We're taking a field trip this week to the John M. Barry Boys & Girls Club for our weekly meeting, 675 Watertown Street, Newton.  We are NOT meeting at Brae Burn Country Club.  
Wait - there's more! This will be a Million Dollar Meal (MDM).  For this meeting we ask that you bring your own lunch and drink. We will donate the meeting fees that would otherwise be used to pay for our food to help in disaster relief, whether local, national, or international.  
If you are expecting guests please make sure you provide a lunch for them or ask them to bring their own.
We'll be recognizing a Student of the Month.  Plus, our Speaker is Lynn Thomas of Thomas Consulting.  Lynn will speak about why social emotional learning is so important for businesses. She writes:

Is your employee turnover higher than you want? Is it especially high for Millennials? 51% of the reasons why employees leave any company is because of the relationship they have with their boss.

Where do any of us learn our social and emotional skills? They are not taught in the educational system. The fact that over 50% of employees leave because of the relationship with their boss, indicates that few of us are very good at utilizing our social and emotional skills to inspire and create engaging work environments. Increasing your Managers’ SEL will increase employee retention and engagement across the board.

A recent study indicates that 85% of Managers do not have the management skills they need prior to becoming a Manager. People are usually hired for their technical skills, but usually fall short of expectations because of their people skills. (SEL) Thus, their success is limited.

See you at the club!