Have clothes that don't fit?  Too ratty to wear? Just not "you" anymore? 
Don't throw them away - recycle them!

Textiles like comforters, blankets, sheets, towels, are also welcome. Even old shoes, handbags, and stuffed toys. You'll keep them out of the waste stream AND help raise money
for the Rotary Club of Newton's Scholarships!
All clothing and textiles in any condition are welcome, but please be sure they're clean.
Click "Read More" below to see a location map AND the list of accepted items.
Saturday, November 6th
8:00am - Noon
The Shops at Chestnut Hill
(formerly the Chestnut Hill Mall)
Back Parking Lot - Enter by the Hammond Pond Entrance - Look for the signs
Rain or shine!
Questions? Email RotaryNewtonMa@gmail.com.
Anything you can wear, sleep in, or dry yourself off with!
This includes any type of material composed of natural or synthetic fibers such as products made from wool, silk, linen, cotton, polyester, leather, vinyl, hemp, and rayon.
The following items can be donated in any condition (torn, worn, stained, missing buttons, broken zippers, etc.) as long as they are clean, dry, and odorless.
Footwear (in pairs):
● Shoes
● Heels (wedges, pumps)
● Flats
● Sandals
● Flip Flops
● Boots (work boots, dress boots, winter boots)
● Sneakers
● Cleats
● Slippers
● Tops (T-shirts, blouses, shirts, tank tops)
● Sweaters
● Sweatshirts
● Dresses
● Outerwear (coats,jackets, blazers)
● Bottoms (pants, slacks,jeans, sweatpants, skirts, shorts)
● Suits
● Socks
● Pajamas
● Slips
● Bras
● Underwear
● Hats
● Bags (pocketbooks, backpacks, duffle bags, totes)
● Belts
● Gloves
● Ties
● Scarves
● Bathrobes
● Sheets
● Blankets
● Towels
● Curtains/Drapes
● Aprons
● Dish cloths
● Cloth napkins
● Table linens
● Comforters
● Throw rugs
● Placemats
● Halloween costumes
● Sports jerseys
● Pet clothing
● Canvas
● Pillows
● Stuffed animals