Heading over to the West Suburban YMCA Saturday morning?

Want to help the Rotary Club of Newton do good in your community?

These two things align because our president Paul Sullivan will be selling our January Lottery Raffle tickets from 9am-12pm in the lobby of the Y.

For $10 you will be entered to win $100 for every remaining weekday in January, $150 for every Sunday and $500 on January 31st. AND if you win, your name goes BACK in the basket so you can win again (it happened twice last year!).

We sell 1000 tickets at most - MUCH better odds than the state lottery.

The best part? Every penny of your donation goes to the community service projects of the Rotary Club of Newton.

So bring cash, a check, credit card or even remember your Paypal password and you'll be in on this.

Can't make it to the Y? Email us at RotaryNewtonMa@gmail.com and we'll get as many tickets to you as you want.

Thanks and good luck!