The Board of Directors met on Thursday and there were several discussions and decisions related to the current coronavirus situation that I want to communicate to everyone.
  1. There will be no regular meeting next week, Wednesday, March 18th. We were considering cancelling and then got word from Brae Burn that they will not host us next week, and that they will let us know when we can resume.
  1. The BOD will be meeting again next week, most likely in a video conference call.  We will be discussing on a week by week basis how to proceed with the work of the Club and when and how to resume meetings.  Several options came up, including video conferencing or even meeting outdoors if the weather allows.  Let us know if you have ideas!  If you would like to participate in any of these BOD meetings, please let Sue Peghiny know and she will include you in the meeting invitation.
  1. Susan Paley canceled the Village Bank’s sponsorship of Saturday’s volunteer effort with Cradles to Crayons. We are doing the same, canceling this as a Club service event. Note that individuals may still contact Cradles to Crayons to volunteer on their own.
  1. We will need to cancel Speakers and Students of the Month for at least the next two meetings.
  1. Our expectation is that the Boston Marathon will be postponed, probably to September. The Marathon related auction will likely be postponed as well until a firm date is set for the Marathon. This is based on the assessment that the auction will not be very effective given that people will have other things on their minds that have higher priorities.
  1. We decided to defer all further funding requests until we better understand the consequences of the coronavirus. We did vote to approve $1000 to the Uganda flood relief project requested last week by Rabbi Abramson.
These are difficult times. We are not certain how this will all play out, and when we can return to some semblance of what we consider normal. While it may not be in the best interests of our members’ health to gather for meetings, I and the Board agree that the rolls played by the Club and its members in the community should not stop.
We also agree that we need some way to communicate with each other and maintain our sense of Club in the absence of our normal meetings. We will be addressing this at the BOD meeting next week and welcome your input.
There will undoubtedly be more (and new) needs that will become apparent in the community, like seniors who cannot get out to shop, families with children confined to their homes, and families that do not have the luxury of hoarding necessities or even buying food. Please keep your ear to the ground to help us discover these needs, and how you might be willing to lend a hand if needed.
Please stay healthy. Let me know if you have ideas on how our Club can help our community, or if you see needs that may be falling through the cracks where we might be able to help. We will keep our website up to date with new developments.