Have clothes that don't fit?  Too ratty to wear? Just not "you" anymore? 
Don't throw them away - recycle them!
Textiles like comforters, blankets, sheets, towels, are also welcome. Even old shoes, handbags, and stuffed toys. You'll keep them out of the waste stream AND help raise money
for the Rotary Club of Newton's Scholarships!
All clothing and textiles in any condition are welcome, but please be sure they're clean.
Saturday, July 10th
8:00am - Noon
Back parking lot at The Shops at Chestnut Hill (formerly the Chestnut Hill Mall)
Rain or shine!
Can't come on the 10th? You'll have more chances on August 7th, and September 11th so save up your stuff! Questions? Email RotaryNewtonMa@gmail.com.