Susan Paley's House
1525 Commonwealth Ave.
West Newton, MA 02465
United States of America

Join us as we cheer on Rotarian Jack Prior, who is running to raise money for Newton Rotary Scholarships!  His daughter Kayla is also running so we'll cheer her, too!

We'll meet in the Carriage Lane at Susan Paley's house (address below). Jack expects to run by us at about 1:45pm, but this could vary so bring a chair :-)

Just look for the club banner and bring any noise makers you have!

It's not too late to sponsor Jack's run!  Click HERE to make a donation.

Be sure to look at a map so you can get there though the 'back roads'.  Commonwealth Ave is blocked off early in the morning. You might want to avoid the larger streets that approach Comm Ave, too.