Zoom Online Meeting
United States of America

Join us for our last meeting of 2020, just before a break of a couple of weeks.  This meeting is always energetic and jolly - don't miss it!

We'll be holdng our annual meetings for the Club and for our Foundation so please be sure and attend or we'll vote you into something!  (Just kidding).

AND we'll also hear from our new affinity groups and teams about their status (if they've met, what's the group look like, any progress on ideas or goals...pretty much anything they want to report on).  

Finally - we'll induct another new member!  Judy Bakabulindi will finally join us officially - we're so delighted to have her!

HOLIDAY CONTEST!  Best Holiday Hat award!  A $25 gift certificate to Buff's Pub can be YOURS if you don the 'best' hat.  (Best is a subjective thing so get creative!).