WHEN: TUESDAY, MAY 29, from 6PM to 8PM.

LOCATION: The Price Center, 27 Christina Street, Newton MA.

This event has been developed for all Rotary Clubs and their local partnering stakeholders interested in preventing addiction.  The purpose of this event is to learn about this Rotary-driven and championed community-based model and replicate it in your own club communities.   

This model has been developed to raise awareness about what works to prevent addiction and join efforts to engage in evidence-based strategies to address and reduce it at the local level.

This is the first of what will be many community-based seminars hosted and made available through Rotary.  Come and learn about how easy and effective the Rotary Addiction Prevention Seminars can be to help your neighbors and friends learn about, identify and act to prevent addiction.  This is a model that any and all Rotary Clubs can implement in their own communities to effectively begin to address addiction at the local level.

Objectives of the Seminar:

1) Learn about some of the driving forces of addiction

2) Collaborate with local leading community stakeholders and professionals on preventing addiction

3) Replicate this model in your own community to raise awareness and initiate change that will effectively  work to reduce rates of addiction

Rotary Clubs are encouraged to register 1 - 3 club members with 1 - 3 community stakeholders interested to partner with their club on addiction prevention activities in their community. 

Click HERE to Register!

Refreshments will be served.  Please note that The Price Center does not allow smoking on the property.  

If you would like to serve on the Rotary Addiction Prevention Task Force, please click HERE to email Paul Sullivan.  Rotary membership not required. 

Thank you to Justin Sallaway for offering to host the 1st Rotary Addiction Prevention Seminar at the The Price Center, 27 Christina Street, Newton MA.