Donating A Pot with a Lid to Welcome Home Pantry does more than just give somoeone a cooking implement.  A woman with a pot that has a lid will feed her children, spouse, parents, and community because the food that comes from it feeds everyone around her.
This project is being done in memory of Linda Plaut, Newton's longtime Director of Cultural Affairs (and friend of Rotary). Linda was an incredibly open person, and welcomed those from far away into her home for many years. And there was always something yummy simmering in her pot.  Her daughter and director of Welcome Home, Julie Plaut Mahoney, is keeping her mother's memory and generosity alive by collecting 400 Pots with a Lid by February 17, 2022.
Here's how to donate a Pot with a Lid:
  1. Leave a pot with a lid on the steps at the end of the driveway at 33 Irving Street, Newton Center, MA 02459.
  2. Send a pot with a lid to 33 Irving Street, Newton Center, MA 02459.
  3. Have a pot with a lid sent directly from the Welcome Home Target registry - Target Registry.
Hint: If you are members of BJ’s, they had a great sale on Le Creuset- type pots… cast iron, coated, their own brand.  They had 3 quart and 5 quart on sale for $20 and $25