Congratulations to our 2016 Career/Tech Scholarships, and to Diana Robbins who is retiring as the director of the Career/Tech Department for the Newton Public Schools. Best of luck to you all as you move to a new chapter in your lives!
Indira Desai, Mikayla Sarchioni-McGlashing (Bell & Flag Award), Mikayla Sarchioni-McGlashing (William Rockwell Memorial Award), and Henry Groves (President's Award).
Indira Desai (president of the Rotary Club of Newton) , Diana Robbins(retiring director of the Career/Tech Program),award recipients and their parents.
Paul Wagner (automotive teacher at NNHS), Indira Desai and Henry Groves(recipient of the President's Award)
Tom Donnellan (director of the graphic design program at NNHS), JacklynMehrez (recipient of the William Rockwell Memorial Scholarship), and Indira Desai.

Heather Irber, Lisa Marzilli, Lisa McKinney (culinary arts teachers at NNHS), Mikayla Sarchioni-McGlashing (recipient of the Bell & Flag Award) and Indira Desai.

Diana Robbins (retiring director of the Career/Tech Ed Program), Susan Paley (Rotary member) and Indira Desai (president).