Posted on Jun 12, 2018
Meeting Schedule - Two Meetings a Month!
Starting July 1, 2018 the Rotary Club of Newton will begin holding regular meetings twice a month instead of every week.  Other activities will be on offer during the “off” weeks, so watch your email and our calendar!
            Two Full Club Meetings: First and third weeks of the month.  Tuesdays*, April through November, switching to Wednesdays, December – March.  *When there is a Monday holiday we will meet on Wednesday that week instead of Tuesday.
            At Least One Service Project Per Month: Each month a volunteer/service opportunity will be offered. While all efforts will be made to schedule service projects during non-meeting weeks, we are often restricted by the needs and schedules of those nonprofits that we seek to assist.  All members are eligible and encouraged to participate.  Unless there is an age restriction at the location of our project, family and friends are welcome too!  Service is the heart of Rotary, so please do your share (and then do a little more!).
            One Flex Week: This week could be used for almost any purpose.  Committees could get together to focus on their area of responsibility.  The Board may meet this week.  Or maybe something fun will be on offer!
            Rotary 5th Week: When there is a 5th week in a month let’s get together - just to get together!  Keep an eye out for an invitation to meet somewhere for drinks, dinner, pizza, a movie or something more!  Fellowship is one of the most important benefits of membership in Rotary.
Membership Plans - Now We Have THREE!
Starting July 1, 2018 our club will be offer THREE types of memberships!
Individual:   $20/month dues plus $21 per meeting. Our traditional membership.
Family:  $35/month dues plus $21 per meeting. 
 -Includes 2 adults living at the same residence.
-Both partners are full voting members. 
-Either partner can attend the meeting. 
-If both partners attend, they pay a $21 guest fee.
Corporate:  $40/month plus $21 per meeting. 
-Includes up to 4 individuals who are employed by the same organization.
-Only 1 person on the corporate membership is a full, voting member.   
-Any of the 4 members can attend any meeting. 
-If more than one attends, they pay a $21 guest fee.
-Individual contractors/associates in an office are not allowed to use this membership. 
There's never been a better, easier or less expensive time to join The Rotary Club of Newton!  Email us at for information on how to join!