Posted on Feb 13, 2018
We had a great time today making a special Valentine's Dinner for our friends at The Second Step.
Thanks to everyone who helped make it happen, especially Marie Presti (for the delicious sauce and meatballs!), Chris Chu AIA (yummy pasta), David Park (outstanding salads and breads), Dave Sellers (plates, utensils and Sous Chef extrordinaire), Sara Pollock Demedeiros (delicious desserts) and Cindy Holle LaughreaRae Mintz and Susan Goorvich Paley for pulling it all together. Do good, feel great, join Rotary Club of Newton!
Dave Sellers setting up the buffet line
David Park prepping the salads (there were THREE choices!)
Marie and Dave working together on salads
Marie made meatballs AND the sauce from scratch!
Sue chopped SO much garlic....
Enjoying the fruits of our labors
And then came the dishes...