Zoom Online Event
United States of America
This year, the District will hold an exciting new format Installation.  We will be making history with our first, and hopefully only, Installation party on Zoom.  Click HERE to register!
Our own Michael Woo will be the MC for the event!
Join District Governors Pam and Diana for an evening of celebration, and be part of history in the making, which is being hosted by Newton Rotary's own Michael Woo!  Here are a few highlights from the festive evening:
  • Celebrating accomplishments and Acknowledging service.  This involves looking back on a year of hard work - something all members can take pride in.
  • Installation of the District Governor and Assistant Governors
  • Celebration of the Club Presidents for Rotary year 2020-2021
  • Looking forward to the year ahead when Rotary opens new opportunities for service, opportunities to work together for a brighter future and opportunities we create for those we serve
  • Sharing fellowship.  Now more than ever we need to stay connected. While it can be difficult to banter over zoom, we need to keep the bonds of friendship strong.
  • Fun surprises.  Stay tuned for further details to be revealed …
Registration will close on July 8th.  Once the event is closed, you will receive a link to the meeting.