Contact: Rae Mintz
The Cove in Auburndale
104 West Pine Street
Auburndale, MA 02466
United States of America


It's a (socially distant) picnic!
We're all looking forward to getting together in person for a picnic next week (June 30th) at noon at The Cove on West Pine Street in Auburndale.  Click HERE for a map.
Bring your:
  • lunch, 
  • something to drink, 
  • your mask
  • maybe also your own lawn chair (the ones with the pouches for your drink).
There are picnic tables (we'll bring table cloths), a playground for kids, and lots of room to run around.  We could even finally meet each other's dogs!
Everyone will be entered into the 'Best Mask' Contest - prize will be a bottle of craft Hot Sauce. 
Bring your best, most colorful, most creative mask - not that paper one you got at your last doctor's visit, even if you've drawn a smile on it (unless you did a really good job), and not that one with the micro-metal infusion, or the one that matches your bathing suit.
We may have honorable mention for most effective, most complete (goggles, shield, built in fans, micro filters, straw, trap doors, microphone and speaker, bluetooth, etc.) 
See you next week.
The Cove in Auburndale 
West Pine Street
Tuesday, June 30, at noon
Click HERE for a map.
PS: On July 7th we'll have a speaker from the ancient, walled city of Cittadella, Italy - don't miss it!