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Mark Foley is the Executive Director of the Jhamtse Gatsal Childrens Community. Mark has been supporting his good friend, Lobsang Phuntsok, for 18 years.  Lobsang is the founder of both Jhamtse International (2005) and the Jhamtse Gatsal Children’s Community (2006) that was featured in the Emmy Award winning documentary ‘Tashi and The Monk’.  Mark has gratefully been the Executive Director of Jhamtse International since October 2018.    

PresentationTitle: A Children's Community whose foundation is built on "service above self".

Synopsis: The Jhamtse Gatsal Childrens Community, in northeastern India on the borders with Tibet and Bhutan, is currently home to 90 children.  In only thirteen years the Community has grown from a "brave social experiment" to a model community that is starting to influence modern education throughout India, North America and western Europe.