Jim Medeiros, and Rachael's parents and brother.

Submitted by Marie Presti.

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Newton Rotary Meeting Tuesday Jan 7, 2014

Posted by Marie Presti on Jan 06, 2014

Due to Mary Kern being sick, Chris Chu started the formal part of the meeting at 12:30PM

Marc Epstein led us in the pledge of allegiance
Tom Keery gave us a nice innovocation
Susanne McInerney led us in God Bless America

Jeff Tucker:  Jan 26th is Death by Chocolate Fundraiser.  We are putting together a lottery basket.  Please give cash to contribute and they'll buy the lottery tickets.  You can also give auction items at the next Rotary meeting.  Or do a sponsorship at $250, $500, or $1K levels.

Tom Keery:  Newton Has Talent fundraiser update.  We had a meeting last week which was productive.  

Marie Presti:  Dictionary Project - We didn't get our matching funding this year for the dictionary project so we're looking to augment our $800 with an additional $800 to cover the full costs of giving dictionaries to all 3rd grade children in the city of Newton.  Anyone looking to help Marie raise these funds please see her.  Or if you know of a company who is willing to donate the funds, see her asap.

Marc Epstein:  Car donation project - Mark reiterated that we have a car donation project and any Rotarian who knows of a car someone is looking to donate can see him and he will manage the disposal and donation of the proceeds to the club.

Paul Kerrissey:  Gave us an update on Bruce Leaver.  He's looking to have the club help him and his wife have a vacation.  Susanne has donated her Cape house for an off season week and he was asking the club to help out too for spending money.  The board agreed on $150 from the President's discretionary money and $150 from the emergency fund be given to Bruce.  Bruce has brain cancer and doesn't have his job anymore.  Although he's doing better after chemotherapy appointments, he can't drive either.

Chris announced that its Dick Bowen's birthday this week.  We sang happy birthday to him!

We inducted Maureen Gagnon from Newton at Home to the club as our newest Rotarian.

Presenter Chief Howard Mintz:
Chief Mintz was named to his position in March 2013 after serving at Interim Chief after the former chief was removed.  Mayor Setti Warren said in his announcement that he selected Mintz because of his professionalism and integrity.

His late father in law was a Rotarian.  He's been married 27 years. but this is his first Rotary meeting.
He was sworn in  April 10, 2013 as the permanent chief of police.  He's been in the Newton Police department for 30 years. The year before being sworn in, he was appointed as "interim chief".

He has 144 members budgeted on the payroll.  He's still hiring a few positions.

He has 190 FT and PT cross guards, 10 meter maids, $19M budget, and covers 18 square miles of the city of Newton.

Crime rate dropped in 2013 by 11%.

10th largest city in Massachusetts and we have the lowest crime rate.  Sexual assault was the only category that increased.  Crashes/speeding went down by 8%.

When he started in the police academy you had to do 13 weeks.  This was back in 1984.  Now you have to do 22-24 weeks in the academy to become a police officer.  Then be mentored for weeks and then have an evaluation.  So its tougher now than way back when.

He was in charge during the Marathon bombing attack and provided mutual aide to Boston and Watertown.  He's also aided Salem during Halloween.

He said that 80-90% of a police officers role is a service role and not a crime fighting role.  They mediate disputes, find people, help facilitate calls to mental/health professionals, recover loss property, etc.  The compliments exceed complaints.

Chris adjoined at 1:30PM


Chief Howard Mintz

Chief getting sworn into office 2012

Submitted by Marie Presti.

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Newton Rotary Meeting Tuesday Dec 3, 2013

Posted by Mark Nicholas on Dec 02, 2013

Recorder: Mark Nicholas


·         The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Bert

·         The invocation:  A moment of silence was offered by Mary in remembrance of Paul Stone

·         The singing of “Star Spangled Banner” was led by Chris Chu, again in honor of Paul Stone


Guests and Visiting Rotarians:

·         Student of the Month; Marissa Beney from Newton Country Day School

o       Marisa’s parents; Dan Beney and Chris Carona

o       Nicki Noel; representing Newton Country Day School and she introduced Marissa

·         Lilia Wood

·         Mitch Lyons

·         Ron Faccenda (Sue Peghiny’s husband)

·         Lynn Richer; today’s Speaker


Remembering Paul Stone:

Several people shared warm and amusing stories in remembrance of Paul Stone.

·         Jim Means (not present) communicated to Mary and she relayed to us an amusing story of Jim visiting with Paul at Lasalle Village. After he arrived, Jim had to wait a while as three females were showing Paul a lot of attention (and Paul didn’t hate it!).

·         Bill Lowery shared a very nice photo of Paul (attached)

·         Paul Kerrissey shared another amusing story about Paul Stone. Paul Kerrissey explained that he was recovering from surgery some years ago. During this time he had an occasion to cross a busy street and was almost struck by a car. Paul Stone and his wife happened to be exiting a bus at the same time and witnessed this. Paul Stone remarked, “That wasn’t very Rotarian!”

·         Dick Bowen reminded everyone that Paul Stone founded Newton Rotary Foundation.

·         Bert shared how Paul’s life paralleled his own;

o       They attended the same high school, Boston Latin

o       They both studied at Boston University

o       They both became CPAs

o       They both opened businesses in Waban

o       They lived near each other for many years and even walked their dogs together

·         Marc Epstein remembered that Paul was one of the first Rotary Members to greet him when Marc first joined.


It was evident from these remembrances that Paul Stone will be dearly missed and that he left a wonderful legacy for his family and friends to remember.




·         Paul Kerrissey announced that the Football Luncheon was a tremendous success.



·         The winning ticket was pulled by our Student of the Month and Mary Kern had the winner. Unfortunately (for Mary anyway!), she picked the 10 of hearts from the deck. The pot grows another week J


Happy Dollars: There was a sad dollar mentioned from everyone regarding our dear friend Paul Stone. Other happy dollar mentions included:

·         Tom Keen recognized the wonderful job done by Paul Kerrissey organizing the football luncheon.

·         Our guest Mitch recognized his friendship with Bert

·         Sue Peghiny was happy to have her husband Ron along and was also happy to have visited her son in Colorado for “Senior Day”

·         Amanda is celebrating the 8th birthday of her twins

·         Dan Beney and Chris Carona were thankful for their daughter being the student of the month


Student of the Month Marissa Beney:

Marissa shared her love of service to the community. She mentioned three charitable service opportunities that provided her with valuable experiences:

1.      “Christmas in the City” aiding underprivileged children during the Christmas season

2.      Working with children at Dana Farber Cancer Institute

3.      “Sophie’s Place” assisting people struggling with poverty and homelessness.


Speaker Lynn Richer:

Lynn presented a summary of her doctoral dissertation on the subject of "Emotional Intelligence", which refers to our ability to recognize and understand emotions in ourselves and others, as well as our ability to use this awareness to manage our own behavior and our relationships, particularly in the workplace.  A couple of key points that Lynn offered;


1.      It would be beneficial to us all if we take the time to recognize our own emotional triggers

2.      Emotional Intelligence can be developed


Our guest Mitch shared that he is a member of “The SEL Alliance for Massachusetts (SAM)”, a non-profit organization advocating for social-emotional learning in our schools.


Lynn offered many interesting insights and there were several questions at the end of the presentation.

veteran   Paul Mitchell Stone

94, of Newton after a brief illness.  Beloved husband of the late Pearl (Itkin) Stone.  Beloved son and only child of Philip and Mary (Silverman) Stone of Brookline.  Father of James and his wife Rose of Bolton, Carolyn and her husband David Lilien of Irvine CA, and David and his wife Joan of Milford.  Survived by 11 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren. Paul was born in late 1919 in Boston during the Great Influenza epidemic.  His middle name of Mitchell was after Mitchell Freiman, an early director of the West End House boys club in which Paul’s father Philip was very active.   Mitchell died in the epidemic.  Paul attended the Boston Public Schools, including Boston Latin School and graduated from Boston University in 1941.  He passed the CPA exam in 1942 on his first attempt. In 1943 Paul joined the US Navy and served in the Central Pacific during the Second World War as an officer on board the Destroyer Escort U.S.S. Waterman (DE 740).  The Waterman was awarded 8 battle stars, far more than the average Destroyer Escort.  He and his ship experienced the historic Typhoon Cobra of 1944 (after viewing the movie “Perfect Storm” he declared that the movie’s storm sequences “weren’t scary enough.”)  He was discharged in 1946.  Paul was proud of his military service and maintained contact with many shipmates over the years.  He was an active member of DESA (Destroyer Escort Sailors Association) and one of the oldest surviving officers. Soon after the war, Paul received his Law degree at Northeastern in 1949, under the GI Bill, and began his own Accounting business, originally in Boston then Newton and eventually Natick.  He grew the business organically and by acquisition over the years into what is now known as the firm of Stone and Paul. Always active in professional organizations, he was a Mason (Everett C. Benton Lodge, in Boston) and an active member of the Rotary Club of Newton for over 30 years. Services will be private; donations can be made to The Rotary Foundation, 14280 Collections Center Dr., Chicago, IL 60693 –

Paul Stone


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Newton Rotary Meeting Tuesday Nov 26, 2013 Marie Presti 2013-11-26 00:00:00Z 0

Newton Rotary Meeting Tuesday Nov 19, 2013

Posted by Marie Presti on Nov 18, 2013

Mary Kern started the formal part of the meeting at 12:30PM.

Tom Keery started us in the pledge of allegiance
Mary Kern gave us a nice service Invocation
Susanne McInerney led us in song with God Bless America

Visitors were Nancy Johnson, from the Newton Public Library


Paul Harris Day Feb 11, 5:30 Vechia Roma instead of regular meeting

Thanksgiving Day Luncheon, 11/26/13 next week!

Sue:  ran out of pens and mugs to give to our speakers.  Instead, we decided we're donating a book to the library in honor of each of our speakers. This week's book is Masterminds and Wingmen donated to the library on behalf of our speaker Mr. David Stettler, Headmaster of The Fessenden School.

Nancy Johnson

Mary will send out another rescheduled meeting time for our board meeting.

Next board meeting in Dec will be meeting at the Barry Price Center.

Bert turned 101 this past week.  

Paul Kerrissey won the raffle draw again this week.  did he win the pot?  He needs to pull the right card.  Oh, too bad.  Next time.

Happy Dollars:
Indira Desai:  just because of being in Rotary
Sue Peghiny:  to Nancy for working on this project
Chris Chu:  for the 3 visitors
Paul Kerrissey:  banner is now filled with new banners
Bill Lowry:  for arrangement of the books and for Paul
Dick Bowen:  Sue
Peggy:  Happy to be here
Paul Sullivan: Happy to be here
Tony:  for his old Newton sweater from 1950.  still fits.  his high school reunion.
Amanda:  book arrangement and happy to be here.
Justin:  results of fundraiser.  broke records and did well this year.
Susanne:  thanks Sue, vacation and her birthday, and her sister is home after 8 months of being in the hospital
Marie:  for Sue and all she does for
Jeff:  Tonys sweater, new book program, and for winning $1100 at Vegas

David Stettler from Fessenden:  
Fessenden is a Day and boarding school

He asked what we knew about the school and here is what people said:

Ted Kennedy is an alum
Tom Keery knew one of his friends went there.
red/grey are their colors
They  have nice tennis courts
They have 2 swimming pools

Then he gave us more information:

1903 as a boys school
500 students (pre k-9th grade)
The Boarding part of the school houses about 100 boys ages 7-9 who live there on campus.  The rest are day students.
40 acres
12 buildings (40 faculty live on campus)

He talked about education and boys (time magazine did a cover).  a crisis:  lack behind girls in reading and writing.  boys get most d's and f's and minority of a's.  They are most likely referred to a psychiatrist.  Many boys diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder.  A majority of them with learning disabilities. Boys have most of the violence caused, the most suspensions, the most dropouts.  Females earn 57% of BA degrees and 60% of all master degrees.  57% of all AP classes.

Girls tend to do better multitasking
Girls organize life
Boys take more risk
Language center develops more in girls
Girls don't go into rest state
Visual Systems - Girls more texture and color Boys movement and direction
overlay bell curves
1) overlap profounding 
2) peak for girls more in one direction.  
3) tail for boys is longer so outliers tend to be males

3/4 boys more physically active than any girls

Here's the reason:
When you put boys in an all boys environment, its not a narrowing experience, 
its broadening. if you put boys and girls together boys are focusing on where they are in the pecking order.  

Boys tend to shy away from:         arts, do well in school, leadership opps, chess, singing

What can we do?  bring back recess, free play, respect boy imagination, more project based learning, allow movement in classroom, use competition, skills like time management, attend to something that matters.

Michael Thompson, Raising Cane.

David Stettler

Respectfully Submitted by Marie Presti

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Newton Rotary Meeting Tuesday Nov 12, 2013

Posted by Marie Presti on Nov 11, 2013
Mary Kern, our President, started the meeting promptly at 12:30PM.
Bert Martinson led us in the pledge of allegiance
Mary Kern gave us an invocation
Chris Chu led us in the song My Country Tis of Thee

Stella Pang, our Sergeant of Arms introduced our guests:

Maureen Gagnon, Director of Newton at Home
Jeff's friend Chip
Kelsi Fox (student of the month)
Julia & Dan Fox (Kelsi's parents)


Paul:  Football luncheon.  Tom will be the MC again this year.  They will Raffle off a 2-3some of Golf with Tom. Steve Burton, lead sportscaster for WBZ who challenged Coach Belichick in the past , is speaking at the Thanksgiving day luncheon this year.  Paul Sullivan was able to get Dan Shawnnessy for next years luncheon already.  
Cost:  $20 first guest, $10 for each additional guest.
Dick Bowen will be taking care of checking people in.  Amanda will be helping too.  
Next week please give us a rough idea if you're coming and how many guests you will bring.  

Paul is putting together flags from Rotarians who have visited us from other parts of the country and sewing them together to hang at our entrance each week.  If you have any, please give them to him to add.  


Newton Has Talent will be end of March.

Tony: Gave us a history of Newton HS Football.  65 years ago was the start of middle school football.  Class of 54 won state championship.

Tues Dec 17th at Gregorian Rugs is our holiday party as we have had it in the past.  Susanne will let us know what time and more specifics.

Nov 19th board meeting at 11AM.  This might get changed because not a lot of board members can attend this rescheduled time.  Stay tuned.

Ed Casavant introduced our student of the month.  Kelsi Fox.
Jennifer Price, spoke and again thanked us for continuing the tradition.  She spoke highly of Kelsi and introduced her. She has great skills at improv and theatre.  She does well in school.  She is a passionate and caring person.  She has done a great job handling the situation with the suicide in the high school.  Newton Public schools going through a tough time right now.  She's on a committee creating a day to talk about body image at NNHS.  How to give the tools kids need to deal with body image.  

Kelsi wrote a children's story and read it to us at the meeting.  
Kelsi Fox

Paul Kerrissey won the raffle ticket but didn't pull the right card.  too bad...


Indira:  one for Kelsi, she got her flu shot at CVS
Mark:  ran 1/2 marathon and improved on his time
Jeff:  for Chip, and for Kelsi
Tony:  one for Kelsi and one for speaker
Tom:  for speaker whose brother he went to college
Stella:  beautiful story, son turns 15 today
Paul:  Kelsi
Chris:  Kelsi
Paul:  Kelsi
Amanda:  Kelsi who wants the poem published
Marie:  Kelsi and her parents
Paul Stone:  For Veterans Day, he sang "When Johnny comes marching home"
Peggy:  Kelsi and for NNHS (her grandchildren went to NNHS)
Bert:  Kelsi, for his son John because he is with Doctors without Borders and he's going back to Asia
Sue:  Kelsi and her father who was a Rotarian, was in Pasadena, CA symposium talking about public time
Ed, Kelsi, Jennifer Price, and for Stella because her jokes are getting better
Mary:  Kelsi, and also for her parents

Speaker:  Maureen Gragnon, Newton at Home
Village to Village Movement started 12 months ago on Beacon Hill.  People wanted to stay in their home.  Grass Roots, Beacon Hill Village.  Now they're starting across the world including Japan.  Keeps healthcare costs lower.  President lives July Willet in Newton.

April 2011, 60 members, now have 185 members.    Over 60 and want to stay at home.  No physical care but other services.  Creating a caring community of neighbors helping neighbors.  Services include:  drivers, rides to hospitals, rides to pick up prescriptions. Volunteers to teach about the technology.  Pick up groceries, prescriptions. Feed pets.  Handyman will go in and fix locks on doors, etc.

They keep a Vendors 'Angie's list' like list that they approve:  
Social isolation, limited in movement.  formed affinity groups (dining club - lunch in Needham), west newton cinema, discount theatre tickets, book clubs, Vern Vance is a play-writer (he organizes a play reading group).  over 100 volunteers.  kids to retirees.

special projects:  winter buddies
intergenerational projects:  seasonal yard cleanups.  Schwartz donates rakes and bags
If storm, call members and give reminders.

6 mos trial (individual or household), breakaway membership, annual (individuals and households). Reduced fee memberships. $660-$780/year.
2 FTE Maureen and 2 1/2 time folks.  in Scandinavian living center. 
We watch a nice video giving examples.

Maureen Gagnon

Mary promptly adjoined at 1:30PM

Respectfully submitted by Marie Presti

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Rotary Meeting Tuesday November 5, 2013

Posted by Marie Presti on Nov 04, 2013
Our President, Mary Kern, called the meeting to order at 12:30PM.
Paul Stone led us in the pledge of allegiance
Mary Kern gave us an invocation
Susanne McInerney led us in singing God Bless America

Sue Peghiny introduced our two guests:

1) her husband Ron
2) Neil Gordon, Executive Director of the Discovery Museums in Acton

Paul Sullivan announced that its voting day today.  He also announced that he got an energy audit per the recommendation from the Green Decade and he feels he can save a lot of energy costs and recommend that others do the same.

Paul also announced that the membership committee met last week to discuss more membership ideas.

Jeff Tucker announced the DBC fundraiser committee met last Friday for the first time energetic and excited about the new venue.  It will be on Jan 26th at the Post 440 in Newton.  This venue is larger so we can have more vendors if we want.  He'll be approaching those people who sponsored last year to see if they can do the same this year. There are several categories of sponsorship options.  Next Meeting is Nov 22nd.

Mary said that next week, we are sticking with our TUESDAY meeting day even though Veterans day is Monday.  

Mary also announced that the next board meeting is being pushed up 1 week to Nov 19th at 11AM at Braeburn instead of the 26th due to the Thanksgiving luncheon being on the 26th.  All members are welcome.


Indira - she's happy (and thank you for collecting happy dollars for all of us!!)
Paul Stone - for Red Sox and also that he predicted it would be over by today's meeting
Peggy Lapore - for Red Sox 
Dick Bowen - for guests here today
Bert Martinson - to be here with all you nice people
Paul Sullivan - $5 for Red Sox
Paul Mahler - grandkids
Ed Casavant -
Sue Peghiny - husband, speaker Neil, going to Maine this past weekend, Go Red Sox
Chris Chu -
Susanne McInerney- leaving Monday for Marco Island with her son; sister who has been in hospital for 8 months. Finally got on facebook last night.
Marie Presti - our guest speaker, having taken her son to the Acton Discovery Museums many times

Neil Gordon, Discovery Museum
What the museum really is and what its about.
Prescription for kids and families
This job is Neil's 3rd career.  14 years at Boston Children's Museum.  Before that he was with city gov (budget director with Menino and HR).  
He used to manage $1B organization and then at Children's it was $10M org to now at Discovery Museum its $1M organization. 
31 year old organization started by a public school teachers
created to inspire curiosity and love of learning in kids
Every child is born an artist.  how to remain an artist once we grow up... - Picasso
Our job is to foster it and keep it going.  Not to light the fire of learning, but to foster the embers....
Discovery Museums served 180K people last year on $1M budget vs.
Boston Children's Museum served 550K last year on $10M budget
Large outreach program. strong science focus. They go into elementary schools. They served 26K kids in 1100 classrooms.
They have 2K member families who are very loyal
They make services available to those who otherwise can't obtain them (for price, learning issues, or cultural reasons)  38K were free or highly reduced in cost.
3M population within 45 minute drive.  That is their target audience.
60% come 6X/year or more
96% visitors would recommend to a friend
in summer every Friday night is free
especially for me program (autism and hearing loss) free nights for those families 16 nights
connected an elementary school in acton with an El Salvador classroom
live skype with two classroom
why are doing what we're doing?
children represent between 5-10% of population but represent 100% of our future.
Challenges and Issues
kids spending time differently than when we were kids
15-25% reduction of free time
avg 2 year old 4 hours/day.  recommendation is 0 time in front of TV
1 in 6  2 yr olds have a TV in their bedroom
more time in school; less time outdoors and free play
family dinners decreased and family vacations decreased
#1 factor correlate with education success (parental control)
pressure to grow up faster.  cognitive and physical
social and emotional development haven't kept pace with that
50% parents #1 thing they wish they had done was spend more time with kids
more sense of community in the past than is today
more resource constraints than ever before
Creativity Crisis in this country and Canada.  Creativity Index started Measuring 30 years ago.    gone down especially among youngest kids.
Einstein and Carl Sagan should be role models
independent scored tests MA has done well.  
Lowest rates of kids choosing to go into science careers.
Book, the Element, talks about finding your passion.  
Achievement Gap - math scores 1990-2007.  
Mr. Rogers was a thought leader on development of children.  Play is a way for children to solve problems express their feelings.  Play is the real work of childhood.
Our prescription for kids... we need to let kids play with their families.
high quality experiences.  reinforces the necessity of play in childhood.

better job connecting kids to nature and the outdoors.

experiences which support critical science process skills

Hoping for kids to explore things at their own pace

They did a dumpmania program (2 truckloads of dirt) last year and it was very successful.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge." -  Albert Einstein

Children's building and a science building equal the entire Discovery Museums (with an s).  Someday maybe they'll drop the s.

Neil Gordon

Mary adjoined the meeting promptly at 1:30PM.

Respectfully submitted by Marie Presti.  Please excuse typos and if I missed someone's announcement or happy dollars.  My ipad was charging at the beginning of the meeting so I had to take notes in my head for awhile. :)

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Rotary Meeting Tuesday October 29th, 2013

Posted by Marie Presti on Oct 28, 2013
Mary Kern rang the bell at 12:30PM.
Paul Stone started us in the Pledge of Allegiance
Mary Kern offered the invocation
Susanne McInerney led us in God Bless America

Stella introduced our guests:

Our Speaker for today is Mr. Ismail Nabih

Long time friends and fellow Rotarians, Connie & Tim Braceland

Maureen O'Rouke  - Mt Alvernia High
Megan Lahey - Mt Alvernia High
Yazmin Cotterell - Our Student of the month

Mimit Levitt friend of Ellie and Bert's
Ellie Shuman (friend of Bert Martinson's)

Connie Braceland:  Death By Chocolate update is that it is now scheduled at the Newton Post 440 Club on the last Sunday in January which is the 26th from 1-4.  Next meeting on Fri 4:15 at City Streets in Lexington St. in waltham.  All are welcome.

Jeff Tucker:  We will be meeting at the Newton Marriott starting the 1st quarter 2013 every Tues starting Jan 8th.

Save the Dates:  Feb 11th Italian Night, March 18th Irish Lunch at Lasalle

Paul Kerrissey:  Thanksgiving luncheon update.  To encourage visitors, they've instituted a new price...
1st guest regular fee at $19 and every guest thereafter for $10

Susanne:  week of Dec 17th is holiday party.  She'll be in touch with the exact date.  It will be at Gregorian Rugs again.

Ed Casavant:  Student of the Month
Mount Alvernia is this month
Yazmin is this month's student of the month

Mount Alvernia is on Centre st. and is a small women's Catholic school in the Franciscan tradition
community service requirement for all students.  Yazmin spoke of her service:
She's done 100-110 hours/year since 7th grade
She does the breast cancer walk every year
She also volunteers at the Good Samaritan program.  She is trained to get calls from distressed teens...
Yazmin Student of the Month

Queen Diamonds was picked from a guest.  They didn't win this week.

Indira Desai: happy.  
Jim Means:  for his friend, the speaker to join us today
Marie Presti:  for our guests who turned out to be more our "friends"
Bert Martinson:  Ellie and Mimit and he's just happy
Paul Kerrissey:  welcome Yazmin and for Bert coming to Paul's daughter's graduation party and showing all the young people how to drink a Manhattan correctly.
Paul Sullivan:  for Timothy and Connie Braceland.  one win away from Red Sox
Tom Keery:  each win
Dick Hardaway:  3 week vacation in Seattle, San Francisco, Carmel, LA, Baltimore.  Scott Lewis was driver.  4 days design and 3 days as a driver for benefits
Jeff Tucker:  student of the month
Bill Lowry:  student of the month, Red Sox, guests
Connie Braceland:  Red Sox, coming here, Jasmine (Connie graduated from Mount Alvernia)
Timothy Braceland:  old friends, congrats Jasmine
Marc Epstein:  glad to be back, went to game 2 of Red Sox World Series with a poster. Go sox
Chris Chu:  great to see so many people, speaker, and student of the month
Tony Bibbo:  son broke his leg
Peggy Lapore:  student of the month, speaker
Paul Stone:  Red Sox, World Series will be over before we meet again!
Susanne McInerney:  Tim and Connie Braceland, Susanne also went to Mount Alvernia so congrats to Jasmine
Sue Peghiny:  going to Maine this weekend, looking forward to going to bed before11PM.
Stella Pang:  Jasmine, guests, Connie
David Sellers:  Marie & Mary posted our gear on Facebook.  David's wife read it and knew all about what happened at last week's meeting.  He was impressed and wanted us to know that someone is reading it weekly... :)
Ed Casavant:  Jasmine
Mary Kern:  Jasmine, for the Bracelands being here
Ellie Shuman:  twice as happy as she was before she came
Mimitt:  for Bert Martinson and Ellie Sherman

Jim Means introduced our speaker:
Ishmael, friend and business partner of Jim's since mid 80's
attended Harvard, raised family in Lincoln, started medical distribution company service Middle East
Boston and Cairo
In view of all the changes in Eqypt, we have lots of questions...

took questions instead of doing a formal presentation... 
Will the Military release its power?
He hopes not.  Hoping for elections for middle of next year there should be a president, parliament (Congress), and a constitution.
50 people are writing the constitution and people will go and vote

Muslim brotherhood came into power.  removed everyone else. issued laws.  65 churches were burned last year.  how to impeach the President

30th June, there was an uprising.  People asked President to resign.  40M people in the streets.  He refused.  clash between his party and people.  President refused so they took him down.

appointed a temporary judge.  appointed a prime minister.  New cabinet.  Head army was appointed vp and administer of defense.

Cabinet is running the internal problems.  cracked down on many of the Muslim brothers and put them in jail.  Peace in Cairo now.  

Pres wasn't in favor of police because they were arresting his people.   Minister of interior, police is back, security.
Why do you want democracy?  vs. security for the people

Muslim brothers to take part in the democracy; control 30% population.  They did not have a mandate when voting last few elections.  Moderate Muslim brothers.  Hoped they would split the brothers (religious party and political party).  But political party was same as religious... go back to 8th century.  

Hopefully somebody from there joins.  

Status of Mubarek, the former Egyptian President? He is on house arrest.  has there been a trial?  Army wouldn't let him down.  no power.  living in a modern hospital built by Americans. well protected.
not in jail.  tried twice.  no ruling either time.  Wife is free to come and go.  Sons are up for trial.

Why not for democracy?  You have to know your rights and your duties.  Most don't know either.  Cornerstones.  no unions, no institutions.  How can you communicate to the people in the countrysides...  

in US, you have 8-9 months of a politician telling you what they'll do.  

Egypt has education?  yes

Universities and Graduate schools are fine.  but you have to get there.  he had 8 in his class.  now over 2K in same class.  overpopulated.

What is rest of Egypt doing?  Are they fighting also?
Cairo has 18M, Alexandria has 9K, a few other centers totals about 80%.  80M population in Egypt.   rest are farmland.

Riots were everywhere.  Cairo, Suez Canal, everywhere.  These folks probably didn't vote.  

MiddleEast, battle of Islamic vs. those secular.  Egypt is 90% Muslim.  95% of those are practicing Islam.  Radicals are very few.  

1.3B Islams.  1/2% radical.  but those are the ones controlling.  Others are 
manager is Muslim brother.  rest are Muslims.  these folks were happy when rashi was removed.

3M people left Syria for Europe.  not organized.  no leadership.  
get info from cab drivers. 4 x /day.  they are the pulse of Cairo.

What is Economic situation?  tourism must be in tough shape?  Mercy took over Egypt, 50B he he left 10B.  no enough to feed for 8 months.  tourism disappeared.  5K businesses went broke.  

IMF been negotiations for last 2 years.  trying to cut the subsidies.  Can't because they'll have a riot.
Shortly after, gave 12B, Egypt.  Living on donations, loans, from out  of the country.

importance of Coptic Christians?
When arabs invaded Egypt.  become Muslim or pay tax.  some refused.  Cops are oldest Egyptians.  about 10-15%.  Have Pope, churches, schools, systems.  Have lived fine.  
Some people want conflict in Egypt.  Muslim brothers burned churches.
Upper Egypt, Coptic villages were terrorized.  Kids were kidnapped.  

now all this has stopped.  because of strong government.

Why did you leave Egypt to go to Harvard?
1966 running a business.  went to Switzerland and took management course run by Harvard.  Came back in 1967.  3 hours later there was the 6 day war.  This was 3rd war he witnessed.  1948, 1956, 1967.  Enough is enough.

Professors in Switzerland helped him.  Get an MBA from Harvard.  back to Egypt and applied.  1968 left.  
First business, worked for small Cambridge company.  scientific education called Eeling.  

What was biggest reason with discontent with Morsey?  They got nothing out of him.  businesses closed, dictator.  Nov 2011 passed laws where he was above the law.  fired 5 supreme judges.  

Ishmail Nahib Speaker about Egypt

Mary Adjorned at 1:30PM.

Respectfully Submitted by Marie Presti Please forgive the typos  :)

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Rotary Meeting Tuesday October 22nd, 2013

Posted by Marie Presti on Oct 21, 2013

Mary Kern started the official meeting at 12:30PM.

Pledge of allegiance as led by Peggy Lapore
Invocation was given by Mary Kern
Song was led by Susanne McInerney

Our Guests:  

Rusty Thompson to discuss a documentary film on the military
Ed Casavant introduced Jon Barnes who works at Wellesley bank with Ed and lives in Weymouth MA.

Mary Kern- Sue Peghiny and Mary going to Leadership training RLI on Saturday.

DBC - no update.  Talked to Mark W. in Waltham, still looking for date/place.  They asked us to look into Sheraton Needham and Newton Marriott.  Any contacts for either of these two please see Mary.

Braeburn is doing a renovation.  Last meeting Jan 8th.  Then 5-6 week's we'll be relocating elsewhere.  Paul K. said Marriott is open to having us there again.  Details will be worked out but most likely we'll be going to Marriott during those weeks.  Probably keep it on Tuesdays during that time.  Sue will try to reschedule those speakers.  May stay at Marriott through end of March just to make it consistently on Tuesdays.  Jeff will talk to Braeburn and Marriott.

Indira Desai - at board meeting, we discussed recognizing those Paul Harris award winners at either a separate dinner night or at the holiday party.  BOD thought it best to do it at a separate night dinner instead of a regular meeting.  Got input.  Feb 11th or 25th are two options.  Indira will check with restaurant.  Talk to Indira with feedback.

PR Committee - Paul Sullivan, Sue Peghiny, and Chris Chu met.  ideas regarding shirts, etc.  How far from RI can we go to brand our local club.  Not necessarily guys in suits.  Who we want to talk to.  Next step is how to do implement.  Chris said she was at the Harvest Fair and she did reverse marketing to the booths/vendors.  New Art Center, she spoke to.  Would love for our other members to do the same thing while they're out there anyway.  Farmers market, we could do a table ($40/week).  People who volunteer are 22% less likely to die within the next 4-6 years

Football luncheon - Paul Kerrissey - meeting tomorrow night.  Steve Burton, announcer is coming, Brookline will be at the meeting.  Full throttle.  Headcount is key.  we want to demonstrate our community support given the two Newton high school suicides that have happened over the past month.  We'll have a supportive implied message to the Brookline and Newton North Schools given the football players, cheerleaders, and coaches will be there.  Nov 26th.  Boe Witiker will be here playing their band again.  

Raffle - Peter Mahler's number was called!  Are we all pulling for you?  Some laughter in the crowd... 5 spades was pulled.  Too bad... :)

Indira Desai- happy to wake up this morning.
Paul Stone - Red Sox!  He gave us a nice poem!
Peggy Lapore- Go Sox.
Dick Bowen - go Red Sox
Chris Chu - for our speaker
Amanda Samaha- $ for schools with the sadness of the Newton South girl who took her life this week
Mark Nichols - Red Sox, sad Tom Brady has lost it...
Sue Peghiny- Shane Vittorino
David Sellers - student of the week 
Bill Lowry - Red Sox, wonderful country 8K mile trip all over country (as far west to Colorado)
Ed Casavant - New Orleans Saints (ouch!!)
Tom Keery - phone call from his daughters boyfriend, and his daughter is in fact engaged to be married!!!!
Susanne McInerney - sister is hanging in there at the hospital.  In a week or two she might go home.
Peter Mahler- $5 for each grandchild
Paul Kerrissey - Sherborn presentation on Lyme disease.  Anyone is invited.  also for Paul Stone who advertises his love of Red Sox on his shirt.  George Goodwin is Mr. Red Sox and Paul Stone reminds Paul K. of him.
Paul Sullivan - insurance guy in the parking garage.
Rusty Thompson- for all the entertainment at this fun event.
Marie Presti - for her son, Brendan's 7th birthday today and for David Seller's help in providing the venue for the Newton Mother's Forum's Halloween Bash this past Saturday which was held at the BGC gym.

Speaker - Rusty Thompson, here in Newton for 25 years.  been involved with her husband involved i.e. Newton pride.  Balsam millennium park, city hall side on the library side, brick walkway.
degree on interior design and organizational development.  Decided to take education and background and bring to TV and film world.  Went into NewTV.  On site and in the studio.  Editing and Directing.  "Take a moment for you" was a set of films, bringing together art and nature and poems in 10 minute packages.  

American and human experience.  She loves documentaries.  Produced "No Equal" which is about women in the military.  1951 first grade and graduated in 1963 she didn't hear about women in the military.  What drives a women to go into the military.  4 women survived from the battle of the bulge.  project started about 6 years ago.  self funded.  

Defense advisory committee sends report about women in the military with recommendations.  Mission to create this awareness and provide an education and information to be used in schools, pbs, etc.  Opportunities, Challenges, Compromises.  

We saw a short video of her movie.  Women first became in military n 1901 in army nurse corp.  36K in wwi. from admin, ammunition, chemical weapons, 

350K women were in wwii. There were mostly nurses who went overseas. All other women in the military stayed here in the states.
post wwii, dropped to 14K.  used as needed.

last 40-50 years, we've grown up.  We need bodies.  Army, National Guard have used women but haven't been official so they're not trained.  Women are now allowed to be in combat.  Benefits/Consequences?  no one knows...

Mothers leaving children.  Women's strength and contribution they've made since the revolution.  

total movie is about 56 minutes.  

Below is Sue Peghiny who invited Rusty, Rusty Thompson our speaker, and Mary Kern, our fearless President.

Sue and Mary with Rusty Thompson

Mary adjoined at 1:30PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Marie Presti

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Rotary Meeting Tuesday October 16th, 2013

Posted by Marie Presti on Oct 15, 2013
Rotary 10.16.13
pledge led by Ed Casavant
invocation by Mary Kern
song was sung "God Bless America" by Susanne McInerney 

Visitors introduced by Stella Pang
Speaker - Marcia Cooper, President of Green Decade
Jay Walter - Head of Newton Eco project
Peter Smith - Green Decade Board, Chair of Newton Chamber of Commerce environment committee
Ben Harold - Represents Next Step Living (partner with Green Decade)
Ann Deck - Mary Kern's guest
Jon Barnes - Ed Casavant's guest

Mary Kern - board meeting at BGC at 12:00.  Bring your own lunch.  Send agenda items to Mary ahead of time.
Paul Sullivan - Sue, Chris, and Paul met about membership.
Paul and Sue went to social media training for Rotary
Tom Keery - Newton Has Talent met at YMCA.  Chris, Kevin, and Tom cleaned up website.
Death by Chocolate - Mary will find out what the current thoughts are in terms of date and location and report back.
Sue Peghiny- please like our page.  if you do something, post it on the Newton Rotary Facebook page.  Search Rotary Club of Newton on Facebook.
Jay Walter - Livingston Taylor concert in November.  

Ben picked Anne's number.  Got 3 Diamonds.  

Happy Dollars
Paul Kerrissey- lots of guests
Chris Chu- guests and family from out of town to celebrate mom's 90th bday.
Paul Kerrissey - go Red Sox
Marcia Cooper- 
Susanne McInerney- sister is off dialysis.  keep praying.  Thanking all people who try to save us energy.  Go Red Sox.
Peggy Lapore - guests
Dick Bowen- go Red Sox
Tom Keery- wearing sox in honor of Jim Means and the Red Sox.
Anne Decker - Mary
Sue Peghiny- Green Decade for coming today.  Sunday night Nashoba Valley showed up at her husband's band.  Red Sox.  Patriots.  other guests.
Stella Pang- guests.  power went out and was able to recover
Peter Smith- Thank Rotary for all the work you do. His father was a Rotarian.  Cambridge Rotary is supporting a vocational school in Zambia which he supports.
Mary - for Anne.  For Jay.  

Marie - for Marcia and the work you do with Green Decade.

Marcia Cooper - Speaker

Marcia spoke about the various activities that Green Decade Newton is
involved in and that they are a fully volunteer organization.  Peter
talked about the Newton Eco Project, especially the upcoming Harvest
Fair this weekend where they will have a large presence, including
many energy efficient products, cars and vendors.  Jay spoke
specifically about the subsidies available to residents who install
solar panels on their homes (30% off on top of the state and federal
tax credits), and finally Ben exhibited some of the products that Next
Steps provides during their free home energy assessments (light bulbs,
low flow shower heads, programmable theromstat) and also described the
$2000 per year subsidy availabe to every homeowner and renter to use
for energy improvements (like blown in insulation).

Mary Kern with Green Decade folks

Ben Harold from Next Step Living, Mary (obviously), Peter Smith who is the Chairman of the
Newton Chamber of Commerce Environment Committee and Jay Walter, who
leads Newton’s Eco Project.  Unfortunately, Marcia Cooper from Green
Decade Newton (who arranged for all these guys to come and who spoke
first) had to rush out after the meeting to meet her mother at the
airport, so she's not in the photo :-(.

Below is a picture of Chris Chu with her family at Old North Church.

Chris Chu with family

Thank you to Sue Peghiny, Stella Pang, and Chris Chu for your help with pics and updates to this newsletter.

Respectfully submitted,

Marie Presti

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Rotary Meeting Tuesday October 8th, 2013

Posted by Marie Presti on Oct 07, 2013
Newton Rotary Gear 10.8.13
Mary Kern called the meeting to order at 12:30PM.
The pledge was led by Bert Martinson
The invocation was given by Mary Kern
The song was led by Chris Chu


Ed Casavant - the student of the month for all the months are scheduled.  They've got NNHS and Mount Alvernia in the queue already and spots for the other schools.  Tony Bibbo is helping us with NSHS.

Tom Keery - He announced the "return" of the Newton Has Talent Poster; He is looking to see if we can package sponsors between our Death by Chocolate fundraiser and our Newton Has Talent fundraiser.  He's asked for Mary's help.

Death by Chocolate fundraiser:  It was announced that the hotel we usually have the event at is going through renovations and therefore, we can't have it there this year.  So the committee is looking for a new venue and possibly a new date.  

Thanksgiving luncheon:  Tom Keery said he was going to meet Braeburn today with Jeff Tucker but given Jeff was not in attendance then maybe Mary Kern could step in afterwards.  She agreed.

Marie:  Apologized for the multiple emails that were sent out this past week with the club bulletin.  She is figuring out the technology of how to include and exclude past bulletins and therefore sent out the first one with lots of past bulletins at the bottom.  It should be better this week. :)

Mary Kern announced for the last time the Rotary Polio fundraiser at the Providence Hockey game this Friday night.  Anyone interested in still going should email her right away.  There are still tickets available and a percent goes to the International Polio fund.

Mary announced that monday is Columbus Day.  Therefore, next week we will NOT meet on Tuesday but instead we will meet on WEDNESDAY.  Please don't show up on Tuesday or you'll be alone here eating leftovers from the weekend.  

Happy Dollars:

Chris Chu:  for Karen Douglas, the Newton North 18 year old girl who went missing for several days and whose body was found over the weekend.  Editor added the following excerpt from the Newton Patch today
(Relatives and friends are invited to attend Karen’s Mass of Christian Burial on Saturday, Oct. 12 at 1 p.m. in St Patrick Church, 44 East Central St. (route 135) in Natick. Visiting hours are Friday, Oct. 11, from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the John Everett and Sons Funeral Home, 4 Park Street on the Natick Common. Public services will conclude following the Funeral Mass. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to

Sue Peghiny:  for her trip to visit her son in Boulder Colorado.  She went to the CU football game where they were slaughtered by Oregon Ducks 57-16 .  The following day she did a day trip to top of Pikes Peak where for history buffs was where Catherine Lee Bates wrote "Oh Beautiful". See below for cool pics.  Another happy dollar for our guest Ron Hoffman from the ALS community who Sue invited to speak to us today.  

Sue in Boulder

Mark Nicholas:  step daughter coming to visit.  first grandchild due in January.

Tom Keery:  Suspense dollar.  It could be happy or it could be sad.  He got a voicemail from his daughters boyfriend and hasn't listened to it yet.  He has suspicions that it may be that she might get engaged... stay tuned...

Ed Casavant:  for BU who beat St. Francis this past weekend.

Peter Mahler:  He gets to sit next to Bert Martinson today and hasn't seen him in a while.

Paul Stone:  For the Red Sox winning two games.  Sad dollar for them losing last night.

Dick Bowen:  Red Sox go all the way.

Justin Sallaway:  he is just happy to have a dollar.  (Aren't we all... )

Marie Presti:  for our guest Ron Hoffman and learning about the ALS non profit and for the weather today given its better than its been all week with the rain we've had.
Mary picked Justin's ticket.  6 Diamonds.  too bad... Sue clapped  :)

Sue introduced our speaker:

Ron Hoffman, Compassionate Care ALS.  Sue got involved because her brother's best friend got ALS and past away. He was an incredible composer.  Did a CD of Sue's brother's friend's compositions.  100% goes to compassionate Care ALS.  Sue and her husband are singing on the CD.  Still for sale if anyone wants to still buy it.  They sell them on the website below.

Since 1997, Ron got into this type of work by accident.  Ron worked for Gordon Heald who was a caterer and worked in Worcester.  Gordon was diagnosed with ALS.  His speech was off.  Ron started driving Gordon because his wife asked him to help Gordon so he wouldn't get any more speeding tickets.  One night at 1:30 AM Gordon called Ron needing something but couldn't put it into words.  Ron went over, Gordon was on the floor.  His wife Betsy, then asked him to move in with them to help Gordon live his life.

Ron and Gordon's wife asked Gordon whether to fund in Gordon's name?  Gordon said yes.  They agreed to make the premise to help people.  Gordon T. Heald ALS Fund.  MA ALS chapter asked Ron to merge the organizations and join their board.  He stayed for 1.5 years then separated and brought the original organization with him.  They support individuals living with ALS.  Physically, emotionally, spiritually.  Don't tell families what they don't want to know.  He doesn't tell them what he thinks they should know.  Family Dynamics.  Each one looks different.  Ron's group tries to figure out whats going on inside the home.  Then they provide things that are not paid for by the medical benefits.  Education is a big piece.  Nursing students and medical students sometimes say too much to ALS families and the families are not ready to hear that information.  Ron goes beyond just the ABC's.  

Its a relational model.  Sometimes it is just "Thank you for the ramp".  Other times, its more of a relationship.  
They will drive across the state to help families.  Sometimes its telling families how bad it can get.  

Counseling, equipment (wheelchair), ramps, vertical lifts, shower accessories, chairs on wheels, reclining stand up chairs, psychotherapists, grieve and trauma specialists, 450K people are diagnosed with ALS worldwide.  3-5 years is the normal lifespan once diagnosed, there are 35K diagnosed in the US.  There is a registry but its difficult to track.   

Visit for more information or to buy a CD.  100% of the proceeds of the sale of the CD goes towards this organization .CD Cover for ALS non profit

Sue Mary and Tom Hoffman from ALS

Sue Peghiny, Ron Hoffman, and Mary Kern.

Mary adjoined at 1:27pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Marie Presti :)


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Rotary Meeting Tuesday October 1st, 2013

Posted by Marie Presti on Sep 30, 2013

Mary Kern was out sick today... :(  So Mark Nicholas, our President Elect, called the meeting to order at 12:30 PM.

Pledge:  Dick Bowen

Invocation:  Tom Keery
Song:  Susanne McInerney

Sergeant of Arms: Stella Pang

She introduced our four guests this week:  Two of them were guests of Dick Bowen.  His sister, Leona and her friend Elaine, who are visiting from the middle of  PA.  Cindy Spittel is a friend of Sue Peghiny and also a past (and prospective future) member of Newton Rotary.  She also introduced our guest speaker Glenn Laffel, CEO of Wellcoin.


Death by Chocolate annual fundraiser is Feb 23rd.  This is a new date.

Football luncheon committee:  Paul Sullivan got Steve Burton, lead sportscaster for WBZ who challenged Coach Belichick in the past , to speak at the Thanksgiving day luncheon.  His son plays quarterback for Newton South so it was a bit easier than usual (nonetheless thanks Paul!!).  Its the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, starting a bit early right at noon, here at Braeburn Country Club.  There will be a committee meeting at Indigo soon.  Put this into your calendars now!!

Newton Has Talent:  The committee recently walked the Auditorium with the stage crew.  Pressing issue is advertisers.  Tom is working it out now.  Anyone want to step up?  See Tom.

Jeff:  invoices being mailed out for Q4 today.  Pay them quickly please.

Tour de Newton.  This Sunday. October 6, 2013.

Raffle:  Cindy chooses winner.  079.  Jim Means...4 of Hearts.  too bad...

Happy Dollars:  

Jim Means:  nice weather
David Seller:  Stella
Marie Presti:  Eddie in Boulder maybe can see Sue when she's out there; Brendan's starting homework
Paul Stone:  Red Sox
Peggy:  Dick Bowen's sister and her friend visiting with us from PA.
Dick Bowen:  same
Susanne McInerney:  Sister still in hospital, Newtonville Day this past weekend
Paul Sullivan: for speakers today
Sue Peghiny:  4 days in Boulder
Tom Keery:  happy - time in Spain.  wife was with him.  sad:  hit ground and fell sad:  fell again.  bruises.  See picture below.  The picture must have been "before the two falls"... :)
Stella Pang:  kids back at school
Cindy:  nice being back to Rotary
Jeff Tucker:  birthday.  hiked tallest mountain in Maine.  took all day.
Tony Bibbo:  Happy to see Cindy.  60th high school reunion.  110 registered.
Paul Kerrissey:  sad:  stung in hand feeding bees.  happy: bees

Speaker:  Glenn Laffel.  CEO of Wellcoin.  Help world get healthier.  
About Glenn:
Live near Newton South for 31 years.  grew up in NY.
Cardiologist.  involved in first heart transplant.  6 years at Brigham and Women's. in 1993 gave it up.  became an entrepreneur.  2 other companies have done well.  Wellcoin is 3rd company.

44M mobile apps downloaded last year
$14B on health and wellness programs spent by companies
free for users; earn Wellcoins by doing health things.  never expire.
claim you did something healthy
validate activity earn more Wellcoins
get rewards if you earn enough.  partners put specials (wholefoods, Pinkberry, sports club LA)
earn virtual health currency
social component.  compete with friends, learn what others do.
partners have a page so you can see what rewards are giving and how much you need to reach those goals
trying to make it easier to earn Wellcoins.  ie. integrating with heart rate monitors,  step monitors, etc.

sample rewards:  free pure bar class, bag groceries, free season pass to the town pool

Get Moving (Zumba, sailing, bowling, walking, etc.)
Eat Well (pass on salt)
Tune Up (see doctor, chiropractor
Give Back (give blood, charitable donation, flowers for spouse)
Feel Good (nap, sleep 7+ hours)
Have Fun (concerts, sitting on deck, playing with grandchildren)

verification can be via friends, photos, or data export(fitbit, MBO)


Below is Tom (before the falls) off the coast of the Mediterranean just north of Barcelona in Spain.  

Tom bike riding in Spain


This is a picture that Tony shared with us which is Rotary many years ago (not sure how many).  It has several current members in there including Tom with hair... and also Min who past away this year who was a long time Rotarian.

Newton Rotary past

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Rotary Meeting Tuesday September 17, 2013

Posted by Marie Presti on Sep 16, 2013

written by Jeff Tucker

Pledge of Allegiance: Paul Stone

Invocation: Mary Kern

Song: Chris Chu selected “My Country Tis of Thee”


There was no Sergeant at Arms today but we had a few guests that were introduced:

                Amanda Samaha who is a potential member from Newton North High School

                Carolina introduced a lawyer friend from Venezuela who visited us



Paul Kerrissey reported that a great meeting was held at Sue Peghiny’s house and many ideas came out of it

Tom Keery announced that Sunday March 30, 2014 was the next Newton Has Talent

Chris Chu reported that there will be a Membership Committee meeting at her house Friday 9/20/13 at 1PM

Peggy Lepore reported that the St Patrick’s Day Lasell Village luncheon will be held Wednesday 3/19/14

President Mary announced that in memory of Min Horiuchi donations could be made to Newton Rotary Foundation. His memorial will held next month at the Burlington Marriott.

The district is holding a Rotary Leadership Conference in Boxboro, MA on 10/26/13 and the club will reimburse any fees for those willing to attend.

Friday October 18th is Rotary night at the Providence Bruins. Please see Mary for the full details.

Happy Dollars:

Justin Sallaway was happy for his High School Reunion

Jeff Tucker was happy to attend the Barry Price Center luncheon at The Capital Grill.

Amanda Samaha was happy to make plans to visit Las Vegas

Paul Kerrissey was happy to be a Rotarian

Peggy Lepore was happy to have lunch with our visitor from Venezuela

Paul Stone was happy about “them Red Sox”


We had a classification talk from Paul Sullivan.  Picture above was from his induction a few weeks ago.

Paul was born in Dorchester and later moved to Manchester, NH where he went to High School.

In his career he’s worked for AT&T, in Real Estate development, and now Financial Planning.

He has two sons, Jake and Patrick, who are 10 and 12.

In his spare time he enjoys biking, golf, skiing, and spending time at his vacation home in New Hampshire.

Interesting fact: he’s part owner of a theater in Las Vegas

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Rotary Meeting September 10, 2013

Posted by Marie Presti on Sep 09, 2013

Written by Marie Presti

Mary called the meeting to order at 12:30PM.

Pledge of Allegiance:  Paul Stone

Invocation:  Paul Kerrissey.  He spoke of how we ask for thankfulness for our sports teams and keep the Red Sox in first place.

Song:  Susanne McInerney started us in God Bless America.

Sergeant of Arms:  Stella introduced our two guests:  Amanda Samaha (NNHS), Terry Hickey ( Susanne's guest from REMAX) and guest speaker CJ Coolidge.

She also gave a nice Quote:

"Today may there be peace within. May you trust that you are exactly where you are meant to be.  May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith in yourself and others.  May you use the gifts that you have received and pass on the love that has been given to you.  May you be content with yourself just the way you are.  Let this knowledge settle into your bones, and allow your soul the freedom to sing, dance, praise and love. It is there for each and every one of us. "


Mary said she is looking for a new committee appointment for the Death by Chocolate Fundraiser in January.  She was the Newton's main committee member in past years but as President she needs to delegate.

Friday Oct 18th the Providence Bruins is having a Rotary Night.  Anyone interested in going should speak to Mary.

Mary gave an update on Bruce Leaver's health.  He called her to say he is doing well.  Finished he chemo treatments.  In rehab to help him gain back his peripheral vision.  Hopefully he'll be coming back soon.

Sue announced that on Sept 12 at 5:30 she is hosting a speakers brainstorming night.  Paul offered free drinks.

Paul announced that he is going to pick up the flags and banners that we have from Jeff and sew on new ones that we've received.  If anyone has a flag they have received from going to another Rotary chapter to visit, please give them to Paul so he can have them sewn on the banner.

Happy Dollars

Susanne McInerney:  Her sister got a mercer infection and back at Brigham and Womens Hospital.  She sang with Pete Seager "we shall overcome" for a 50th Martin Luther Kings event.  Her brother, Bob Long was on TV.

Paul Kerrissey:  Something about he had some work done on his wisdom teeth and Braeburn was offering pasta today.

Paul Stone:  Red Sox

Tom Keery:  His nephew's wedding in Nantucket was wonderful.  But he was upset that his daughter did not catch the bouquet.  (Question, is, was SHE upset that she didn't catch it?)

Bert:  Happy Birthday to Jim Means.  He is having a big one.

Peggy: for Bruce

John - for Bruce

Dick - for Bruce

Jim - for Min's life and sorry that he passed away.  

Sue - for her trip to New Harbor Maine.  Also the Colorado Football game.  

Amanda - for her first meeting being at "the country club" since her husband calls all of Newton the "Country Club".

Stella - gave $4 but my notes are sketchy... (sorry Stella)

Chris - for going to LA for her mom's 90th birthday and having lunch with her jr high school friends after not seeing them for 40 years.

Speaker - Our speaker was CJ Coolidge, the author of  "The People-Driven business:  Accessing Human Assets for Bottom-Line Results".  He gave us a lively presentation about how we are going to have to adapt to the changing communication styles that the various generations have if we are to appreciate our younger workers.  If you want a copy of his book you can do one of a few things:

1) text your name and email to 13142000504 

2) with a short code Text RCN13 to 58885


Mary with CJ Coolidge

Adjourned right at 1:30PM.

Respectfully submitted by Marie Presti.  Please forgive typos... :)

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Rotary Meeting Wednesday Sept 4 2013

Posted by Marie Presti on Sep 02, 2013

written by Marie with Help from Chris Chu (Thanks Chris)

Mary called the meeting to order at 1:30PM

Pledge of allegiance was led by Peggy Lapore

Invocation was given by Tom Keery

Song was led by Chris Chu.  She sang My Country Tis of Thee.

Stella our Sergeant of Arms introduced our guest, Paul Sullivan.  Today is Paul's last day as visitor since he will be inducted as a member.  She gave us a funny joke.

Announcements:  Dick announced the Min Horiuchi, a long term Newton Rotarian, passed away.  His family is having a memorial event on Oct 6th from 2-5 at the Burlington Marriott.  Email  Tom, Dick, and Marie, & Jim expressed interest in going to honor him.

Marie announced that they are doing a Senior Safety Day on Friday Sept 13th from 1-4.  Anyone interested in helping out should contact her.

Mary announced that the Providence Bruins is having a Rotary night on Oct 18th at 7:05 at the Dunk Arena.  Email Mary if you're interested in going.

Chris announced that on Oct 26th there is a Rotary Leadership Institute day at the Boxborough Holiday In.  $75 cost but our club will reimburse you if you go.

Sept 10 there is a membership forum with the district.

Mary had two membership items.  First Sue already had been inducted but never got her pin.  So they officially gave it to her today.  Second, Paul Sullivan was inducted as a member.

Peggy's ticket was picked but it was the Queen of Clubs.  Better luck next time Peggy.

Happy Dollars

David Sellers was happy to be back.

Sue for her weekend and her son graduating this year

Jeff to welcome Paul

Stella gave $10 for her 10 day camping trip

Chris for Paul

Marie for Paul and Min

Justin happy to be back

Paul for Min

Tom for 1) Paul 2) Min 3) Dave 4) nephews wedding hes going to on Nantucket

Ed for Paul, Min, and the fact that he is now part time at his bank

John for Paul, Min

Peggy for Paul (and noted we now have 3 Pauls)

Dick for Paul

Tony for Paul

Bill $2 for Paul and Min and $10 for Helen and he leaving for a trip until end of October.  They have a wedding in Kentucky and visiting their kids in CT.

Chris $5 going to LA tomorrow for her moms 90th bday

Mary for Paul since its Mary's first new member with her as President.  She also announced that Pat Palmer took a 6 month leave of absence and Mary was named the interim President and CEO.  

Paul Sullivan gave $10 and said he hopes to become a very active member.

Paul Kerrissey gave a happy dollar for the 9/12 meeting and said he offered drinks for people who attend.


Jeff Tucker gave a talk on Genetic Testing.  Its a service called "23andme".  You mail in your salivia in a test tube and in 6 weeks you get the results.

similar to diagnostic imaging

like a chromosomal "linked-in"

Jeff showed his ancestry which is 99.9% European and .1% Subsarian African

It can show genetic disposition for many diseases
Mary with Paul Sullivan




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Rotary Meeting August 13 2013

Posted by Marie Presti on Aug 12, 2013
Rotary 8/13/13.  Editor is Marie Presti

Mary Kern rang the bell at 12:30 PM.

Pledge:  Bill Lowry
Song:  Susanne McInerney "God Bless America"
Invocation:  Paul Kerrissey.  He spoke about thanking us for our service

Mary:  District Governor Douglas Detweiler, will be at next week's meeting on Tuesday Aug 27th to talk to us.  Mary will be here even though she is on vacation.  We need a big turnout.  Sometimes he wants to come earlier but there is no board meeting.  So Mary will let us now.  

Marie - She is doing the note taking to produce the gear... bear with her as she gets used to doing it.  She's not the best speller so if she spells your name wrong please let her know.  She won't take offense... :) 

Sue - She is in charge of the speaker calendar with David Sellers.  If you have an idea send it to Sue and she will followup.  She and Paul Kerrissey is trying to coordinate a time to meet to discuss speakers and rumor has it that it involves alcohol and may be on Sept 5th.  She'll send out an email.

Mary Kern gave $5 because she was sort of on vacation this past week.  She went golfing and other local things including the beach.  One of the dollars was sad because she pulled her back out by sneezing... (Crazy huh?).  She also gave a dollar for Bruce Leaver and gave us an update on him.  He called her said he's been wanting to say hello.  Last round of chemo this week.  Then 2 more weeks to recover.  He said to say hello to all of us.  Doctors told him it was a surface brain tumor which is better than most.  They are feeling good that they may have gotten it all.  They may do radiation after depending.  This is all a very good prognosis.  He hopes to be back with us fairly soon.  We love you Bruce!  

Indira  Desai for Bruce hope he gets better fast.

Susanne McInerney gave a dollar for Gervaise her sister who is doing well at Spaulding rehab.  She's been 18 weeks in the hospital.  They nicked her heart when they were cotterizing veins around the heart.  Another dollar was for her brother, Bob Long, who was a Detective Lieutenant and was one of the first witnesses at the Whitey Bulger Trial.  He got interviewed by the media and all... It was a big day for him yesterday hearing the verdict.

Tom Keery for Bruce looking forward to good news.  For Marie with understanding that she will explain what she did this past weekend.

Sue Peghiny gave $6 as it was a big week.  She went sailing on premaster schooner, 3 days on Bear Island on Lake Winni, and her son's grades from New Zealand were great!  Lastly, her husband and her went on the sail boat "Allegra" with Paul Kerrissey.  (I'm jealous... )

Paul Kerrissey for Bruce, for Mary for doing the Jimmy fund walk with 13.1 miles on Sept 8th.  She is looking for donations for Pat Palmer's wife.  As an aside, Mary gave us an update on Pat's Wife... she can't take Evastan, so she just got accepted into a clinical trial.  Only 4 people with this type of cancer was accepted into the trial so they're excited to try it.  It just started today.  She does the walk in her honor.  Mary, send us the link via email so those who can walk but wants to donate can do their part.

Bill Lowry $2 for Bruce, for his oldest grandaughter Emily who was in the cast of Susical in Newton, played part of "Sour Kangaroo".  All the kids were blooming actors.  Now with 2 weeks before school and no play rehearsals they are now able to hang out...

Tony Bibbo for Bruce, for the fundraiser "Dancing with the Stars" that Brookline Rotary ran last week, and for Tom Keery and Marie Presti who placed 4th in the contest... Everyone in the room stopped and stared at Tom and Marie.Is that what Tom gave a happy dollar for earlier? (Tony was kidding...really... hahaha)

Dick Bowen for his daughter visiting here from Staten Island.  She actually asked him to give us a happy dollar from her.  THANK YOU!

Peggy Lepore, welcomed back fellow Rotarian Paul Stone back to the meeting for the first time since his fall.  Yea!!  and he looked very good too.

Paul Stone as he was happy to be back at the meeting and healthy again.  He also did his usual "how about them Red Sox!"

Stella Pang gave $15 today since today is her 14th year wedding anniversary!  CONGRATULATIONS!  She also commented part of it was for Bruce.

Marie gave $5 to give an update on her mom... (bone biopsy was Monday and confirmed it was hormonal cancer which metastasized from her breast into her pelvic bone as well as skull and legs.  Oncologist appointments next week to recommend treatment plan.  She also described her Spartan Saturday race.  It was a 3.2 mile mountainous run (actually walk on many occasions)   along with 15 obstacles including jumping over fire, climbing 10 foot walls, climbing up 12 foot hanging ropes to ring a bell, dragging tires, and crawling under muddy barbed wired.  See pictures at the end of this newsletter to get the full effects...

No guests today so Stella is off the hook for introducing guests.  But we'll miss her joke...

Paul picked Marie's number.  about $500 in the kitty.  9 clubs.  too bad.  (this time really too bad because it was me who didn't pick it...)

Mary thought membership met this week but actually it was notes from last year.  So we had a discussion about membership which has recently dwindled and about how to increase our membership for this great organization.

Stella putting together list of organizations of who to target in Newton
Tony came up with idea... letting us know when someone isn't going to be here so they can invite a guest in their place to eat the lunch on them.
Hit newton Wellesley hospital, Laselle college, 
Chris wants to be sure to assign the right person to who will call so they answer the person's questions.
Knox Trail Boy Scouts
Mount Ida
Boston College

Bill Lowry can bring in the book from 20 years ago for us to review what companys were represented way back when.  
Maybe inviting president of the colleges to come and speak first (as we had in the past).  Different presidents could come and speak.  We'd make headway if we asked to come and speak first and then judge their interest in joining.
Mary said she can get them to come for lunch... but sometimes people said they already belong to the "chamber".  Competition?  Do one or the other.  We're a luncheon club that helps the community.  We need to be able to help differentiate us.  Maybe get Greg to come.  He's the head of the Chamber of Commerce for Newton/Needham.
Taking a day and walking into the local businesses.  Auburndale Keys drug owner was thinking of joining.
We need a list and then match up who goes to which person.
Indira was invited to Worcester installation lunch.  Invitation in the mail.  Everyone was asked to invite a person $15.  People from everywhere.  President had 10 members to join as a goal.  They ended up with 5 members.  Getting them to death by chocolate.  Some entertainers.  

Marketing.  tied to membership drive.  Put an ad in craigslist.  Come on and do community service.  TAB can put a free press release.  25th anniversary of women in Rotary.  We've had 5-6 Women presidents.  We ought to take advantage of it.  Do a skit and invite people.  What will men contribute to Rotary?  Today we are 1/2 women and 1/2 men.  That could be a theme.  

Bring a potential member.  Have a visitor day at luncheon.  That would be the speaker.  Incent current members to bring a member.  Go back through the speaker list and ask them if they want to be on the friends list.  Mary will put together a committee.  Different ethnic communities.  Russian community in Auburndale might be good to ask if they want to join.

Board members of each of the non profits should be asked to come since we do donate and offer community grants which they may be eligible for.  2nd step, Newton Food Pantry.  Check with Ed for last 10 years of who we donated to.  

Mary Adjourned early at 1:15PM


Paul Stone accompanies by our President, Mary Kern, and his weekly ride, Dick Bowen.  Thank you Dick!!

Yours Truly,




Rotary Meeting August 13 2013 Marie Presti 2013-08-13 00:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting Aug 6 2013

Posted by Marie Presti on Aug 05, 2013
Written by Marie Presti (please forgive typos, non sentences, and mispellings...)

Mark Nicholas called the meeting to order in Mary Kern's absence.  Mary is on vacation this week.

Dick Bowen - pledge
Tom Keery - Song - Oh Beautiful
Paul Kerrissey - Invocation

Happy Dollars
Indira Desai:  Visit from children from CA
Peggy Lepore:  one from each of our speakers
Dick Bowen:  because Indira is collecting
Tony Bibbo:  went to Red Sox Game.  Ovation 3-5 minutes for Navy man, 2 tours of duty
Paul Kerrissey:  is hoping Tom Keery hits lottery so he can buy a pair of socks
Marie Presti: sad dollar for her Mom who was recently diagnosed with bone cancer.  It metastasized from her breast cancer 10 years ago.  She is looking for oncologist recommendations at Daner Farber.

Mark had Mike Stuart picked Ticket.  Dick Hardaway got winning ticket.  Pot is about $600.  But he picked the 9 diamonds.  too bad...

Mark thanked Marie for being note recorder today.  :)

Chris:  Decided to start to use the information from our Member surveys a while back and do a quiz.  Who is this Rotarian?  former occupation:  Real Estate developer, 13 years in Rotary, his dad was a Rotarian which is how he joined.  Sports - likes watching; favorite restaurants local, legal seafood.  Who is this?  Answer at the bottom of this newsletter...

Ed Casavant:  Student of the month is continuing.  Bob Staulo used to work with Ed but given Bob's been sick Ed will continue it himself for now.  There will be Student of the Months starting in late September.  We used to do 5 schools but now that Trinity Catholic is gone, we'll only do 4 schools.

Speakers.  Somehow we got double booked.  Two EXCELLENT speakers.
Mike Stuart Cataldo Ambulance Service.  if you dial 911 you would get them.
Director of Clinical Services
your EMS provider for city of Newton
what is EMS:  It started in the 70's with anatomy and physiology training.  Its come a long way.
They respond within 6 minutes of call with ambulance and fire engine and sometimes police too.  able to handle whatever it is.  medical emergency, behavioral emergency, or fire, etc.
call into dispatcher.  if medical transferred to medical emergency dispatcher, go through algorithm. two levels in Newton

1) basic life support ambulance with 2 technicians 150 hours training.  arrive on scene and do assessment.  if they can handle or request assistance.

2) Advanced Life Support require 2000 hrs training 1-2 years to complete.  paramedic.  6 month classroom.  Go into hospital and rotate (OR, Labor, ICU) and work with doctors to get understanding of each area.  field internship 200 hours and calls with experienced providers.  then tested national exam.  practical hands on skill exam and a computer test.  Every 2 years re certifying with continuing education.

Two uniformed EMT's or paramedics arrive on scene.  Bring equipment.  Stethoscope, vital signs, ask questions.  Is this new or dealing with for a while, what medicines, other health problems, allergies, what is your doctor.  Goes to Newton Wellesley Hospital.  But sometimes they travel to Mass General, Beth Israel or wherever they are being followed is they're ok to travel that distance.

Divide city in north and south.  195 Crafts St. and base on Waltham St. in fire station.
1) Tom:  What if people don't have cognitive decision making?
don't want to do "kidnapping"... Do we feel that the person has the capacity to answer the question at that time.  Is the person behaving normally?  is it acute thing?  They can Call medical control physician if necessary to ask their advice.  Physician can speak to patient directly.  Have to sign a "refusal" before they leave.  If they not conscious, its implied consent.  But if belligerent, the police has section 12 they can sign which is involuntary hospitalization and they can then restrain them.

2) Tom:  told a story of when he fell off his bike.  He said to EMT that he was fine.  But ambulance asked 3 questions.  where are you?  what day is it?  where are you going? When he answered no to all three, the then said, "get in!"

3) Ed.  If there is no obvious fire, why have fire for first responders?  have oxygen.  most are paramedics.  95% medical emergencies vs. fires.  The fire folks can administer oxygen before the EMT's get there.  Why 2 fire engines?  We don't know...

4) Chris - how many calls?  Newton 10-20 calls.   There are many non emergency calls too.  Ambulance requests for transport.

5) how many per ambulance.  EMT's work varied 8-12 hour shifts.  Require 2 medics.  State recognizes PB (transfers).  Basic life support vs. advanced life support.  Paid by insurance (premiums).  EMT bills insurance.  They don't charge the city.  Enough reimbursements make it worth to be in the communities.  T

6) Chris:  how many communities do you cover?  17 communities

Tom:  Had to use EMT from his town and got a bill from town (Sherborn) for ambulance.  Not Newton.  Chair Car - is they're in a wheelchair.

Demonstrated some of the equipment in an ambulance.
Autopulse.  Takes over CPR.  Better circulation rather than just manual arms.  It pauses so they can give a breath.  Safer than breaking ribs.  Hospital loves it because they don't have to do chest compressions while transporting into hospital.  Its been out for 6 years.  $9K cost.
Defribulator - automatic and manual

2nd Speaker.  Ty Lemerande from Navy Reserves, Commander, Graduate of Naval Academy 20+ navy years.  Connection to military is dwindling.  Seldom see people wearing uniform.  He is in uniform today (blueish...) Cami style.
Public Affairs Officer.  Dealing with media and public regarding navy.  As Afghanistan veteran, talked to Nauset school.  Kids had never met or talked with anyone in uniform.  Less than 1% served in military.

Its your navy.  We pay his salary.  Public institution.  Get out into community.
Where we are, services that we provide.

70%covered by water, 80% population lives near water, 90% commerce traverses on the waterways that Navy protects.
Aircraft carriers in Caribbean, mediterranean, piracy still exists.  In straits and waterways throughout the world.  Protect our commerce.  They all get there by way of oceans.  Drug in South America in Caribbean.

Power projection, park aircraft carrier, it sends message to us.  Hurricanes to Haiti, navy there within 24 hours providing food, services, ems, etc.

lots of "toys".  Ships, submarines, aircraft, special forces, Navy operates them.
spent 8 months in Afghanistan.  Amazed that many folks had been there 4-5 times.  18-25 year olds make up majority.  Active duty, every day in country, 1 day at home.  365 days in war zone, gets you 1 year at home.  military can then send you back.  Run into kids been alive for same time we've been in war.

Does Shakespeare across country with his wife.  Perform 2 productions for Shakespeare on demand, 1 man Hamlet.  Room full of armed men and women.  He said, "he'd better not stink tonight..."

1) Dick:  Reserves 1 weekend a month 2 weeks/year.  But when 9/11 happened, army said they didn't have enough people. so they dipped into navy, marines, etc.  Got help.  Then they dipped into reserves too.  Put Navy into jobs that they can do. Ty went to SC to become and army man.  M16, M9, stripes without the jokes.  Talk Army.  Head vs. Latrene.  Learn lingo.

His job was to handle visitors.  Nato operation.  Everyone wants to see what their country is doing.  Big wig.  helicopters.

2) Tom:    Do you get a lot of transfers from military into reserves?  5/1 if you're in reserves.  He has 2 brothers in active duty now.  When they turn 20 years, they get retirement checks.  He gets pension checks when he's 60.  If you're deployed, you're away from your family.  Says a lot.  Not an easy life.  Need to serve.

3) Dick.  Whats your take on Afghanistan after we pull out?  Personal opinion is:  transition phase.  Afghans needs to step up and take control of their own country.  They need to learn how to farm, learn to protect their own people.  He doesn't think they'll be able to do that.  Did we make a difference?  You want to think that you did.  Problem is the people appointed to govern them are a bit wacky...  there will come a time when its out of our hands...  We'll have a force there but we need to bring our men home.  Give the reigns back to the Afghans and see what happens.

4) Ed.  What is age eligibility?  special forces is low.  DCO - direct commission officers, they say I want to serve?  Knife and Fork school in Newport.  Doctors are that way.  Untapped market, now retired, wants to do something else with their time.

Walmart story.  first day came in late, second day late, third day late, what did you do with your old job.  Good morning Admiral would you like a cup of coffee?


Adjourned promptly at 1:30PM

Who is this Rotarian Answer:  Dick Bowen

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Rotary Meeting Tuesday July 30, 2013

Posted by Marie Presti on Jul 29, 2013
Mary Rang the bell at 12:30 PM.

Pledge - Bert Martinson

Song - Marie Presti My country tis of thee

Invocation - John Hurney (John had a really nice invocation today. thoughtful and insightful.

Speaker - Aaron Goldman - from Mayors Office
Stella - gave a joke as she introduced the visitors...  this week it was pretty funny and she's giving Mark a run for his money... :)

Mary Announcements:
1) Chris -membership. Big push for membership in September.  Resurrect our committee.  Focus on where do we find new members, how do we market ourselves, what material do we give them.
2) Tom - Its coming up.  Newton has Talent 2nd.  need a date.  big things is the website. Improve that.  He ran into one of our judges, Joe Amarosino this past week.  He said "I hope you're doing that Newton Has Talent again!" Tom replied "I hope you'll judge again!" and he said he would do it again.
3) Death by Chocolate fundraiser - meetings will be starting in October.  Talk to Mary if you want to be on the committee.
4) David Sellers - is doing the work of 5 people because his head of camp resigned in July.  so he and sue is working on speakers.  so if you know someone good who could speak let them know.  Speaker calendar is on the website
5) Tom - Lets have a website review at a meeting.  Jeff volunteered to do a demonstration.  Will put on calendar.
6) Chris - member directory.
7) Grand opening event - Sept - Marriott Needham exit 19A near Sheraton on B street.
8) Jeff - occasionally review member billing.  since only quarterly, it was suggested that if past due 45 days, Jeff will send an email.  Do don't take it personally, just pay so we can pay Braeburn, etc.

Happy Dollars -
Justin - picking up daughter at airport from Morocco
Jeff - $2 bill vacation for 2 weeks
Chris - for guests, weather today
Stella - for guests
Tom - played in Boys and Girls Club golf tournament fundraiser.  He saw Ed Casavant there.  Tom's comment was if you play with him, wear a helmet. With Tom or Ed?  That is the question... :)  Ed was with a potential member, Frank, owner of The Local. the local is opening up two additional bars/restaurants in Wellesley and Wayland also called The Local.
Sue - weather is good.  skyped with her son.
Marie - sad for boyfriend Eddie getting laid off, but he got extended 4 months, but its in Boulder so now he's traveling a lot.
Mary - 2 happy dollars on vacation next week.  Mark has agreed to be President next week

Raffle - pot is about $600.  Jeff picked ticket.  Mark's ticket is picked.  7 spades.  Too bad... (or good for the rest of us?)

Guest Speaker
Aaron - Newton City Hall.   Last time was about a year ago when Setti was speaking.  Today is harder.  Born here in Newton and graduated in 1999 grad from NNHS.  Went to UMass Boston.
First wanted to be a doctor.  But not good at Math and Science.  After a year changed major to political science.  Accepted at an internship at Boston office of Senator Kerry.  Assigned to work with Setti Warren back then.  Worked hard then and works hard now.
After college left to work on Hillary Clinton's campaign.  Moved to Iowa.  knocking on doors, promoting events, etc.  After Hillary finished 3rd in caucuses.  Went to Las Vegas, RI, PA.  worked with different groups of people.

Policy & communications advisor on Joint committee on transportation.  MassDOT (used to be turnpike authority, massport, etc.) volunteering for Mayors Campaign.  Afterwards, he asked to join his team.  3.5 years.

- Openness and Transparency - 70 town hall style meetings.  learn about what is going on and give opinions.  budget priorities, etc.  Three 1) Education 2) Public Safety and 3) Infrastructure.

Regular Office Hours - 10-15 minute meeting.  any resident.  400 meetings.
Jan 2010 - only way to report was to call.  No Metrics.  But now, overseeing implementation of 311 system.  Request is logged into web database with a unique work order including email address.  Residents can log directly on the city's website.  40-45 common service requests.  Being used 25% of the time. 70K requests over 2.5 years.
Reinstated the reversed 911 system for the city to call residents.
close relationship with business community.  businesses and land owners and their concerns.  Issues:  storefront sidewalks are uneven, fill empty storefronts, help find a location - every available open space.
Rox diner, example - west roxbury.  looking for location in newton.  About to open in Newton Highlands where bakers best was located.
larger scale developments - on route 9 chestnut hill square development mix of open space businesses including Wegmans (opening in march) and across at "The street" shake shack, la sports, pink berry, Davios, movie theater.

Getting the finances in order - didn't have a CFO prior to Setti.  Hired Maureen Lemeau.  0 based budgeting.  what services to you provide, what money do you need, and lets build up for each dept.  start over every year.  Saved $15 M .  Negotiated with 17 unions.  Many contracts were up.  previously spending more money than it had.  revenue was increasing at $2 M but expenses were increasing at $4M so something had to be done.  Rate of revenue and expenses are level at 2.5% with Setti.

Community Engagement team, Ana Gonzalez, to improve the aesthetics in each village.  Newtonville.  Beautiful  Trying to improve Walk-ability and beautification.  Some city funding and private funding.  For Newtonville, they replaced a few trash barrels with nicer looking ones, planters over the bridge on Walnut St.  Had a village Day last year for the first time.  Nonantum has had 2 village days last 2 years.  Beginning in West Newton this year.

Spring, launched partnership Wellcoin.  Glen Lefell, Newton doctor/resident.  Residents can be rewarded for a variety of healthy activities.  Free, username.  If you jogged, health lunch, doctors appointment, record what you did.  earn Wellcoins.  If someone else verifies you did it even more coins.  Partner Businesses that are offer discounts based on how many coins you have.  Pink Berry.  Fruit Smoothies.  Discount if you have Wellcoins.  Johnnies in Newton Centre, PureBar.

Spring, opened Veterans Center and American Legion in Nonantum.  First center of its kind of variety of services social services meet with VA, socialize with other veterans, employment opportunities.  What was wrong, different resources but they're fragmented.  Open once a month, first Tues of each month.  Residents and families can meet with providers and ask questions.  Aug 6 is next open evening.

Up for reelection in September.  If there are more than 2 candidate, there will be a preliminary.  top 2 will run in November.  Deadline to submit need 400 certified signatures, by end July 30, 2013.   its a 4 year term.
Newton Corner space - flower shop, a little market, Boston Market, old Applebees.  Rent is too high sometimes.  Try to do some Landlord round tables.

Railtrail - owned by MBTA.  expected to sign over to city.  hopefully this year. Walking and Biking on the trail.


Adjourned at 1:30PM.

Please forgive my typos and grammar... Presented by yours truly.... Marie :)

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Rotary Meeting Tuesday July 23, 2013

Posted by Marie Presti on Jul 22, 2013

Minutes by Marie Presti (sorry so late in posting... lost the notes I had)

Mary Kern Rang the Bell at 12:15

Pledge was started by Pat Palmer

Song was started by Suzanne McInerney "God Bless America"

Sargent of Arms was Stella Pang.  She introduced the Folks from Newton Partnership, Susan Linn and Kathy Markey who were visiting with us.


-Natick Rotary is having their Juniper Hill Golf Tournament on Sept 20th in Northborough.  See their website for details if you're interested in playing.

-Tony Bibbo gave us an update on Bill Garr (prior Newton Rotarian).  He is running the Lowell House.  Its for folks with drug addition.  He's doing well.

-Chris Chu gave us an update on an article in the New York Times on polio in Pakistan.  Dated July 22, 2013, it talks how they thought polio was eradicated.  But because of the hunt for Osama bin Laden, the Americans had used vaccination assemblies as ways to help catch him.  The war on polio, costs $1B per year and has another 5 years to go at a minimum.  Paul commented that Polio is back in Somalia in East Africa.  Rotary International pushes on...

-Paul Kerrissey gave an update on Bruce.  He has cancer in his brain and is at home in Scituate with a regiment of Chemo and Radiation.  Paul spoke to him 3 weeks ago.  Bruce, if you're reading this we love you, miss you and wish you well.  Come back soon!

-Mary Kern said to email her club documents so she can upload them on the Clubrunner website.

-Chris Chu gave a thank you to Susan Linn for her efforts in the Newton Partnership for so many years.  She is stepping down and Kathy is taking over the organization.


Indira Desai for the weather

Suzanne for her sister, Gervaise, who had the accident 15 months ago for a speedy recovery

Pat Palmer for Bert being there and also for Susan and Cathy's presence.

Bill Lowery gave his typical $2 bill for his 9 day trip to CT with his children and grandchildren.  His odometer read 300 miles due to driving his grand kids around.

Ed Casavant for seeing the band James Cotton Blues in Newport South St.

Tom Keery for bringing his wife to see "his other wife" Beyonce in concert.

Paul Kerrissey for Cathy taking over.  Also for his bees making honey.

Bert for his son returning from India after 6 months.  He works for Doctors without borders.

John Hurney for seeing many new faces back.  

Dick Bowen for Bev Hurney, John's wife, who has Parkinson's Disease.

Peggy Lepore for the visitors here and to see more people in attendance than in past few weeks.

Jim Means for John (sorry can't remember the story of John)

Sue for her drip to New Zealand, Australia, and Figi and for her son going back to college.  She's also sorry for the weeks she's missed.  She tried to go to a Rotary meeting when on vacation but the timing didn't work out.

Chris Chu for her trip to Bar Harbor Maine.  it was as beautiful as ever!  And her family had a family tennis match with her daughter, son, and husband.  two on two!

Justin Sallaway for both kids being away this week!  YEA!  

Susan Linn for having Cathy Markey take over.  And for Tony Bibbo making a difference.

Tony Bibbo Thanking Susan for her service

Raffle:  John Hurney.  But he pulled the 8 of clubs so too bad.  (or good as I say).  The pot keeps growing...



Since no speaker, Mary adjourned early... Enjoy the rest of the nice day!

Yours Truly, Marie Presti :)

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Rotary Meeting Tuesday July 16, 2013

Posted by Marie Presti on Jul 15, 2013
Mary Rang the Bell to start the meeting off!
Pledge of Allegiance:  Bert Martinson
Song:  Susanne McInerney - God Bless America
Invocation:  Tony Bibbo

Mary's President Announcements
-board meeting schedule has been set for the rest of 2013--every other month beginning in Aug, it will be on Friday, at noon at an alternate location. Meeting will go for 1 and a half hours on Fridays, regular one hour on the Brae Burn months.  Everyone is welcome to attend these meetings.  Not just board members.  Please refer to the Rotary Website for the schedule of the Board Meetings through December this year.

- Rotary Documents--are all over the place!  We will start keeping them on the Document Storage area of the website.  Send any Rotary Documents to Mary,  or put them in there yourself.  ie. Minutes to Board Meetings,  ByLaws, forms, etc.  If you already have them in a Dropbox you can share that folder with Mary if thats easier and she will copy them to the clubrunner website.

- It was a sssmmmmaaaallll group today... Since there are so few people around we won't have a long meeting today.  Mary could have booked a speaker but didn't want to embarrass the group with no one showing up.  Instead, we have speakers beginning in two weeks.

Other Announcements
Tony & Suzanne spoke about the meeting yesterday at NewTV.  NewTV is going to have a golf tournament next year not this year. They want to Raise money for use in the organization in the community.  This year maybe a Trivia Party to raise money this year.  They're eager to partner with us.  Newton Charities.

Paul Stone update:  As many know, he fell at his home at Lasalle.  He's in rehab on 3rd floor of Lasalle Village.  He would like visitors.  Please see what you can do to visit him if you have the time.

Happy Dollars

Susanne McInerney:  sister in rehab.  was outside in 14 weeks.
Tony Bibbo:  Bruce is on the mend.  Need to update the birthday/flowers fund.
Jim Means:  Pauls quick recovery.
Bert Martinson: $2 for Pauls quick recovery
Dick Bowen:  Pauls quick recovery
Peggy Pepore:  She gave one dollar for the 10 people who are here.  She gave another dollar for people who are not.
Dick Hardaway:  boating next week on new england seacoast.

Bert gets to pick who the ticket is.   It was Mary!  But she didn't win the Ace Spades... :(

Meeting Adjourned

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