We've started our monthly clothing/textile drives again, and THIS year we're adding housewares to help support Newton's own Welcome Home Pantry! 

We'll be at the Scandinavian Living Center this year from 9:00am - noon

The Scandi Center is located at 206 Waltham Street in West Newton.

HELPSY is the largest clothing/textile collection recycling company on the East Coast. In 2021, they helped to divert over 30 million tons of waste. Helpsy accepts almost ANY type of textile product regardless of condition: clothes (even single socks and ratty undies, as long as they're clean), small rugs, coats, shoes, handbags, stuffed animals, and more.  Please click "Read More"  for a list of acceptable items.

Welcome Home is a Newton non-profit that strives to provide families experiencing hardship with basic household items they need to live with dignity. They collect and redistribute like-new household items to dozens of people in need each month with no fees, no forms, and no requirements. Any items they cannot use are repurposed or recycled, thus benefiting the enivronment. Please click "Read More"  for information on what items we're collecting this month!

If you'd like to volunteer, please email us at RotaryNewtonMA@gmail.com! There are two shifts: 9am - 11am and 10am - noon so you can help AND get done what you need to get done. Help out at one, some, or all - whatever works for you!

Collection Dates: May 21 - June 25 - July 30 - August 27 - September 17. 

All drives will be held at the Scandinavian Living Center, 206 Newton Street in West Newton.

This is also a fundraising opportunity for the Newton Rotary Foundation! HELPSY pays Rotary for each pound of clothing collected. 

Please tell your friends and family and bring us your stuff!


Welcome Home provides families experiencing hardship with the basic household items they need to live with dignity.  Please join us by donating clean, new or like-new items (free of stains, scratches, chips, or rust) to help those in need.

We are collecting SMALL APPLIANCES - Items must be clean, new, or like-new and in good working order:

  • Blenders (traditional or hand-held)
  • Coffee Makers (no espresso or Keurig-style coffee makers)
  • Electric Kettles
  • Toasters / Toaster Ovens
  • Hand mixer
  • Microwaves
  • Instant Pots / Pressure Cookers
  • Slow Cookers
  • Rice Cookers
  • Vacuum Cleaners (emptied or with a fresh bag; please include any attachments)
Anything you can wear, sleep in, or dry yourself off with!
This includes any type of material composed of natural or synthetic fibers such as products made from wool, silk, linen, cotton, polyester, leather, vinyl, hemp, and rayon.
The following items can be donated in any condition (torn, worn, stained, missing buttons, broken zippers, etc.) as long as they are clean, dry, and odorless.
Footwear (in pairs):
● Shoes
● Heels (wedges, pumps)
● Flats
● Sandals
● Flip Flops
● Boots (work boots, dress boots, winter boots)
● Sneakers
● Cleats
● Slippers
● Tops (T-shirts, blouses, shirts, tank tops)
● Sweaters
● Sweatshirts
● Dresses
● Outerwear (coats,jackets, blazers)
● Bottoms (pants, slacks,jeans, sweatpants, skirts, shorts)
● Suits
● Socks
● Pajamas
● Slips
● Bras
● Underwear
● Hats
● Bags (pocketbooks, backpacks, duffle bags, totes)
● Belts
● Gloves
● Ties
● Scarves
● Bathrobes
● Sheets
● Blankets
● Towels
● Curtains/Drapes
● Aprons
● Dish cloths
● Cloth napkins
● Table linens
● Comforters
● Throw rugs
● Placemats
● Halloween costumes
● Sports jerseys
● Pet clothing
● Canvas
● Pillows
● Stuffed animals