A BIG thank you to everyone who came out this morning to help unload medical equipment bound for Ukraine. This gang cheerfully waited almost an hour for the truck to get here, and then went into action unloading a bazillion crutches, and walkers, commodes, adjustable beds, HEAVY exam tables, and boxes and boxes of supplies.
Mayor Ruthanne Fuller, Councilor Andrea Kelley, Andrew Willinger, Jack Prior, Paul Loiselle, Ron Faccenda, Ryan Grannan-Doll, Chris, Christine and their sons from Watertown Watch and Clock Company, Dick and Lee Hardaway, Gayemarie Brown and her son who was visiting from Vancouver.
Thank you also to Roy Balfour, and Katya Portnaya who organize this whole thing, and to Yana (who's last name I didn't get) for storing the items until they can be shipped.